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Dr Samy,

I had misstated the anticipated lower tooth extractions in writing yo you as being six whereas the actual number is eight.
A panoramic xray was taked on 4 June 2014 for his own diagnostic purposes by a prosthodontic dentist.
I will ask his office to provide me with a copy in order to pdf it to you after this weekend work break is completed.
I have procured a copy of the six page CHUL Biologie Médicale Laboratory report to Dr Jean Boufard without the benefit of an explanatory interview with him. My hope going forward is to obtain – both here in Québec and at the Tampa Veteran’s hospital – the services of a qualified medical specialist with adequate Sjögren’s syndrome expertise to deal with the anaemia issue that had been detected during my August 14-15. 2013 stay at that hospital and correlate it with the other aspects of my symptomology so that the anticipated dental surgical procedures can proceed free of that concern.
Very truly yours,

The enclosed professional personal photo was taken in Tampa on 24 May 2012.

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