Reply To: Full-mouth implants


I’m sorry to hear about your mouth. Definitely look outside of US to get your implants. I just got back from Russia where I got one implant put in and will be going back in a few month to get a crown on this implant and to get one more implant on a tooth that they just extracted. The implants range in price, like the least expensive implant (turn-key = implant, abatment and a crown) is $500. I opted for a more expensive implant, Anyridge to replace my molar and it will cost me $1000 for an implant, abatment and a crown. I had a really great experience in Russia, just don’t go to Moscow or St Petersburg, the cost is higher. The procedure was completely painless and I had no swelling afterwards. I also had to get a root canal done and a couple of crowns put on. I had three different specialists that worked on me – endodontist, implantologist and an orthodontist. Good luck!