Our mission is to help patients find the right clinic for the treatment they want, by giving them access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. We do this through the commitment and dedication of our people.


We believe in a world where elective health patients will be able to make active and individual decisions about where to get treated, not unlike the way they decide which new car to buy today. Successful clinics will recognise that patients are evolving. Patients are becoming empowered consumers. We believe in a world where it is easy for clinics to provide accurate and pertinent information as well as excellent customer care. WhatClinic.com will be a global leader in patient experience for the elective healthcare sector, connecting the right customers with appropriate clinics and providing all the necessary tools and information patients need to make an informed choice.


We conduct a 4 part review of our dental clinics* – site visit, quality survey, online reputation, dental license verification.

MEDIGO Quality Control
The MEDIGO healthcare maketplace lists only the top international clinics. All clinics are checked for the most important indicators of quality:

Physician expertise and training
Medical certification
Patient satisfaction

WhatClinic.com Listings Explained
At WhatClinic.com, our mission is to help people find and book a clinic they love. We do this by giving people everything they need to make an informed choice. When someone searches our site, they will be presented with a list of clinics to choose from.

So what factors influence where a clinic appears on the page?

WhatClinic.com Ranking
Ranking on WhatClinic.com is based on a complex relevancy algorithm which is influenced by dozens of factors. However there are five factors that outweigh all the others. Here’s how they work.

Five Factors of Relevance
Relevancy of location
Treatment suitability
Listing quality
Clinic response rate
Location is one of the main factors in deciding what clinics appear in search results. In the search results, we will only show you clinics in or near your desired area. In the image below, you can see an example of the radius logic for a treatment search in ‘Austin Texas’. The dark grey box shows the clinics that fall within this search location. Sometimes, (in fact often) search areas overlap. It gets a bit complicated, but our mapping specialists are always hard at work to increase the accuracy of our location information!

On WhatClinic.com we have organised treatments into ‘families’ to help you find what you’re looking for. Here’s the ‘family tree’ for dermal fillers. If a clinic doesn’t have ‘dermal fillers’ listed as a treatment, you probably won’t see them in the search listings. There are hundreds of thousands of treatments listed on our site, and more are added every day, so it’s a big job keeping all our ‘family trees’ up to date.

Top search tip: If you’re searching for something like ‘dermal fillers’, and you don’t find a perfect match – try a more general search for ‘fillers’ to get more choice.

Our mission is to help patients, and we do that for free. We will always be a free service for consumers, and unlike other sites that charge businesses just to appear, it’s also free for clinics to get listed. So how do we make money? It’s simple really. Clinics that want more patients can pay for leads on a PPL (price per lead) model, or, in certain markets, on a per-booking basis. However, no matter how much a clinic pays, they will never be able to appear in locations (or for treatments) that they aren’t relevant for! To make this totally clear, we add a label that says ‘featured’ to clinics that have paid us for additional leads.

Listing quality:
One other important factor that has a considerable influence over ranking is that of quality of the listing. We give each listing a brochure score. It measures lots of things, including how often the listing has been updated, how much information has been added – especially pricing information – because we know how important this is. We also reward clinics who add photographs, staff information and that have a high number of positive reviews. Reviews and star ratings are an important part of our listings. A Clinic must have at least five reviews before an average rating is displayed. Here is how clinics are scored:

Average Rating Description
99%-100% “Outstanding”
95%-98% “Excellent”
90%-94% “Very Good”
75%-89% “Good”
60%-74% “Satisfactory”
45%-59% “Average”
30%-44% “Fair”
0%-29% “Poor”
Response rate:
We believe that great clinics care about their customers. We know from experience that great clinics will get back to you straight away! We measure each and every enquiry to make sure someone gets back to you. The ones who do are rewarded through our ranking algorithm. It’s also one of the main qualifiers for our annual customer service awards.

And the end bit 🙂
We are always working to improve the relevancy and the quality of the results on our site. To date we have over 100,000 clinics listed worldwide, in over 120 countries. In the past year, 15.7 million people have visited our site to find and compare clinics. If you’d like to know more about our ranking process email us here at info@whatclinic.com.

Why Certified?

Dental Implant Cost Guide – the most popular website devoted to the cost of dental implants – connects consumers with certified clinics in their area.

We’ve done the research for you.

Our industry experts find and certify the best dentists across the US and Abroad, ensuring the work they deliver is of the highest quality.

We maintain strict screening requirements.

With our extensive certification requirements, you can be sure that you’re doing business with a clinic that has a good reputation and offers a solid guarantee. No more ripoffs or scams.

We save you time and money.

Our service is 100% free. We don’t ask for ANY financial information and you can use us as many times as you like.

You’ll get a call from a Certified Clinic within 24 hours* – and many times in less than 15 minutes during business hours! Be confident and truly satisfied the treatment you receive will be done right, for a good price.

Cost Guide Certified Badge

Find a Cost Guide Certified Shop

A good repair shop can be hard to find – especially on short notice. Find a shop near you that’s trusted by our experts and recommended by your community.

For Shop Owners

Are you an honest transmission shop that does excellent work and provides customer-focused service? Over 1 million people visit the Transmission Repair Cost Guide every year looking for trusted shops like yours.

How it Works: Benefits for Consumers and Quality Shops

Step 1: Research
We contact shops across North America to discuss the Cost Guide Certification program.
Step 2: Certification
Our experts review and verify reputation, training, experience, pricing and warranty to determine if they meet the requirements
Step 3: Estimate
You quickly and easily fill out a form to tell us about your car and the problem it has to get a free estimate.

Step 4: Connect
We connect you with the Certified Shop in your area. You’ll get a call shortly after submitting the estimate form.

Step 5: Repairs
After agreeing on a price and time, you bring the car in for repairs. Don’t forget to let us know how it went!

Shop Certification Requirements

Each shop goes through an extensive screening process. At a minimum, every Cost Guide Certified shop must:
  • Have a valid dental license.
  • Have a good reputation.
  • Offer a free consultation.
  • Offer at least one form of financing or payment plan.
  • Provide quality dental treatment and charge fair prices.
  • Provide a guarantee
  • Have significant experience with dental implants
  • Offer All on 4 or 6, implant supported bridges, dentures
In addition, here are some other ways we evaluate and screen shops before they receive the Cost Guide Certification:
  • Shop Interview – We ask shops a number of questions about their business and the kind of work they do. Their answers are compiled into an interview page which helps you get to know the shop a little bit and learn: how long they’ve been in business, their location, services, payment options, etc. Here is an example.
  • Background Check – Before an application is approved, we check the reputation of the shop and it’s owner. This means that shops with less-than-sparkling histories don’t make it onto our site.
  • Monitoring Feedback – We ask customers to review their experience. We constantly monitor the performance of our shops to make sure they’ll provide you with professional and courteous service. If a shop receives verified complaints that go unresolved, they are stripped of their certification and are no longer listed on our website.

* If there is a Cost Guide Certified shop in the area.

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