Dental Implant Problems & Causes of Failure

As with any other surgical procedure, there are a variety of internal and external factors that cause complications or even total failure of the treatment. Dental Implants are no exception. Dental implants are designed to be a permanent replacement for a missing tooth or teeth and are a popular alternative to removable dentures or fixed bridges. They anchor artificial teeth directly into the jawbone which makes them a more functional and aesthetically pleasing restoration. That said, they are also more expensive and have longer treatment and recovery times.

In This Guide

While the track record of successful dental implant procedures is impressive, some patients do experience some complications. The following are a few of the possible causes and reasons behind dental implant problems or failure that you should be aware of before deciding to get dental implants or as you start the post-surgery healing period.

Success Rates

More than 95% are completed without incident (up to 98% if they are cared for properly). The majority of the problems that do occur are minor and easily resolved. If something does go wrong, consult your dentist or surgeon as soon as possible. A fast response enables them to take corrective actions before you or the implant is threatened by additional (more serious) problems, which is why it’s important to be aware of the possible complications. Other ways to improve the chance of success include finding an experienced dentist, planning the treatment schedule carefully beforehand and following aftercare and oral hygiene instructions to the letter.

Failed Osseointegration (Implant is Loose or Fell Out)

Osseointegration describes the formation of a direct functional and structural connection between a person’s bone and an artificial implant. This process takes place over the course of several months after the implant is placed. Failure of an implant is often attributed to the failure of the jawbone to fuse together properly with the implant. An implant is deemed a failure if it is mobile, falls out or shows signs of bone loss of more than 1 mm after the first year and more than 0.2 mm after the second year. Several factors can cause this to happen including incorrect positioning, insufficient bone density or volume, overloading, damage to surrounding tissues, external force/sudden impact, fractured implants or even a reaction to anesthesia. Several of these causes are described below.

Before an implant can integrate properly into a jawbone, there must be a healthy volume and density of bone present. For patients who lack adequate bone height, width or length, procedures such as a sinus lift or bone graft can help add space and bone mass, but significantly add to both the total treatment time and cost.

It’s interesting to note that the density of bone beneath missing teeth deteriorates over time since it is not being stimulated by the forces of chewing. Patients who have been missing teeth for months or years often require bone grafts before they can get implants.

Peri-Implantitis (Infection)

Peri-implantitis, or infection, can set in when bacteria is present during oral surgery or any time post-surgery without proper dental hygiene. It can also be caused by the dental cement used to secure crowns onto the abutments when it escapes from under the crown during cementation and gets caught in the gums.

It is a condition that involves inflammation of the gum and/or bone around the implant and is one of the common complications. A form of periodontal disease, peri-implantitis can cause bone loss and implant failure. It can sometimes be treated, but in most cases the implant must be removed. There are cases where it does not occur until several months or years following the surgery. Patients with diabetes, smokers, patients with thin gums and those with poor oral hygiene are at greater risk of developing the infection. Smoking in particular significantly decreases the success rate of an implant.

Nerve & Tissue Damage

Another possible but rare problem is damage to the tissue surrounding the implant, specifically the nerves. When an implant is placed too close to a nerve, patients may experience chronic pain, tingling or numbness in their cheek, gums, tongue, lips or chin. The nerve damage could be temporary or permanent and the implant might need to be removed. In almost all cases, this problem is caused by mistakes made by an inexperienced dentist.

As with other invasive surgeries, some tissue damage will occur during a dental implant procedure. Some bleeding and pain is to be expected for a couple days after the surgery, but if the pain is extreme, the bleeding excessive or they it last longer than a few days, you should contact your dentist.


In certain cases, the oral surgeon may decide to perform immediate loading during a dental implant procedure. Immediate loading is a one-stage treatment method where the crown and abutment are placed on the dental implant right after the post is surgically inserted. The normal process consists of two stages and provides time for the implant to integrate with the bone before adding the components that protrude above the gums. Benefits of this method if problems do not occur include less post-surgical care, quicker recovery and shorter treatment times. However, this all-in-one procedure can lead to complications since implant integration is incomplete.

Overloading is the term given to failures caused by undue pressure or forces placed on the protruding abutment and/or crown. These forces can easily disrupt the osseointegration process. Patients who have inadequate bone mass may not be eligible for immediate loading.

Sinus Problems

Sinuses can be a major challenge for dental implants replacing teeth in the upper row. In addition to the presence of the sinuses, insufficient bone quality and quantity in the upper back jaw can make dental implant procedures in this area difficult.

To develop a strong bone foundation, an oral surgeon may perform a sinus augmentation. This procedure involves lifting the existing bone into the sinus cavity to create enough space that for a bone graft. The goal is to create more bone in that area in order to support a dental implant.

However, if the implant protrudes into the sinus cavity, the area can become infected and/or inflamed. An X-ray or CT scan can easily detect this problem and corrective surgery can then be performed. Patients should inform their oral surgeon of sinus issues prior to the implant procedure.

Other Risks & Causes of Failure

The following are other risks and causes of dental implant challenges for patients to consider.

Foreign body rejection – Similar to organ transplants, it is possible that a patient’s body will reject the dental implant. In this case, the patient’s body see the dental implant as a foreign object that does not belong and pushes it out.

Failure of the implant itself – Even though they are made of metal (usually titanium), it is possible for the post to bend or even break. This much less common than it was years ago thanks to advances in implant design and materials, but it is still possible. An implant can crack or fracture if it is subjected to excessive external forces. This could be a sudden impact like a blow to the face or excessive pressure over a period of time like grinding teeth or an unbalanced crown.

Allergic reaction – Most implants today are made of a titanium alloy that contains traces of nickel. While quite rare, some patients can have an allergic or inflammatory reaction to titanium. The symptoms can range from itchiness to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The MELISA test is the only scientifically-proven way to determine whether or not you have a titanium allergy and what the severity is.


In addition, there are a number of conditions and external factors that can be reason enough for a dentist to withhold dental implants from a particular patient. There are very few reasons that would absolutely prohibit implant dentistry, but the following points should be taken into consideration.

  • Failure to locate a primary nerve in the lower jaw
  • Insufficient bone height, width or length
  • Uncontrolled Type II diabetes
  • Oral or intravenous bisphosphonates
  • Bruxism (tooth grinding or clenching)
  • Smoking

While that might seem like a long list of highly-unpleasant problems, remember that serious problems are rare and success rates are 95%+ as long as you find a trusted dentist to do the surgery and look after your teeth. Regular visits to the dentist can help manage most problems easily thanks to early detection. That said, be sure to contact your dentist as soon as possible if you have any of the symptoms mentioned in order to prevent implant failure or at the very least avoid developing more serious health problems.

What to do if an Implant Has Failed

All is not lost if a dental implant fails. It is sometimes possible to save an implant (if help is sought quickly enough) by building up the bone & gum tissue surrounding it. However, in most cases the implant must often be removed and the area left to heal. An implant can be attempted once the area has recovered, which can take up to a year or until the dentist determines that the site is suitable. Depending on how well the area heals, a bone graft might be required to provide a better foundation for the implant and improve the chance of success.

If the implant fails a second or third time, then it’s a sign that either:

  1. The dentist doesn’t know what they’re doing/isn’t capable of successfully completing the procedure or
  2. You have insufficient bone density, an allergy or are otherwise unsuitable for implants

The best way to figure out which situation you’re in is to get an honest second opinion from another dentist to see if they think that implants will work for you and to inspect the work the other dentist did.

In the first case, there are two main courses of action:

  • Ask for some or all of your money back and start looking for a new dentist.
  • Consult a legal professional to determine if you have grounds to sue for negligence or malpractice.

If you fall into the second category (you are the cause of the problem), your dentist should be honest with you and suggest other tooth restoration solutions such as dentures or bridges as implants probably won’t ever work.

In either case, the most respectable dentists will refund you for the failed implants or offer you credit towards an alternative restoration. However, at the end of the day, your dentist’s responsibility depends on what it says in your agreement.

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95 thoughts on “Dental Implant Problems & Causes of Failure

  1. Hi Michael yes your dentist should be able to replace the post . I would go in as soon as possible so you don’t swallow it

  2. I have had two implants. The 1st one came loose after about two months. The dentist is building up the bone structure for that tooth. The second tooth implant is now coming loose and he wants to build up the bone structure for the second tooth. The time period will be almost two years. I have been warned that I might lose the rest of my teeth if I don’t proceed. I have spent a lot of money for two implants. I am 83 years old. What should I do in this situation?

    • I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have a couple of questions so I can get a better idea of your options:

      Did your dentist check to see if the bone in your jaw was strong enough to hold the implants? Did they tell you beforehand that there were risks due to your age and your bone density that the implants might fail? If they didn’t, I think you should consider looking for a new dentists or get a second opinion.

      If they did, I would give the dentist a chance to build up the bone structure around your implants as long as they aren’t charging too much and they truly believe that the bone grafting procedures will do the trick. I would ask if you could get the work done at a reduced price (or free) since the implants failed so soon after being put in. Check to see what the agreement you have with the dentist says.

      Lastly, given your age and the fact that both implants haven’t been able to integrate with your bone properly, you might have to consider looking into other options such as dentures and bridges. These options could be cheaper in the long run as you might otherwise have to pay for bone grafts on a regular basis in order to keep the implants in place.

    • hi John, I know many people go to Costa Rica to do the implants. It is more than twice cheaper than in the States. And if you needs to fix the problem, they do it for free. You can even get from them the insurance. They will pay up to $600. and for hotel up to five nights. Insurance for the job they done.

  3. I know what you mean. I’ve probably spent 7k on one molar. Dentists like to scare their patients needlessly. The fact that your dentist recommended implants at your age seems irresponsible to me. Like the realtor who sold my dad a house when he was 85. A dental bridge is less expensive, but you need two healthy teeth to support it. That’s what I wanted, but I only had one healthy tooth to support it. Good luck!

  4. I had an implant surgery three weeks back. The implant post actually came out today. How long will the process of healing take so that the surgery can be done again?

  5. I have 4 implants for about 2 years now there like rings coming up from the bottom of the implant and moving up and they have spike on them which hurt.

  6. Today was my 3rd try at getting an implant to work. The 2 previous attempts both failed during the expected healing period. Until today my periodontist always said that he was unaware of titanium EVER being rejected. Apparently he was unaware of this website!!! Today he told me that he has become aware of allergic rejection as a cause of failures. I think his office told me that they would refund my payment if they remain unsuccessful.

  7. I had my implant done 3 weeks ago. Have not had a follow up yet – I go in 3 days. For the past couple of days now I started to have pain on the side of my mouth (implant is upper in the back) near the implant. I rubbed my finger back there to see if I had pain in another area but to my surpise I felt the implant protruding out of my gums. (As though a soda bottle was stuffed in an overstuffed garbage bag and the bottle was coming out but did not tear the garbage bag). WHAT ??? What is this about… This can’t be good. I called my dentist and they said that this is normal… “Normal” – I think not… Normal is having a cavity, not something forgein coming out of my gums. Unless they put something else in my gum area by the implant, this can only be the implant protruding… Waiting to go to my appointment tomorrow… Unbelivable

    • This could be a piece of bone from your jaw. I was told that slivers or pieces of bone could come thru gum after implant is screwed into your jaw bone. The screw in bone could push loose pcs of bone. Also if you had your natural tooth extracted it could pull up pieces of bone. If it is bone… It is normal and your oral surgeon or dentist will remove. How did dentist apt go?

  8. I had full implants done 4 years ago without any complications, but it took 4 months before I got my teeth put in at a cost of over 25000.00 for everything, now my bottom plate has broken for the tenth time at the same tooth and the dentist can’t give me any reason for it happening, hes even replaced the plate with another one and its broken at the same place 4 times in the past 11 months I’m pissed !

    • I have the same problem! Got two lower implants & my bottom denture keeps cracking near the implants! It’s a nightmare! I have a job & a life. I can’t keep having my bottom teeth crack in half and fall apart! I probably grind my teeth while I sleep, but it shouldn’t crack them, right? I was going to get more implants, thinking there’s too much stress on the front teeth, but now I don’t know what to do!

      • Dear Jill, Your denture should NOT be “cracking”! I’ve had a full upper bridge & ten implants in my top jaw for 22 years & I have eaten MANY “Jaw Breaker” candies over those years, I chew ice, & other things that I know I shouldn’t do, but NOT once, NOT ever, have I had my upper or lower bridges “crack”! I also have 4 implants in my lower jaws (2 in the back on both sides & only 8 real teeth in the front of lower jaw — so I do ALL my grinding of food, candy etc with artificial teeth aka dentures & NONE of my dentures — upper or lower have ever cracked in 22+ yrs! Your bridges must be made of INFERIOR products — get your money back & go to a well trained & established dentist !!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND eating “Jaw Breakers” or eating/crunching ICE CUBES, but I’m saying you should not have cracking dentures!

        I also had bruxism had when I had my natural teeth & possibly when I 1st had my implants installed, but bruxism (grinding the teeth) is usually caused by emotional &/or unconscious stress. To stop grinding your teeth you need to self-teach or self-hypnotize yourself NOT to grind (find a site or a book on self-hypnosis. Also you need to see a PYSCHIATRIST — A MEDICAL DOCTOR of the psyche & he/she can help you to stop bruxism. I say psychiatrist BECAUSE a Psychiatrist can prescribe medications & a psychologist can’t! You will probably need anti-anxiety medication (Klonopin is a good one) and/or an anti-depressant (Wellbutrin is probably the best & safest one out there — don’t let them put you on any drug, especially an anti-depressant, that hasn’t been on the market at least 10yrs & check the net to make sure the drug is doing well for most people & that it has few if any side-effects).

        Again, get your money back (threaten a lawsuit & a report to the medical/dental board) if you don’t get your money back, because it sure sounds like INFERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS were used in your dentures! As I said, I have NEVER had any problems with my dental plate in over 22 yrs! and neither should you!

        Also ask your current dentist what dental lab he uses to make your denture & check them out with the medical board & make sure your new dentist does NOT use the same lab! Labs & lab techs make very little money from your denture! Most dentists add a whopping charge to the denture price — which they pocket & you “eat” — no pun intended! For example a denture might cost the dentist $150, but he will usually charge the patient at least 2 or 3 times that — about $300 to $450!

        But it is NOT your fault these dentures are failing & you can sue & report the dentist to the medical board if you don’t get all or most of your money back! Remember — your dentist WANTS TO KEEP PRACTICING & HE DOESN’T WANT THE MEDICAL BOARD or LAWYERS SNOOPING into his Business! So be strong, be firm & require your money back, but do NOT use my name, you can use my story. Don’t list this site to your dentist either! Best of Luck !

    • You need a metal mesh placed inside the denture to prevent flexing of the denture and cracking…without it denture will continue to crack. No one will be able to tell but it will strengthen the denture. Second the bite has to be checked.

  9. I had (2) done with bone grafting. X-rays were taken and my dentist put the crowns on the end of May 2014.

    Today is 9/26/14 (3 months after getting the crowns), and one of the implants has FAILED (it is wiggly). My dentist thought it was his crown, but the x-ray shows that the grafting around the implant, is gone. The office is closed but my dentist confirmed this with an x-ray. He told me to “be careful” since I cannot be seen until next week!
    He said: “I never saw this before”.
    $13,000.00, for 3 months of (2) implants is not a good deal.

    I was sick from the antibiotics, and the pain of them being pulled was terrible.
    I am beyond ANGRY since I had to dip into retirement savings to pay them all.
    NO financing at all……so we pay YOU in full for work that may or may not work?
    Be careful people.

    Where did it go? I spend $13,000.00 total, on this procedure, that took a whole year.
    Now I am back to wondering, what they can do to fix this?
    I am not giving them another penny. This is unacceptable for the price and all the PAIN!
    How can this be fixed?
    Seems like everyone is angry at me. I paid them all.

    My periodontist is now, implying that the dentist could be at fault.
    “They use a lot of torque when they put the crown on.”
    I asked him to save my crown because they are over $1,500.00 each!
    He said he cannot save the crown, and I told this to my dentist. He said, they could have.
    Now, I have no idea who is going to pay for the crown once I am ready for that.
    I know one person who is not paying……

    Stand behind your work already. I called many offices and they all stand behind their work forever. Nobody said they would charge all over again.
    I guess its just Connecticut, that is gouging.

    Good luck to everyone above~

    • Get a lawyer and sue for malpractice, dentists get away with so much incompetence it is unbelievable, there are many lawsuits against dentists you just don`t hear about them.

      • Thanks Rick….2 attorneys turned me away, just this .week?
        Today, I went to an appointment, to find out what he would do next.
        He said, with my husband in the room, :I should have done a sinus lift.”
        He also said: “I need to refer you to a surgeon who handles “chronic pain patients”, as that is not my expertise.” (He is uncomfortable prescribing pain medication for SURGERY)
        He knew from day one that I was a chronic pain patient, so why did he not refer me to the surgeon to begin with? Get the sinus grafting done, back in 2013? He took my money, knowing he would not manage my pain, and the outcome was bleak WITHOUT the sinus lift. No offer to reimburse, so I called back and left a message, about him doing that, since he should have never accepted me as a patient to begin with.
        I actually would rather have that happen then go down the road of a lawsuit.
        Going on (3) years of torture and infection & failure, and a TON OF MONEY, for me to be no closer to a remedy.

      • AMEN!!! I myself, when living in the Chicagoland area about 13 years ago, had issues with thwqo diffewrent dentists within 2 years of each other. In each case it concerned a bridge (two separate areas) and each stopped working and/or came all the way loose under one year. When I found a one dentist after the first mishap/failure, the new dentist took that [picture with the machine that goes all the way around the mouth, and showed clearly that a bridge should never hare been put in at all. He told me what to say to the old dentist. i went back to the old dentist who had put in the bridge and showed him the pic and stated”Here is your mess-up. I will now take my $1300 back right now or I will report you to the dental board.” He wrote me a check immediately, no questions or fight, and I left.

        After learning that, and had a similar problem with a new dentist where I now live in the Akron Ohio area, it was no problem for me to tell this newer dentist the bridge did not fit, was seated incorrectly, and caused me to get an infection. He gave me all of my money back no question.
        If this does not show how shady many/most (by my own percentages) are, I don’t know what would.

    • Your unfortunate situation helped me understand that I was also in an unfortunate situation.
      I’m scared to death now. I was treated like a queen when I was giving them $3000 for one tooth implant/bone graft/ extraction, but now I can’t get them to return a phone call or email about complications I have post surgery. 3 sutures fell out with in six days.
      I have seriously specific discoloration in my gums-in a solid off-white color ( infection?) . I had #19 removed and the tooth next to it suddenly turned black on top-not so before the procedure. The pain is still very difficult.
      Is any of this normal? If so why can’t they simply call me back? Anyway thank you

      • The sutures do fall out on their own. The discoloration and the pain is normal. As far as the black on the top of the tooth next to the implant that is normal also. I had my bone grafts about a year or so ago on my front upper teeth that had a bridge on them for 20+ years due to a car accident. I had implants placed 7 months later. I would just like to say for the record; my case was complicated because the teeth had been missing for so long. After they put the implants in the dentist immediately took an X-ray to make sure they were all in the right spots. One was to close to the sinus/nose area #9 so he took it out on the spot and moved it and packed extra bone in and then sealed it back up. Then he took another X-ray and said it looked good. Everything has gone great in my case because the dentist was excellent. The one thing I will say is that I was bruised and the pain was awful for a few weeks following the bone grafting/splitting or whatever they had to do but it is worth it. Ice packs were my best friend for those weeks. Pain meds were too. So Nancy you probably know by now that all of your problems post op were normal but this is for everyone else who needs to know.

  10. I noticed my gumline started to recede over my implant (upper molar) and visited my periodontist immediately. He wasn’t sure that it was and decided to take another look in 6 months. I also went to my dentist and she took a picture of it. Three months later, it was obvious. The periodontist decided to wait another 3 months and then decided to do a bone and tissue graft to “fix that.” However, he didn’t do a tissue graft, only yhe bone graft. My gumline has receded further and exposes the entire implant and post. I also have smallbone fragments protruding from my gum. Went for a 2nd opinion. It all has to come out and will have to be redone which will probably take a year or so with removal, healing, bone and tissue graft, healing, etc, or I could lose my teeth. Lesson learned …. don’t wait to “watch” to see what happens. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on top of insurance, and now it will cost me even morethousands again bc insurance certainly won’t pay again.

  11. There is nothing better than your own teeth. Even if they are rotten. Dentists are too anxious to pull and replace with screws. As long as your teeth dont hurt keep them. The Lord giveth and Man taketh.
    I lost me teeth at an early age of 18. Who has bad teeth at 18. No one who was born here in this country. Only bad dentists. At age 75 I had 4 implants and so far they are wonderful. Of course I had no bone and I was eating that sticky stuff. How long will they last? Well of course I heard nothing but good things before I got them. After you get them you find out about all the bad stuff. And oddly enough no one is responsible. Buyer beware. They just removed my bottom teeth and I am angry as hell and esp. at myself. Keep going to Dentist till you find someone who will help you keep your own teeth.

  12. I had two implants 10/5 and the pain was immediate. I waited two days and went back and found I had an infection and had to be lanced and drained and a drain put in for four days along with more antiobiotics and prednisone. Drain out on Tuesday and went back on Thursday. I also went to my dentist and had them look at it. They said it looked okay but made me a $450 mouth guard for clenching (I’m in pain, duh). I have a knot on my jaw and it tingles like the anesthetics are wearing off and I have been in pain every minute, with IBprophen and tylenol every four hours keeping me from screaming. I am getting on an airplane Wednesday and the surgeon doesn’t want to see me until I get back in a week. Please give me some comments.
    Worst decision I ever made to do this. Should have just let missing teeth alone.

    • If pain is not getting better by taking antibiotics, steroids and pain medication- I would consider just having them removed. I had my 2nd try at 2 implants on 10/13- and I am going to go in to have them taken out today. Constant pain that is not improving is not for me. It stinks to be one of the 5% that this procedures doesn’t work for.

    • Hi pat penrod. I’m Trudy penrod. It’s 630 in the morning and I’m going through the same thing as you did thought it was funny we have the same last name and going through the same painful experience only a month apart. I have been back to the oral surgeon 3 times in 3 weeks in massive pain. I have a goose egg knot on my right lower side can’t even turn my head. If I’m not better by Monday I’m pulling them out this pain bad! Real bad wonder if we are related and went to the same oral surgeon! I’m in California where are you from ? This is crazy! Are you better yet? I sure hope so like you I wish I never had done this.

      • Trudy. I had the all on 4 implant surgery 10/28 and still have the red goose egg knot on my chin. Also my bottom lip has nerve issues and on right lower side, and wont move when I smile. I was so sick a month out of implant surgery I was admitted to the hospital. Major 10 on pain scale with severe jaw pain and unbearable headache. I was told by a member of office staff this was “NORMAL”. My white count was 22,000 and my BP was 165/110. NOT normal. I am still in pain and on antibiotics. Wish I had saved my money amounting to a Mercedes Benz and gotten dentures. Doctor told me I am overly sensitive to pain. BP doesn’t lie…. NORMAL.. my primary dr. told me I was in dangerous shape when he read reports and saw cat scan when I was in hospital with IV antibiotics and pain meds every 2 hrs IV. We know our bodies.

      • I had a dental implant and went back 3 months later he and said the gap didn’t close and also said I wasn’t brushing Good as I had plac in that area. I was using a soft brush. I am on antibiotics. How long will it take for the gap to close? How bad is this situation. I am a cancer survivor and in good health now.

    • I don’t believe you are supposed to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen simultaneously. A toxicologist once told me that Tylenol and Aspirin could be taken together or staggered every few hours according to the directions from the manufacturer, but definitely research before mixing drugs, even if they are over-the-counter.

  13. I have two dental implants. The one for tooth number 19 has been in some years now with no problems. This past February I started feeling pain when I chew with it. The pain is getting worse. I have had the crown taken off for a short time for a thorough examination. Tests have been done which show a healthy implant, perfectly placed. What concerns me is the possibility of early implant failure, but I have seen two dentists, my oral surgeon, and an entodontist already! I’m on disability for lupus and can’t afford implant disaster. Also I have osteoporosis and I want to find out what this implant problem is before going on biphosphonates. Help!

  14. I had 2 implants put. In on April 15/14 I have been on antibiotics ever since including 2 weeks of interveinous antibiotics I had me bottom denture put in the same time as the posts. The first one I pulled out with my denture2 weeks later I have developed a big lump on my gum and check where the 2 nd implant came out just had a biopsy done the are calling it endeocartilege so know what can be done i have one base that they say is good and the other side they are waiting till December to see if it will heal more since it have. A large gap in my jaw. Now where the big lump is. Have you heard of this? I also have a tingling feeling like half of my jaw is just starting to come out of freezing. Can you give me any advise on what to do? This is a real pain I have to chop my food almost to baby food cause I can’t chew. I guess I will be with out my bottom denture for a lot longer.

  15. and this is why I quietly go to the bathroom to floss & brush my teeth immediately after I eat anything (or brush only after I drink anything other than water), no matter where I am. Barring unexpected surprises (of course!), I will never know what dental fear, pain, sensitivity, inflammation, bleeding, infection, chronic bad breadth, root canals, crowns, onlays, bridges, implants, dentures, oral surgeries or extractions are, and will likely die with the same original 28 natural healthy teeth I had in my teens a few decades ago (except the original 5 small cavities I developed in childhood before I learned the truth about real oral health)…. and the few times I do visit a dentist every few years, I am in total control (not them) and they do exactly as I say or the highway (I usually request just a light surface cleaning, and maybe some x-rays where I choose)… and why such power/control from me? cuz I KNOW my natural teeth are good, I KEEP them that way… thus tactics/games/warnings coming from dentists don’t work on me….. and soooo…. for that 95% of you who don’t have genetically bad teeth, floss/brush every time you eat (no exceptions)…. or pay the price… a steep price indeed…

    • Gosh LM, Thanks for telling a community of people who are past having perfect natural teeth and are dealing with major problems with their implants and dentures that it all comes down to not having had dental hygiene as immaculate as yours is.

      • Well said, Mary. I had surgery on Wednesday for full implants (top and bottom). I will be 30 next month. No one needs that type of negativity. Go preach somewhere else.

  16. Under the infection section of this article it says that the implant will probably need to be removed. Are you able to retry the implant after a course of antibiotics if the pain goes away? What are the odds of success?

    I just had one pulled after a few days because the pain was so severe. I am paranoid about going through that again. Will antibiotics and time let the bone “calm down”? I had severe pain when drilling, inserting and even worse pain upon removal of this implant. I really don’t want to go through that again.

    It was replacing a smaller implant with a wider deeper one to encourage more bone growth and be stronger in case of clenching. First time was mild pain but nothing like this. It did hurt removing old one too.

  17. My dentist today recommended I see my periodontist as there is a 5mm gap between my implant and gums; apparently the gap was 4mm last year. There was also some bleeding when she prodded around at it. My implant is 8 years old and I have had no trouble with it – except that there was some movement of the tooth early on (could push forward a little. I told my dentist about that at the time but was more or less told I was wrong and that it wasn’t happening).
    Can anybody tell me what may cause the gap and what can be done?

  18. I had a badly fractured tooth extracted and implant installed in May 2013 and I waited for the implant to heal until 8/13 at which point the periodontist removed enough gum to put in screw. No pain, no problems. A few weeks later the dentist removed the screen and put in the hardware to create mold for crown (still no pain, movement). A few weeks later I go back to the dentist to install the crown and as he is tightening everything, I felt pain around the implant and it moved. I go back to the periodontist and they say that it still looks good and that I need to try not to use the new tooth and see if it can re-attach. It doesn’t hurt but it does wiggle a little bit. I’m ok with waiting for a few months to see if it does get more solid but if not, not sure I want to start the whole process all over and who is to say that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

  19. Anybody have screw in sinus? X-rays show it is in sinus. I do not feel pain, just a little pressure. I go to periodontist in a week and would like to know your outcome if you had implant removed from sinus.

    • Hi Mary. Yes, I just recently went through this. Here is my story:

      After nearly two years of bone grafts and the waiting game, I had two implants placed in my upper jaw in September 2014. Immediately I could tell that one wasn’t acting right. In mid-November I noticed it was loose and thought (with fingers crossed) it might be the healing cap coming unthreaded. The oral surgeon’s office referred me back to my general dentist to look at it. I still do not know why they did that. The dentist tried to tighten it but I could tell right away from the pain that the implant had failed (he said it was completely stripped from the bone). The dentist’s office immediately contacted the oral surgeon who agreed to see me the next morning. Overnight the implant broke loose from the bone and lodged horizontally in my sinus cavity. This was the day before Thanksgiving!!!

      The oral surgeon said he had never seen this before nor had removed an implant from a sinus. Great!! We opted to wait until after the holiday since the surgery sounded quite invasive. It was an uncomfortable time to say the least. Right after Thanksgiving, I underwent surgery to have the implant removed. It was the most awful dental procedure I have ever experienced and I have been through a lot. One month later and I am starting a second round of antibiotics to address a recurring sinus infection. There is still air movement between the sinus cavity and my mouth where the hole in my gum has not completely healed shut (there is a hole in the bone, too, right in to the sinus).

      Last evening it began draining the most disgusting green/yellow infection. The headaches and sinus pressure have been so intense as to nearly incapacitate me. Let me just say, this experience has completely put any further implant work on hold. I will never go through this again!

      Fortunately for me, the implants were to be in the back. Aesthetically it’s okay. Functionally, I will consider other options. At least the oral surgeon reimbursed me the cost of the implant and did not charge me to remove it. I think he realized I should have never been seen by a general dentist for an implant issue. Don’t mess with the sinuses unless there are no other options. I wish I would have gone to an ENT specialist and had it removed through my nasal cavity. They can do that from what I have read and it is a lot less invasive. Whatever you decide, or have already done, I hope the best for you.

  20. I decided to get implants after having a bridge fail and damage one of the teeth (a molar) holding it in place. I had to have bone and tissue grafts. One graft did fine, and the post seems okay. The second “socket” got an infection after the post was in place. I’ve had the second post removed, and a second bone/tissue graft inserted. Today, I looked at the area, and the gum does not seem to be closing over the bone (bone looks exposed). I have an appointment tomorrow to have stitches removed … this is a three week check-up. What would cause the gum tissue not to close over the bone implant? I’m thinking maybe I wont have that second post re-installed

  21. Feel so relieved that I found this site! Had a tooth pulled 4.5 years ago because apparently a root in my tooth cracked (37 yrs old at time). So, used a flipper until had an implant put in, after letting it take to my jawbone for 8 months, finally got the crown and abutment. A few years later my crown came loose, my dentist tightened and replaced crown. Now crown is loose 3rd time and my dentist told oral surgeon he was 100% sure my implant turned when he tightened the abutment. So, they tell me implant has to come out. So, go to dentist today for him to remove loose crown and then to surgeon for him to remove implant and do bone graft. He cuts open my gum and determines that implant is good!!!! What the heck! Surgeon states that wrong abutment may have been used both times and that is why it went loose. No trust left in my dentist! Guessing once my stitches come out I have to go back to dentist for 3rd try on this. Anyone ever experience this?

  22. Had 2 implants fitted last year one failed got infected it healed, dentist tried again further back in mouth. Couple of days later all my tongue was blistered and burnt. I just thought it was thrush, went back to my dentist he didn’t know what it was sent me home, went to doctors give me thrush drops, only a few days ago I was told from my dentist I had allergic reaction to the coating around implant and that’s why! I have to have both implants out next week 🙁 the dentsist said he’s been doing implants for over 20 years and has not come across a case like this and he said he wasn’t to know I would have a reaction, but surely they should have testing kits etc. Some one please help is my dentist in the wrong shall I get legal advise ?

  23. Had 7 remaining teeth pulled and 4 implants on lower jaw. One week post op developed infection on left side was on antibiotics for 3 weeks, implant just fell right out. Still have infection on that side, scary. Now on the right side I have a “bubble” on top of one of the implants and still bad pain on the front 2 implants. Dentist said this is highly unusual but it looks like they all may have to come out WHAT??????

  24. Had an implant placed immediately after extraction of cracked/infected tooth. Didn’t take. It was removed and put back in twice that day. Immediately had pain. Called 2 days later to report swelling. Told it was normal. Called 2 days after that with dripping infection. Was seen 2 days later. Implant had deteriorated the bone. Went yesterday for calcium and bone graph. Today pus and swelling is back. Told to see my doctor. Doesn’t know why my body is rejecting all treatments. Anyone else go through this?

  25. I had a bone graft and four months later, an implant that seems to be okay.
    The crown was put on about three months ago. The gum
    at the back of the crown seems to have “dimpled” slightly where it meets the
    crown. The dentist said that this is the nature of implants. There is no pain
    but it is just annoying because food gets caught there at times and it just
    feels odd. Is it correct that this is a natural outcome with implants????

  26. Be an informed consumer. There are over 100 dental implant companies and not all implants are equal. Ask your periodontist or Oral Surgeon what system they are using. Do your research on the brand. Industry standards accept that you will have bone loss around an implant, that is just not true if the correct system is used.

  27. Lots of problem with lost implant and now a new bone graft!

    About a year ago, I had got an implant in my upper left last molar. Shortly after that, my dentist discovered a hole in my gum & sent me to my periodondist (who I do like & trust). After 5 procedures, it did not heal correctly and ultimately lost the implant after 6 months. I was left with part of a buccal fat pad (which my Dr. never encoutered before) pad stuck above the socket somewhere. Getting it back underneath my gum tissue was the last procedure before I ultimately lost the implant. It has been very uncomfortable, but nobody wanted to try and remove the tissue I felt. It was a traumatic experience for me.

    A year later (presently) I decided to try to replace the implant. I knew I would need a bone graft (based on a tomogram) but I had hope that a better one might work. My periodontist recommended against it, but I felt it would help with my general discomfort.

    First gone graft procedure did not heal properly because the sutures opened so it had to be done again. The 2nd procedure was done differently (with a prf membrane over the graft) but once again the sutures opened which compromises the bone graft. I felt I was re-living the nightmare and was very upset. When I asked him why the sutures kept opening, he said it because of flap tension in that area. He was going to try a 3rd time using more tissue from my upper pallate. Then, he suggested I stop at this point and let it heal as best as it could and he would do some minor procedures to help it heal. At this point, it’s still open above/behind the socket (which I can feel). It feels like I’m deformed or something. I’ve decided that I don’t want to go through this again but very uncertain whether it will heal properly or not. I never thought a bone graft would be this difficult and it can’t stay as is.

    Should I seek out another opinion from someone? I don’t know what to do. What I do know is that it feels very uncomfortable and distracting. Please help.
    Thank you.

  28. Have had implants for several years done at various times. The ones done at the regional dental school were the earliest and they are just fine. One that I had done 2-3 years ago has developed a hard bubble over the implant, and the gum is being pulled away from the natural tooth next to it. I went to my general dentist right away and he gave me a prescription for amoxicillin and periodex. He said there is no damage to the bone based on the xray. But there is no drainage, so I’m not even sure if it’s infected. I guess I’ll make a trip to the oral surgeon tomorrow since he’s the one who did the implant.

  29. 12 years ago I had #8 my front left tooth pulled due to breakage along the gum line, do not know the cause. The Dentist pulled the tooth and after 8 months put an implant then got a crown. This cost over 6k. A few weeks late the fork broke off ruining the crown. Then the fork replaced and new crown

    Then in January 2015 this implant was infected and the crown was moving. The dentist took the crown and fork out and stitched the gum. He told me that it was the second broken implant in 20000.
    Wants to charge me 900 to remove broken implant and 3000 dollars to place a new one. I am going to Tufts Dental School to see what they can do.

  30. 71 years old – Have two back teeth on upper left missing – Dentist has said I need to replace them with implants. Surgeon says I will need to have a sinus lift for one implant. Dentist says since there is nothing to anchor a bridge with this is my only alternative. If I do nothing dentist thinks all my teeth may be in danger of being infected – Also, the left side of my face will look more sunken than the right side as time goes by – It already does; however, could get worse.

    Any suggestions?

    • Why not just consider getting a partial plate instead of implants? They make flexible plastic partial plates now. They work well and look natural, matching the gum color. This was my solution a few months ago. I have my 2 back teeth out on one side, and 1 back tooth out on other side, all on the bottom. So I got a partial plate to replace all 3 missing teeth. Inexpensive, great solution! Total cost was less than $600, and my insurance paid half, so approx $300 out of my pocket.

  31. Hi, I had an implant placed (upper front) in November 2014, and about 2 days after finishing the anit-biotics they give you, developed a blister filled with liquid on the roof of my mouth and a lot of PAIN throughout my jaw. My doctor said he’d never seen or heard of anything like that. He cut it open and cleaned it out and then put me on high doses of anti-biotics for two weeks. The blister went down considerably and has not grown in size, but it is still there. When I went for my appointment yesterday, he said he saw a pimple way up on my gums, and he popped it. Now he is sending me to an Endodonist because he suspects the tooth next to it may have a failing root that got infected and is causing me this trouble. My concern is that I had a complete dental check up two weeks before I saw this doctor who did the implant. I am concerned that the placement of the implant and the following infection of the site, has caused the neighboring tooth to fail. I hope I don’t need a root canal, as I can’t afford it after shelling out 4K just for the implant, without the final tooth, etc. For that I have to go back to my regular dentist and it will cost me another 2200 bucks. Does anyone have anything similar to report? If so, I’d love to hear it! Thanks.

    • The same exact thing happened to me. I had to get a root canal on the tooth that was next to the tooth I was getting my I plant.
      Now I just got a ridge augmentation to get ready for my 3rd attempt at a dental implant. This was three days ago. Today I have headaches & pain and I am concerned. Meeting the dentist in 4 days for my post op check up.

  32. Wish I would have read these posts before I agreed to a front tooth extraction (failed root canal that lasted 46 years) and an implant. The surgeon did both the extraction, buildup, and implant in the same day. I waited 4 months and got the crown. The dentist had hell with the temp and the crown. The crown was ok for about 2 weeks then got loose. On the followup visit he tried to tighten it but it was still loose and he kicked me back to the surgeon. The surgeon had the rep from the implant co. there and he tried to tighten the screw. It wouldn’t tighten the tooth because it was turning the implant, too. Therefore, I was told it was a failed implant, even though I didn’t have any issues with pain, infection, inflammation, etc….he said the bone just didn’t fully stick to the implant screw. He removed it, built it up, stitched the gums, and said we will see in another 4 months how it healed and when he does do another implant will use computer aided to get the best spot that has the best bone. This really sucks. The dentist did the “flipper” temp too short, too thick, crooked, and I never used it during the 5 months waiting for healing and crown. So I walked around with no front tooth. Now I am back to the starting point, maybe a year before I will have a front tooth. I don’t know if this is incompetence or they are doing their best and it isn’t good enough. I am considering second opinions, lawyer, or just go with a partial. Either way I didn’t like the way the implant crown looked and I know I will not like a partial. But based on these posts about doing this over and over and still no good, I don’t know if I can continue to go through this. I wasn’t warned about any of this, I was told the implant would last 20 years at least.

    • I just had the same thing happen to me this week, only my implant came out when my dentist was doing the impression for the crown. I invested in a temporary Maryland bridge at the beginning of this process because I hated the flipper so much. If you think you are going to have another year, it might be worth the $900 dollars or so. It’s a temporary bridge but it doesn’t come out like the flipper and doesn’t have all the “plastic” like a retainer. I’m exasperated about the outcome of my implant but I am getting a second opinion. A friend who is also a dentist (not mine) recommended the second opinion. There is way too much at stake for one doctor. Hope all worked out for you.

  33. I had three implants 8 months ago and yesterday the dentist said osseointergration good on all three. Today, a second dentist was screwing down the abutment and I felt excruciating pain, as hitting a nerve. When she stopped, the pain stopped. Each time she turned the abutment excruciating pain. The dentist concluded the implant failed and needed removal. I was furious and refused to remove the implant because is not mobile and when thumped with metal instrument it sounded solid with no pain. I believe the dentist has set up failure to attract additional profit. Has anyone had this problem and resolved it?

    • Hello Jerry,
      I had the same problem too while an RDA was screwing and unscrewing my implants while mr. doctor was busy with an other patient. This triggered a trigeminal neuralgia. I am still in pain and in the process of removing all the implants hoping that the pain will go away.
      I would like to talk to you to exchange information and see if we can leverage from each other.
      You can call me at 415 452 8556.

      this is my facebook page “Trigeminal neuralkgia caused by dental procedure”

    • Hi jerryk, I know it’s been a year so I am hoping that you will see this and take the time to answer me. I just had the similar experience today when the dentist tightened the abutment. I am wondering if there is any hope of keeping my implant from your experience or if you needed to have the implant removed. Thanks!

  34. I had a post for an implant inserted a week ago. I was given amoxicillin. Without realizing it I began having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin which got worse with time. I discontinued the antibiotic once I realized I was having an allergic reaction. I was having what I thought was more than normal pain at the surgery site and my question is this; Would the allergic reaction to the antibiotic effect the healing process and pain level at the surgery site?

  35. In February 2015 I went to Tijuana from Las Vegas to have a 9 tooth front top partial prosthesis with 3 implants and a bone graph to repair a fracture in my face, Dr Maite Moreno warned me of the mini implants and advised me to have the shorter thicker type implant that is Japanese made. It is a universal implant that many different type bridges can be attached to for future if needed.
    I am very happy with her work and prices and had the work done for less then half the cost in Las Vegas. I kept my top back teeth, ( two on each side ) and the hope is to do bone grafting later around these teeth to make the teeth stronger and last a life time. She told me the healing process is a long one. A year on the bone graft and at least 4 months on the implants. Once my bone graft is healed a 4th implant will be placed.
    If I put stress on my implants they do have some pain later. I am not supposed to eat anything hard or bite into anything ever again.. I am ok with this as I can eat everything to the back in pieces. No hard bread. I have been on a somewhat smoothie diet now for almost 2 months. Cold helps with any pain cause by my own abuse when cleaning, chewing or eating anything too hot. Applying Ice helps.. I keep my implants and bridge really super clean with peroxide rinses and a very light floss.
    So far so good. I go back in about 3 weeks. Eating cold is really better as my dentist told me it would be, but that is not always possible as I do like warm food too. Healing just takes time. Along with tenderness and
    rest. I am really pleased with my results, I can talk and smile again. I am getting creative with the smoothies too. If you would like more info on Dr Moreno message me. or contact her on Facebook Dental Implant Center of TJ Dr Maite Moreno. and let her know her girl in Vegas sent you. She can do repairs and give you fabulous options. Stayed at a really cool Hotel Casino, Pueblo Amigo. 4 blocks over the border.

  36. I’ve had an implant for 7 years and now it is loose and painful. My dentist took an xray and said it is infected, but I have to wait 3 more weeks to see the surgeon. I have pretty good dental hygiene but my gum began receding below the crown. I got sick about 2 years ago with an immune disorder (chronic urticaria) but it cleared up a year ago. Is a chronic immunity illness for a year something which may have caused my implant to fail?

  37. I am so happy I found this website! It feels good to know I’m not alone. I had three implants done two years ago. All went fine with those and they’re holding up well. I got those in Monterey, California. I’m in Alabama now and just had the surgery for two more on Monday (it’s now Friday). It’s been a nightmare. My swelling was horrible. I still can’t put my flipper back in and have had to go to work with no front teeth on the top! I keep calling my dentist and oral surgeon and feel like I’m not getting any support. I read another post above and feel the same way, “why is it that our money ($13,000.00 in this case) is due up front but if it fails, they’re not held responsible?” My flipper cracked and I had to pay for another one. Now it won’t fit at all since the surgery and my dentist says if he can’t adjust it, I’ll have to pay for them to make a completely new one. I just feel at the mercy of these people and it sucks. Thanks for all the support on this site!

  38. I had total upper and lower teeth replacement starting last July. I have 5 implants on the top and four on the bottom. The top implants are secured to a titanium bar that my denture snaps on to. My lower denture snaps on to the three lower implants(one of my implants failed and has been replaced for free- I’ll get the healing abutment in August.) My implants totally rock! I used to have chronic teeth pain/ bad breath from gum disease, yellow teeth from smoking. I think implants are awesome! I’m surprised that so many people are having problems and wish you all the best in getting help. Maybe you just need to go to the right surgeon. Don’t be afraid of the implants- just make sure you check the credentials of who is going to place them. Dr. Richard Oakley is a great surgeon and an awesome dude. He will see me anytime I have concerns or questions and has helped on some minor issues without charging me another nickel. As part of his follow up care he will see me once a year for free for life to make sure I am not developing any problems. After reading the above posts it sounds like there are a lot of unscrupulous dentists out there taking advantage of people. Find a good oral surgeon who has extensive experience with implants. They may cost more, but the results are worth it! It was the best $35,000.00 I ever spent.

  39. Had an implant done 11 years ago, last year noticed a pimple like bump on the gum above implant I went to the oral surgeon and he said I have bone loss and will eventually loose my implant. But seeing how firmly in was ( not loose) he said he wanted to take a less aggressive approach and wait until it starts to become loose before he removed it, he said I still have quite a bit of time with it. He said the tooth is draining so not to be worried about the infection. I went on antibiotics and bump went away for a year. Just last month a small red bump appeared on my gum above the implant, it comes and goes, I went back dentist said implant is still firmly placed and just to continue waiting for it loosen and then he will take it out. Im just nervous about this effecting my health. I would rather remove it when it is loose but can waiting hurt me in any way? And if you have bone loss will the darn thing eventually get loose or am I waiting in vain? Thank you!

  40. My implants are 15 years old
    One implant fell out about a year ago. Should I have it replaced

    The second implant feels fine and is secure and feels fine but the dentist says he wants to remove it because there is bone loss underneath. Really? Should I have him take it out or not?

  41. Hi, I had an implant put in directly after tooth extraction almost 3 weeks ago. Is it common to have swelling, redness and pain at this point of the recovery process? I traveled pretty far to find a highly qualified dentist, so it isn’t easy going to appointments. Can anyone tell me if it is important to take the long trip to get it checked or is this a normal healing process?

  42. Lots of people having problems with their implants on this site, but no one talks about their health issues, smoking, osteoporosis, diabetes, anorexia, old age, etc. It would be nice to know what percentage of these problems were brought on by health issues. I know bad things happen to good people. Maybe people don’t want to own up to their own problems.

  43. 3 years ago I cracked my last lower molar, I had root canal and a crown. the crown fell off 1 1/2 months after this was 3 years. Today the tooth in front of it is cracked, had partial root canal done to it. Now they just want to extract it because they feel the crack may have traveled below gum line. I have had two suggestions from two different specialist, bridge or implant. To have bridge they would have to grind a health tooth next to it and reattach the missing crown (how long will this setup last or have an implant. I’m thinking bridge wont last if crown keeps fall off. The cost of implant is scary but reachable but I’m worried implant will just pop off too. My third option is just to have both pulled and move on to a partial plate I guess. I’m really confused on what I should do.

  44. I had an implant almost 4 years ago. For the past 2 years I have had dscomfort at the site of implant. I told the dentist. He said discomfort has no meaning. Only motion has meaning and your implant doesn’t wiggle. It’s in your jaw solid. Discomfort continued. Calls to dentist were not returned. Yesterday the implant almost fell out after biting into some toast. I went to a new dentist. X-ray showed almost no bone around implant. He pulled the implant and gave me a bone graft. I’m to return in 3 months for new implant. I need professional advice. What should I do? Is there an online dental advice clinic staffed by concerned dentists? Is it true that implant failure is rare, less than 5 percent?

  45. Hello there. I had an implant surgery on April 2015, that’s 10 months ago. My dentist told me that before we would be able to put the tooth in place we should wait for at least three months so that the wound would heal properly. But because i had to go abroad for a couple of months it wasn’t until after six months of the implant surgery that i went to check on it and start the process of placing the tooth. Unfortynately, when my doctor tried to place the tooth i started hurting so bad that i was screaming. And he realized that the implant was loose because the bone hadn’t grew properly. It was about 20 to 30% bone and the rest was soft tissue. He then went on and removed the implant and told me to come back after a month or so. Today, two months after that complete of a failure i have to go back and redo the whole process. My question is what are the chances that the implant will fail again? And is it possible that my body is rejecting it? By the way, i didn’t have an allergy or an infection not even pain. And im so curious why it failed! Thank you in advance!

  46. Hi. I had two teeth pulled on my upper left side and a bone graft done on a tooth (was pulled over a year prior – it’s a visible tooth) on my upper right side back in June. In September, I got a sinus lift and more grafting on the upper left. At the same time, the dentist was supposed to uncover the implant on my upper right but didn’t because it was loose so he grafted there as well. I was supposed to have the two upper left uncovered yesterday and an implant replaced on the upper right. When I woke up, I was told that they put the implant and a little more bone graft on the upper right and did another bone graft on the upper left but it needed more time to heal. It’s upsetting that I have woken up after surgery twice now to not have my implants uncovered. Should I be concerned that my implants will not be successful or just be patient a bit longer? (My Perio tends to be overly positive so wanted to ask for an objective opinion. (No infection or other complications that I’m aware of). Thank you.

  47. I came across this site researching implants before I had the procedure….scary.
    I’d like to make a couple of observations. One is that there sure are a significant number of dentists expressing surprise, acting dumbfounded and stating that they have never…. (fill in the blank). That suggests to me there is a lot of incompetence out there, a failure on the dentist’s part to educate their patients and themselves. Another is really a question, Why in the world isn’t anyone including their dentist’s name and location?? This sure would help other potential patients out enormously. Especially scaredy cats like me!

  48. I’m kind of with Brenda. It would be helpful to know some of the doctors not to go to. Me and my twin brother are also thinking about implants. We’re in are early 50s and we don’t have any medical issues that would cause an implant to fail. Questions like would it be easier to go to Mexico and cheaper. Would just getting one implant to see if the titanium to the bone would fail because of the nickel mashed in to the titanium itself. I mean having a test to see if it would fail would be smarter wouldn’t it be?. Maybe dentist in one part of the country are better than the other? I don’t know. I do thank you for sharing your stories and I hope that your problems will be resolved. I dentist told me that a pre-existing conditions like diabetes 2 would make for a poor candidate. Smoking would not be a good thing as well. But an allergic reaction is also possible with the nickel Miston to the titanium. That is a known fact. And that may be an issue that should be look that close. Thanks Jim

  49. I have 4 dental implants. Three of them were successful, two are in the upper jaw and another in the lower jaw. But my 4th implant (first molar) in the upper jaw isn’t the same story. I had a very decayed tooth on that spot, but no infection. I had it removed, waited a few months for the bone to recover, then an implant was placed, waited another 6 months until it was ok to put the crown. I never had any pain or anything but a few weeks after putting the crown the implant was loose and it had to be removed. At that time my dentist did a bone graft. It wasn’t done using my own bone but something else artificial, I’m not sure what. My dentist also said I didn’t have much bone at that area but she thought that with that graft and after a few months we could try to put a new implant. That’s what happened but after 4 weeks I feel that either the crown or the tooth is loose again! What could be wrong with me? Could this be caused by a poor evaluation by my dentist? I am 44 years old. I have always been healthy. I don’t smoke. I do have alergies, asthma and a bit of sinusitis from time to time. I haven’t been to the dentist yet but I’m anxious about going there and having to remove the implant again!

  50. Hi Claudia:

    I had to have two bone grafts, and the whole thing was very painful. Some infection occurred, I developed a rash from the antibiotics I was given, and my teeth turned black from the rinse I was told to use during the healing process. I was eventually referred to another doctor … orthodontist, as my dentist wanted to do a third bone graft. It came to light that my dentist didn’t know he should have caused the implanted bone to “bleed” before closing the wound to heal. This new orthodontist drilled into the already implanted bone, caused bleeding, and closed. I haven’t had any more trouble. My implants have been in place for approximately five months, and I’m not experiencing any problems at this time. I am almost 69 years old, and the implants are working just fine. Take heart! The osseointegration will not occur without the bleeding taking place.

  51. I had a post put in my upper jaw, preparing for an implant. Immediately after the procedure I started have significant “pressure” and an odd discomfort, as I was still numb. Within 30 minutes I had pain and actually ran back and the dentist numb me up again. I had dramatic pain for the next 4 days, until i got back to see the endodontist and he gave me oral steroid, which only reduced it. He took a single x-ray, and told me things were normal and just fine.
    Over the month it has filled in and two days ago, i could no longer feel the metal piece he put in my jaw. But, about after about 1 month, although it feels better, but still feels like a tooth ache.
    Its driving me nuts.
    Does this sound normal?

  52. Hello, concerned wife here of a failed implant husband. We have been at this for 4 1/2 yrs!! For 1 implant. Lots of infection, gum loss, bone and gum grafts. My husband always feels tired since all of this has started. Had finished implant….waited…and then put the crown on. They said it was good….4 months later back 4 a cleaning and infected…more gum loss. They have to take it out and start again. Has anyone heard of Zerconia??? instead of titanium working well? Not a metal….worried his body will never accept the titanium. I really don’t want him to have to go through all that again…just 4 it not to take 🙁

  53. I am 60 years old and on chronic pain meds from a bad accident 28 years ago…I recently had my first ‘bad’ dental experience with a dentist…My front tooth finally ‘gave out’ after 48 years of three different crowns. Went to the dentist after finding out he took ‘Medicaid’ and did inexpensive dental work because of ‘volume’ (One dentist works on at least 30 patients per day…people in chairs like a factory assembly line)…Got a free extraction and panoramic x-ray due to having Medicaid, but they immediately lied to me; after checking my good credit, they ‘said’ my medicaid was exhausted. It wasn’t; I had $500 left on it. My tooth looked SO unsightly, I went ahead and allowed them to continue. Needed a bone graft and had to go back for the implant two weeks later…While at the pharmacy for the antibiotics, what looked like a round plastic slice of a tube came out along with what looked like cement or bone. I called the after-hours line and was told it was ‘just cement’ and not to worry. After three weeks, the ‘mouth tray’ began to fall apart and cut up my mouth causing sores and discomfort. I was out of the country so I couldn’t call to let him know…When I got back to SC, I called several times only to be ignored, sent countless emails to which dentist ‘said’ he didn’t receive. Finally, I went in for a new mouth tray and was ‘dismissed’ by dentist. His excuse: he ‘thought’ I threatened to sue him. I didn’t. When I asked for my records, magically Medicaid ‘came through’…but I still need my abutment/crown and after reading all of these horror stories, I can see the problems that may lie ahead especially since the abutment/crown will be done by ‘another dentist’…If there are problems, one dentist will blame the other…….I would advise anyone reading this to check credentials of dentist…before going to one, if at ALL POSSIBLE. Although in this day of the internet it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to really know anything…with computer hackers/blockers. This dentist either lied to me or his AA blocked my emails to him bc she ‘did not like me’ …neither did his wife….They want their $ up-front, but when I pulled back my ‘care credit’ just to get their attention to call me back, the dentist ‘took it personally’ …THEY play games with US…and when we reciprocate, we are ‘cut-off’ …Never let them know if you have a lot of $$. They WILL try to rip you off….or if you stand up for your rights, they will dismiss you. Buyer beware. Can anyone let me know if the ‘cement’ was normal to come out within TWO HOURS of implant placement….Could it have been ‘bone graft’? I STILL have it, and plan to spend at least ANOTHER $2000 to complete this mess. I do not smoke, but wonder if pain meds impede healing process. Please help.

  54. I recently had 5 implants placed….3 of the five have failed. They just came out on their own. Teeth had been placed and they just slid out! No pain, no bleeding just implants sliding out. I don’t know what the problem is….no infection, nothing! They just slid out of my gums…no pain, no nothing. I don’t want to blame my dentist…I really believe in him. I am just confused since I was told I had enough bone. HE insisted on replacing the first two that failed and added bone at the time. We are still waiting to see how those will do. In the meantime a third implant with a permanent bridge just fell out in the middle of the night. I had taken out the bridge because it was loose and in the middle of the night the implant slid out…no pain and no blood. I know my dentist will want to replace it but what is the point if this keeps happening? I have two firm implants…one is 15 years old. The other is new. Should I go forward or give up on implants? Who should I get a second opinion from?

  55. In 2011 I began taking Alendronate. One year later, my two permanent bridges loosened and came out. They had been in for over 25 years. I decided to have implants. I had two implants on each sides of my upper jaw (2012). Two years later (2014), the implants on the left side came out. I went to a different implant surgeon to get a 2nd opinion, and he took out the two implants (January 2015). He said there were too many teeth on two implants and that is why they didn’t hold. He also did a bone graft (January 2015) In April he put in 4 new posts. The posts didn’t hold, so he took them out and put in four larger posts (December 2015). After waiting another 6 months, they didn’t hold either, so he removed them (May 2016). Now I have no choice but to have a removable plate, which I was trying to avoid. He has no explanation as to why they didn’t hold.
    I had told both implant surgeons that I was taking medication for osteoporosis, and they both said that had nothing to do with my jaws. Now I find out that is one of the side effects of the medication, which I have stopped taking. After all the pain and suffering, not to mention the great expense, ($30,000), I have nothing to show for it except for the 2 implants on the right side. Is there anything I can do now????

  56. Hi, just curious what can be done to save your implant? My mother (age 60 years) recently installed 9 implants (4+5). She had lost all her teeths. Any precautions to keep the implants working long?


    • Meticulous oral hygiene will certainly help. As will getting a checkup and clean every 6 mths. Think of it as maintenance. Brushing and flossing, correctly, is something you can do at home everyday but to really get in there and clean up any buildup and things that may get in places they shouldn’t you really need an oral hygienist to do a proper clean of your mouth regularly. Much like car maintenance. 🙂

  57. I had an implant and bone grafting upper left. It was infected, dark pocket and lesion. It was removed. I get a reoccurring infection in that area when I’m off antibiotics for approximately 5 weeks. It’s not sinus related, or in the bone and it’s not neurological. It’s definitely an infection. Brushing feels good and cold feels good on it. It gets worse at night and when the weather changes. What would cause this.

  58. I lost one tooth on the upper leftside. Did sinus lifting and bone grafting before implantation. Then tried twice to implant a tooth but both failed. The first time the implant didn’t fuse with bone and fall off by itself. The second time a little bigger implant was used. It didn’t fall off but today when the doctor did a mechanical test on the implant and found it doesn’t fuse with bone again and was taken out again. I am not sure why my bone doesn’t fuse with the implant easily. Should I do this implant process again or try bridge instead? Any other better solution?

  59. Hi, 5 of my front upper teeth were extracted on July 30, 2016 and on the same day my dentist did the bone grafting and have placed 3 implants all at the same time. Now, I’ve noticed 2 weeks ago that my gums where the middle implant is becoming sore, then became thinner, turned dark until as of today, the metal/implant is literally showing through my front gums. The left side is starting to hurt now and I can see the same thing, it’s about to show through my gums. What went wrong? My dentist told me last week that he’ll take out the one in the front. Should I get a refund for that since he charged me for 3 implants and now he’s taking one out? Please advise….

  60. I have just read all the comments with interest and in many cases horror. I had an upper-jaw molar removed last June (it had been crowned but never stopped hurting) with the intention of getting an implant but now I am not sure. I will need a bone graft into the sinus (sinus augmentation?) and the dentist wants to place the implant at the same time. Great if it all works but if it doesn’t go well this could turn into a nightmare. At the moment I have just got a gap and a single tooth beyond it; at night I wear a partial plate–a false tooth set in plastic (supposed to keep the teeth either side of the gap stable).
    Since I worry a lot about the potential failure of the bone graft and implant, I’m inclined to leave things alone and just live with the gap. I don’t like it, but the rest of my teeth are healthy, I’m almost 60, and I do smoke 15 cigarettes a day (I know, but I am not going to quit so I need to factor this in).
    So this is my question. Two dentists I have spoken to say that my plastic tooth/partial plate is only a temporary solution and I can’t do this for the rest of my life. They say the teeth either side will decay/be unstable/whatever. I can’t see why. Can anyone advise me? Can anyone give me a really compelling reason to risk an implant (as advised by both dentists) rather than just keep on the way I am now? I would be most grateful!

    • Hi Diana, as 2 upper teeth under my sinus had to be taken out, I discussed with my very competent dentist what to do. Problem is that, according to the dental surgeon, the bone is not thick enough there for implants, so it would have been inevitable to augment the bone first. My dentist advised me to avoid bone augmentation, as this could lead to various problems which cannot be foreseen, according to his experiences over 20 years. He affirms that implants are a good solution IF the bone in question is thick enough. As he has my total trust, I decided to forget about bone augmentation and implants, and opted for a permanent bridge, which works perfec ly. Hope this might help you somewhat

  61. I am 31 Years Old Male. And I don’t have habits like smoking or drinking and so on.My gums are affected and Gaps formed between my teeth and jumping teeth formed. While consulting dentist he told I have advance periodontics disease. Yes my two front teeth and two side teeth are heavily moving. My dentist scanned and said I am having heavy bone loss and I need to do bone grafting to save the teeth . Also he said four of my teeth should be removed as its roots also affected. Is there any advanced treatment to save the four teeth whose root are affected. Also In worst case If i need to do implant artificial teeth after bone grafting, will it be useful for grinding soft food.(Or will be just for the appearance). And what will be the approximate curing period for bone grafting and implant.

  62. I had my top teeth removed two years ago. 6 months after that I had the sinus lift. 6 months after that I had four implants installed in my gums. Now six months later I was scheduled for minor surgery to cut gums open. The surgery took longer than expected and next day I was told by the doctor that when he opened my gums where implants were, they were loose and fell out. I was devastated. Instead of being out of work for one day, I am now out a week. My face swelled and. bruised worse then any of the other surgeries. My gums are stitched, swlloen and vestibules have formed between my gums and cheeks making it impossible to wear my denture or be seen in public. Oral surgeon spoke about redoing the implants in six months. Is it only a waste of time and more suffering?

  63. April 2016 I had surgery to remove all my teeth and replace with implants. Prior to that I had numerous roof canals, crowns, bridges, etc. and they were starting to fail. Between the oral surgeon, anesthesiologist, dentist, person who made the teeth, etc. I paid $83,000.00. I had “temporary” teeth to begin with, then permanent after 4 or 5 months. Since that time, I have had teeth come off the plate 6 times that the dentist had to reattach. I am now afraid to travel for fear of loosing a tooth, which is the main reason I did the procedure in the first place!! Is this common?

  64. Read all the comments above, the good, bad and ugly (had to say it!). The thing that strikes me is the apparent variation in expertise of the dentists. Not unlike all technical skills. So, if you can find a first rate “mechanic,” do so! Talk to friends, research, etc. I just had a pre-implant grafting procedure at age 75 in order to beef up the implant area (30,31). At two weeks, the post op looks excellent. We will wait 5 months before attempting the implant procedure. This fellow was up front on everything, no magical promises – especially since I have “thin bone structure” plus typical atrophy for a 75 year old. He figures we will do “one or two” implants depending how the grafting looks. Thing is, all this is experimental – each patient unique. So, the doc has to KNOW A LOT. Degrees + experience. On-going seminars. I’d beware of anyone who tries to do a fast sell / ain’t nothin’ to it approach. Appreciate all the patient experience / feedback re what to look for. Mike

  65. Question?.. Has anyone been to Clear Choice Dental and had major work done?(Full upper and lower replacement w/implants)?.. I had a motorcycle wreck years ago and have been fighting a losing battle to keep my teeth (only have 17 teeth and ALL are capped).. The wreck impact cracked all but 6 of my teeth then and the complications from lack of care to bad dentistry has contributed to needing a full mouth/teeth replacement…
    ALL comments and recommendations will be deeply appreciated…help!!! I am in North Alabama

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