Cost of Dental Implants in Mexico

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3 thoughts on “Cost of Dental Implants in Mexico

  1. I went to Merida, Mexico. Had two implants started on molars. The quoted price was 25,000 Mexican Pesos, or CAN$2,000, per tooth. That’s for the whole shootin match, crowns included. One tooth ended up costing CAN$500 more, because it required an extensive bone graft.

    I say ”started” because the initial procedure was done in November 2015, with the graft and the studs installed, but we have to wait several months to allow the graft to heal before installing the crowns. I’m looking at going back before the end of 2016, Nov-Dec like.

    I only had to pay for half the procedure at that time, the other half payable upon completion when I go back.

    The equivalent in Canada would have cost 10 times more.

    I can’t give you a final statement of satisfaction until the whole procedure is done and then a few months to see how it stands up. But all I’ve heard of this clinic has been excellent so far.

  2. I just got home from Los Algodones Mexico. My mom and I both had procedures with Dr. Mendez.

    Mom had 3 extractions on her lower jaw and she has new upper and lower dentures. Her cost was just over $800. US dollars.

    I needed full restoration. I had 12 extractions, 2 bone grafts, and 8 implants. Four on the top front and four on the bottom front.

    I was sedated for about 4 hours. I was sent packing with my temporary teeth, antibiotics, pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and very little for post op care instructions.

    I’m told to let these heal for at least 3 months and to wear my temporary dentures as infrequently as I can.

    I’ve had normal pain. Eating is a challenge. But I really don’t know what’s next. I guess I go back when they’re healed and get my permanent teeth.

    This for just under $10,000. Does not include permanent teeth.

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

    I think I’ll see my dentist here soon and see what he has to say. He quoted me $25,000. for 4 implants upper and a permanent bridge. I would go to an oral surgeon for the extractions.

    He’s going to kill me Hahaha!!

    So far so good here. Three weeks post op tomorrow.

    Best, Lynn

  3. Going to Mexico is really a cheaper option; paid $700-900/implant and another $200 for the graft (if needed), $350 for a porcelain crown 6 months later. The dentist in Algodones, Dr. Franco. is fluent in English and we are happy with the other procedures he had done ( tooth extraction, crown, root canal by his associate endodontist).

    The problem is , 8 weeks later after my implant on tooth #3 on the upper jaw, I still have a concussion-like symptoms like inability to concentrate, dizziness, headaches, loss of balance.

    He used the osteotome and mallet to push the titanium implant so I had about 60 blows to my head. Now I have to get a second opinion on these symptoms as I am not sure if the implant went to my sinus (x-ray 4 weeks ago showed its in place), or labyrinthine concussion (complications from using an osteotome), allergy to the titanium.

    My 2 other implants in the US last Dec. 2015 had no problems and the oral surgeon had good follow up. From what I have been reading there are other alternative to using an osteotome – they use this in the US too so be warned!

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