Reply To: Egyptian dental implantology clinic


Dr Samy,
These are the reality constraints that are in play:
The forum linkage in operation between us does not accept my pdf uploading attempts.
This would also apply to any xray pdf attempt that I might venture.

My first interview with the oral surgeon who intends to do the implant work is scheduled for 10h30 16 September 2014 where he will lay out his pricing and his treatment plan overview.
During that time delay my 2,800 km Florida road trip to the Tampa Veterans Hospital will give me a reliable and realistic medical perspective and identify any dental service benefits that I may be entitled to.

Although my periodontist and the Florida dentist I had been using repeatedly and freely exchanged hand-carried xray copies that I personally conveyed between them, it is unlikely that this prosthodontist would share his panoramic X-ray -considering it as his proprietary material and the primary source of his own professional expertise, his source of empowerment and his bread and butter.
It is also unlikely that I could otherwise produce a timely panoramic xray since I have broken all relations with my former Florida dentist (since 2008) due to a significant embolden display of questionable ethical conduct in my regard.

From the prosthodontist’s stated service fee of itself it is amply evident that the total cost to me for the anticipated procedures would by far exceed my financial circumstances so that I’m struggling to find other similarly qualified recourses.
I pay my bills in a courteous and timely manner.
I carry no debt – whatsoever.
Very truly yours,