Reply To: Healing Time and Quality of Implants Overseas


I have done 4 implants 10 years ago in Argentinia. Still no problems. I went one time for the implants and 5-6 months later for the crowns. I paid 900 for an implant including crown. For that time it was very cheap, even flight and B & B included. At that time an implant was at least $ 3000 for one. The dentist gave me an invoice so I could deduct my dental costs on my tax return. I have lived for 4.5 years in Mexico, Yucatan. In Merida (has international airport) (but Cancun connection is cheaper in combination with a 1st class bus to Merida) my dentist has a high end clinic, his own dental lab and does first a CT Scan which is included in the cost of one implant. I had 7 implants and 8 units. In the US the cost of a CT Scan is approx. $ 900. It is very important that a dentist use this Scan. Because my dentist measured the bone density and the bone height in order to chose the right implant. He only uses the best of the best implants and the crowns are zirconia, so there is no metal involved. The Zirconia crown is more expensive, but is included in the price. Hotel cost in Merida approx. $ 35,00 This is a high end clinic, I lived in Europe and have been in many places in the world but this is top notch. The dentist did more than 1500 implants and has a lot experience which is very important. Hope this helps. I can tell that this was a very good and painless experience.