Complete Dental Implant Surgery Guide – What to Expect

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium that is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone and used to support a crown, bridge or denture that replaces one or more missing teeth. Dental implant surgery is a multi-stage outpatient procedure that typically consists of 2 surgeries and several appointments over the … Read more

Just Smiles in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico [Interview]

The following is an interview with Lloyd, a Dental Implant Cost Guide visitor who has had several dental procedures done in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and was kind enough to share his advice. For interviews with other visitors who got their dental implants abroad, please see our page about dental tourism First off, where are you … Read more

Dental Implants at a Dental School [Interview]

The following is a short interview I did with Jennifer, a visitor of (like you!) Many people have been asking for more details about what it’s like to get implants done by students of a University’s dental school clinic, so I reached out to a few commenters and Jennifer was kind enough to share … Read more