Reply To: Paid $10,000 for Implants But They Keep Falling Out and Teeth Don’t Fit


Reply from Linda:

Dr Devos did give me a check up and took a head scan and told me I was a good candidate for the implants. I really don’t think he knows what he is doing he put 4 implants in, all 4 have come out one by one I have two he put back in and tried to put 2 more back they fell out so now he wants to try again and I am really afraid to go back I talked to him the last time I went (before Christmas) and told him I was very disappoint in his work and I would like to forget the whole thing and get a refund so I could try something else he ask me why I thought I would get a refund and I told him because I didn’t have any teeth.

The dentures he made do not fit or line up with the implants I wear my old ones and put cushions on them. No I have never had a bone graft, but the tech he has in his office told me confidentially and she showed me the x-ray where in didn’t put the implant in deep enough and it didn’t catch the bone and she was sure it would fall out before to long. I don’t think I can go though the pain anymore every time a attachment comes lose he cuts the gum and stitches it up so I can’t wear my teeth for about a week. I am really going crazy trying to figure out what to do.