Reply To: Can I Sue My Dentist for Malpractice?


Reply from Greg:

Alex, Thanks for the response. I went back several times before demanding an x-ray, reason is is that my dentist kept insisting it was a dry socket and he kept packing it with clove, nasty stuff!. It took so long because he kept demanding that it was the worst dry socket that he has ever seen. I was getting irritated with the continued pain in my jaw.

I did consent to the graph and implant because I thought he was trying to make things better. And I liked the idea of having a new tooth at his expense. He also promised a bridge for the teeth I am missing on the top. I went back yesterday and he x-rayed my jaw and say’s he did not see anything but has referred me to an oral surgeon for more pain and suffering to have the graph removed, all at his cost.

I am not sue happy and I truly like my dentist but I think I should be compensated for all the discomfort I have been it at his hands. I am going on 2/2 to the oral surgeon but I think it wouldn’t hurt to talk to an attorney about my situation. He admitted his mistake and said he would make it right, when? Thanks for listening and do you think I have a leg to stand on with the pain and suffering he has caused me?

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