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Hey Steve,

Based on our data, two implants would probably cost you around $7000, while a traditional fixed 4 unit bridge would be approximately $4000. Once you find a dentist/oral surgeon you’re comfortable with, ask what you can expect in terms of cost for both options to get a better idea as prices can vary quite a bit based on a number of factors. The biggest factor is the health and amount of bone available in your upper jaw which heavily depends on how long it has been since you lost your two front teeth as the density of bone deteriorates over time when it is not stimulated. If you’ve been missing your teeth for a long time, then you would have to factor in the cost of a bone graft, which would make getting a bridge the best option in your case. Consult your dentist to see if you would need a bone graft.

I understand that money is tight, but cost shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. While bridges are cheaper in most cases, they typically require more maintenance and don’t last as long as implants (7-12 years vs. 20+ years as long as you aren’t at risk of failure and care for them properly) and they don’t feel as natural as well. A bridge would also require having the two adjacent teeth “prepared” or reshaped which is done by filing it down see the dental crown procedure. Extracting or filing down healthy teeth in order to place implants or a bridge is not a good idea unless it is the only option.

Instead of comparing the cost of a bridge vs. implant, maybe you could consider getting financing through your dentist or a company such as CareCredit or applying to a dental school program to get the procedure you’d prefer done at a more affordable/reduced cost.

For more information, check out our detailed comparison here:

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