Reply To: Im in the process of getting dental implants for my 2 upper front teeth


that would make sense to me. I had implants done and now have a temporary set of top and bottom acrylic teeth while the bone is healing and the implants are setting in. I got the implants done and had an immediate set of temporary teeth put on right after surgery. That was the end of September 2018- since then I have had 4 breaks and a front tooth fall right off the acrylic while I was cleaning them with a water pic. Anyway- my point is after the tooth in front fell off it was a little uncomfortable rubbing on the lip. However, the break that I had in the back on the bottom set of teeth-was a sharp break that broke the tooth with some of the acrylic “gum” off. That was cutting my cheek and tongue and I had to suffer until clinic opened or could get me in to fix it. It can be very painful and annoying.