Complete Dental Implant Cost Guide

If you have recently lost a tooth from tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis), periodontal disease or from injury, you have probably considered or have been curious about dental implants. This guide will give all the facts and cost related factors which will hopefully answer most (if not all) of your questions so you can decide whether dental implants are the right choice for you.

In This Guide

Average Cost and Factors

Tooth implants are typically more expensive than more traditional alternatives. The cost depends on a number of factors including what dentist or surgeon you go to, the type of implant and procedure, how many and which teeth you need replaced, how many implants are required to support these teeth, how much insurance coverage you have and your geographical location. Once you get an examination and talk with your dentist, they will be able to provide you with a price estimate. A single tooth implant typically costs $1000 to $3,000 in addition to $500 to $3000 for the crown. However, if additional procedures such as bone grafts, extractions and extensive imaging and/or modelling are required, the price can easily inflate to $5,000 to $10,000. Your dentist will be able to give you an idea of what costs you are looking at after a preliminary examination.

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An implant is only part of the process though. An abutment and crown for a single tooth adds an extra $500 to $3,000. The average total cost paid by consumers for all procedures, abutment, crown and implant is $4,250. A 3 or 4 tooth bridge mounted on two implants can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 (the average being $8,500). A full set of upper and lower implant supported dentures ranges from $25,000 to $95,000 (average of $34,000), depending heavily on the condition of your gums, jaw bone and existing teeth (if any).

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Some people opt to travel to foreign countries to take advantage of their cheaper prices for tooth implants. A few of the most popular destinations include South and Eastern Europe, India, Philippines and Africa.

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If you receive a quote or see an advertised price that looks too good to be true, it most likely is. Safe, high quality and long lasting implants come at a price that depends on a variety of factors. Some or all of these factors may or may not be included in a particular estimate.

Visit our what people are paying page to find out what people like you have been quoted or paid recently to get dental implants. You might find an example of someone with a similar case or from your area!

Factors That Can Affect the Cost

  • Initial procedures such as x-rays and CT scans
  • Brand, material and type of post, abutment and crown
  • Complexity of the surgery
  • How many and what teeth need to be replaced
  • Where you live (some cities are considerably more expensive)
  • The particular dentist/surgeon’s experience, specialty & popularity
  • How many professionals are involved in your case
  • Creation of the prosthodontics
  • Additional procedures (if required) such as sinus elevation and bone grafting

When getting a quote, remember that the total fee includes various aspects of the procedure. There is the cost of the procedure and implant, the cost of the abutment and the cost of the crown or dentures. There could be added charges for the scans, anesthetic and modelling as well.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is inserted into the jaw to permanently or temporarily hold artificial teeth in place. It is typically made out of titanium which is biocompatible with the jaw bone. The direct fusing of bone and an implant is called osseointegration which is a special characteristic of titanium. When a tooth is lost, some bone that helped support the tooth is also lost. Dental implants help stabilize the jaw, preventing future bone loss and maintaining the jaw bone’s shape. Implants are a convenient alternative to dentures because they never have to be taken out and they feel much more natural and comfortable. They are better than traditional bridges and crowns because they aren’t just cemented in place. When mounted to implants, bridges and dentures won’t shift or slip in your mouth, which can make talking and eating easier and worry-free. This also avoids other common problems such as gagging, poor alignment and sore spots.

Parts of a tooth implant

There are 2 main types of implants. One is called endosteal. This type is implanted directly into the jaw and holds one or more teeth in place. The other type is subperiosteal. This implant is a metal frame that is placed on top of the jaw below the gums. Posts protrude through the gums to hold the prosthesis. This type isn’t as common, but can be used for patients who have minimal jaw height or thickness.

To be qualified for an implant, one must have strong, healthy gums and jawbone in order to support it and hold it in place. Routine visits to the dentist and dedicated, comprehensive oral hygiene are both required to maintain implants in the long term (no more skipping brushing your teeth now and then).

The Procedure

Before the surgery can take place, meticulous planning must be completed to identify and analyze nerves, the sinus and the shape and dimensions of the bone in and around the area of interest. During the preliminary examination, your dentist or surgeon will take x-rays of your jaw; paying specific attention to the area that requires a dental implant(s). Different scans can also be taken including a panoramic radiograph, which can show all the upper and lower teeth and bone structure to determine bone health, height and thickness. CT scans are the most accurate form of x-ray imaging to date and may also be used to analyze and determine a treatment plan. Your teeth and gums will be examined for disease and decay and treated prior to the procedure.

periodontist performing surgery on a patient

Getting implants is an outpatient procedure and can be performed at your local dentist’s office. The operation requires some form of anesthesia including local, general, intravenous sedation or nitrous oxide. Dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons can all perform the surgery. Here is how to find a dentist you can trust.

The surgery itself is normally done in several stages. In the first stage, incisions are made into the gum to expose the bone. A hole is then drilled into the bone so that the implant can be placed. The implant is inserted completely into the jaw bone and lies below the gum tissue (see below). The tissue is then stitched back into place or a temporary covering is used protect the gap from forces such as chewing. As the surrounding bone and gum tissues heal, the implant bonds itself to the bone. The healing process typically takes 4-6 months.

Once the osseointegration is complete, you have to go back to get the abutment installed. The abutment is a post that penetrates through the gums and connects the replacement tooth (or crown) to the implant. The gums above the implant are reopened to install the abutment. This is another outpatient surgery and requires only local anesthesia. Once it is successfully placed, the gum is then closed up around but not over the abutment. In some cases it is possible to install both the implant and the abutment during the same surgery since research has shown that doing so has no detrimental effects as long as adequate time is given for everything to heal. In this case, it is important to note that the post will be visible and care must be taken not to apply any pressure to it during the healing process.

It takes about 2 weeks for your gums to heal before you can finish the procedure. As with any surgical procedure, there will be swelling, bruising, minor pain and bleeding during the healing process. There are several ways to relieve the pain and discomfort during the recovery period.

Next the artificial tooth is made from impressions of your teeth and a model of your bite to ensure that it fits in naturally. Then it is attached to the abutment (it can take several appointments to get the fit just right). A removable prosthesis (or bridge) is conventional if you had more than one tooth replaced. It is also more affordable then implanting each tooth separately as it only takes one implant on either side to span an area and hold several artificial teeth in place. It is similar to dentures, but the difference is that it snaps into place for a more permanent and natural fit.

For a more detailed description, please see this page.

Advantages and Risks

There are many advantages to tooth implants. It is a permanent solution to tooth loss that is more durable and stable than alternatives such as conventional dentures, crowns or bridges which can make it easier to speak and eat. They also fit more comfortably and naturally and even look better cosmetically which can improve your self-esteem. Convenience is another huge advantage as they do not need to be removed, cleaned or kept in place by messy adhesives. They also improve oral health by making it easier to clean between teeth and they do not require modifications to nearby healthy teeth in order to be installed.


  • Permanent and durable
  • Can be more cost effective over many years
  • Natural and comfortable fit
  • Look and function more like regular teeth
  • Require less maintenance
  • Don’t require modifications to adjacent teeth
  • 95%+ success rates

The risks are minimal as problems and causes of failure are rare and are often easily treated. They include but are not limited to: the bone not integrating with the implant, bleeding, injury or numbness of the nearby muscles or sinus cavity due to nerve damage and the chance of infection if the implant breaks, the crown becomes loose or a lack of proper oral hygiene. Success rates depend on a number of factors including the size and strength of the jaw bone and where in the jaw the implant is placed, but overall they are well above 90% (up to 98% if they are properly cared for) and are always improving. More specifically, the success rate is around 90% for the upper jaw and 95% for lower jaw implants. This is because the bone in the upper jaw is less dense than the lower jaw which makes successful osseointegration more difficult. It is very important to note that these numbers only include patients who were thoroughly assessed and approved for implants by a dentist since they had sufficient bone density and were good dental health. There is a chance of failure even when conditions are ideal.


  • Major investment
  • Bone not accepting the implant
  • Pain, swelling and bleeding due to surgery
  • Nerve damage of adjacent muscles or sinus cavity
  • Infection due to breaks and looseness

Insurance Coverage

The first thing you should do is to check with your insurance company to see if implants are covered on your plan. If it isn’t, then you can talk with your dentist’s office to find out if they provide or can recommend other payment plans/options. Remember that your dentist is there for you and will help you in any way that they and give you all the information you need so don’t be hesitant to ask. Unfortunately, many insurance plans cover 10% or less of the total cost of implants, but provide significantly more coverage for more traditional solutions such as dentures. This is often because most companies classify implants and a cosmetic procedure. Surgical costs can be covered by health insurance in some instances.

While losing a tooth can be stressful – remember that there are a number of options available to you, including dental implants. It might seem scary when reading about it, but there is minimal pain, risk and discomfort and the results are lasting and natural looking. Talk to your dentist about implants if you think they might be the solution for you.

Over to You

Had a great experience with implants and want to recommend your dentist? Experienced nothing but pain, stress and frustration and would like to warn others?

Either way, we would like to hear from you. Your reviews and advice will be greatly appreciated by others who visit this website as many of them are in a situation similar to the one you were in once – trying to find a trustworthy dentist that provides quality dental implants for the right price. So no matter what city, state or country you got your dental implants in, you can help others out.

To share your experience or ask a question, please sign up and then post it in the forums so that we can discuss your situation directly.

What People Are Paying - Recent Comments

  1. John M says:

    I’ve had two experiences with dental implant surgery over the past few years. Two years ago I had a tooth replaced that I lost playing hockey. In total I paid $3000 which included the implant, crown and abutment so based on the numbers provided I guess I did pretty well. Then again two months ago I had to have several teeth removed that were damaged by periodontitis according to my dentist. These teeth were right beside my first implant so I’m wondering if the first one could have caused the gum disease? Anyway, this time it cost me just under $10,000.

    I’ve spent quite a bit on the surgeries, but I look at it as a long-term investment. Nobody wants to do business with a businessman with half his teeth missing.

    • Courtney F says:

      Went to see Dr. Rigali in Montevideo, Uruguay 1.5 years ago for two dental implants with crowns, etc.: $1,950 total for everything including crowns. Just returned from Uruguay again one-month ago: one bridge removal, two underlying tooth extractions, two bone implants, one titanium implant placement (two more to go), 20-stitches (followed in 8-days by removal of stitches), medications, et al., total cost: $960 . . . with only 1-hour and 15-minutes in his chair and no pain during and very little pain (indeed, almost none) after the surgery.

      Cost should not be the primary consideration when selecting a dentist for your implant, but experience: how many implants (and thus experience) does he have is the primary question. Oral surgeons here with 7-to-75 implant experience wanted $5,000-to-$7,000 per tooth. My decision was based upon “How much experience” rather than “How many dollars.”

      My decision to go to Uruguay was made when he answered “Thousands and thousands” to my inquiry of “How many have you done?” Cost is the lesser half of the equation. One of the dentists here wanted to book a half-a-day in his chair for the procedure . . . Yikes! Don’t go abroad for cost saving only and don’t have it done here by somebody here with only limited experience. Try and find both together.

      • Nai Tsao says:

        Implant procedures(implant, abutement, crown) requires healing time last for 6 months(?) from start to finish. Do you stay several months in Uruguay after implant surgery and before abutement and crown can be installed?

      • Debby says:

        Can you please email me the name of the doctor in Uruguay that performed your implant surgery? I need to have 2 implants done and the price is very prohibitive here. It sounds like your doctor got high marks for his skills.
        Thank you.

      • Courtney F. can you give me more information on Dr. Rigali on how I can get in touch with him like his Dental Practice or phone number. Looks like you did your home work. I am looking for an experience doctor and $$ does come in play. I got estimates of $45K and $64K to have all my teeth removed with some surgery and full mouth of implants. So the $$ do count. Would appreciate any info you can supply.

    • anna says:

      I’m sorry to hear this case but especially here in New York City not only are butchers but they are also scammers of money a friend of mine recommended to go to Egypt and I took the information ok I got a ticket I met with the dentist. Nicely job done he put 34 teeth for $4,000 ok so 34 teeth $800 ticket than $1000 for the hotels including eating for a month and now I am so glad I have all my teeth :) go to Egypt ciao

      • Kerrie says:

        Anna, could you tell me the name of the dentist in Egypt? Why did it take a month? My teeth are ruining my life! Please help

      • Kareem says:

        Anna Would you please tell me the name of the doctor in Egypt

      • keitha says:

        Anna Would you please tell me the name of the doctor in Egypt?

      • Vicky says:

        I’ve been to Egypt twice and have friends who have lived there. They have told me that you can get excellent dental care there for a fraction of the cost than in the U.S. My friends, like Anna, say it would be better to buy the plane ticket and get it done there than get it done here in the U.S. Just wanted to give another shout out to Egyptian dentists. And Egypt is cool.

      • marcie says:

        May I have the dentests info for egypt. I really need some reasonable but good teeth replacement for all my teeth. Thanks!

      • Ed says:

        I am all in favor of saving and all that…HOWEVER, human beings have 32 teeth (INCLUDING wisdom teeth), therefore “34 teeth in Egypt” story…might be a bit of a stretch.

        • ozwald says:

          Ever considered this might be a typo?

        • Josh says:

          I had 33 teeth pulled on Thursday of last week, so I’m not sure if you’re saying I’m not human or my doctor, myself, and the nurses couldn’t count. Though I will say its a bit odd to have them do implants on your wisdom teeth. You need to google Hyperdontia or at least know what you’re talking about.

      • gilberto crespo says:

        Anna and others if you have implants and the cost and work done are satisfactory please sure all the information with us as far as Doctors name-number and location. That would help us that are looking to get implants and save money in doing so but we also wan good work done. Thanks and good luck.

  2. Lea says:

    Thanks for the information. I am going through 2 upper implants including sinus augmentation with bone. It’s giving me moderate pain, and fever. I wonder about the cost and why it so expensive in USA. Your site is well done and explains more than I got at the dentist’s office, although the work done was pretty good.

    • Deanna Jones says:

      Why does any medical procedure cost so much more in the USA than in other countries? Ridiculous.

      • Daniel Domagala says:

        It starts with average dental student graduating with $300,000 in debt. Specialists go to mid 400s. Then it is the cost of american standards in medicine where phisicians and dentists are charged extra for medical buildouts, medical rent, medical equipment etc. US doctors of all doctors pay the highest prices for the same products. In addition, there is a high cost of running a practice, payroll etc. I hope that helps.

        • Bruce says:

          Just as a point of information. I have insurance that covers 2 implants for life. I went for one. This was in NY. The total cost to the insurance company, including extraction post, cap, was $1500.00 with no out of pocket cost to me. I got great care and have the tooth for about 5 years now without any problems. I believe that the average cost for implants in this country is excessive. If it can be done for $1500.00, it can be done on average for a lot less than an average of $4500.00.

        • Taff says:

          Every American can blame themselves by voting the clowns into power that represent you, that makes the laws, that require liability insurance along with everything Daniel said. But they are not the only issues as they do make on average over $100,000.00 + per year and when you think of someone in any restaurant in the USA who also graduated they are earning more in a couple of months than they make all year. Go figure

          • Cg says:

            You are comparing a restaurant worker to an oral surgeon… Wow really???? There should be a difference in pay in that comparison… It is insane to think otherwise…

  3. Rolando Aplicano DDS says:

    Very well explained site, thank you for that. I’m a dentist from Honduras and around here the average cost is around $1300 US including implant placement, abutments and ceramic crown, (additional procedures not included). I, in particular, use implants from MIS (Israel) and so far no problems regarding post op, quality and looks, I also have used implants from Zimmer (USA) and Bio Horizons also (USA).

    • Carla Wilkinson says:

      How many trips to Honduras and how many days of stay in each trip would be required for a two front tooth (9-10) implants? I would also need a crown in #8 (in the moment I have bridge 8-9-10. 8 is still savable, but 9 and 10 need implant. 9 is the missing tooth.

      • Rolando Aplicano DDS says:

        Hello Carla, first of all, very sorry it took me this long to answer, regarding your question, an implant placement should not take more than 1 hour, if more than one is needed and it could be done in the same surgical moment, it would not take more than 2 hours, depending on the need for bone grafting, normally a week will suffice for a proper post-op rest and suture to be taking off, a single crown over a healthy tooth (no root cannal or post and core build up needed) should not take more than 8 to 10 days, depending on lab´s working time

    • Admin says:

      For those who would like to learn more about Dr. Aplicano and his practice, check out the quick interview I did with him here.

  4. Ken says:

    I paid $41,500 to have all my teeth done on 4 implants in Denver, Colorado. I had my surgery on 6-18-2013. It took a full 7 days for the swelling to come down. I’m now to the point where I only need painkiller to sleep at night. Anyone considering this procedure should make sure you have a lot of ice packs that you can attach to your face on hand before going home.

    • Donna says:

      How long was the total procedure, was it done in several steps? Are you from the Denver area and is that why you chose there?

    • Dave says:


      I would be very interested in where you had your surgery done.

      I also live in Denver. After a referral from my dentist, I talked to an oral surgeon. following two or three appointments, I scheduled my surgery. The dream of having a beautiful smile was over when I realized the cost of the implants. I was quoted approximately 32,000 dollars for acrylic implants, plastic. I still want the surgery, just wish it was more in my price range.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Dave,
        I live in Tampa Fl, and I am in the process of getting implants for my upper teeth.
        Due to dry mouth from medication, my teeth became decayed.

        Due to the extensive amount of work I was looking at and for financial reasons (no insurance, cash only) and a fantastic dentist, rather than loosing all of my teeth my dentist was kind enough to refer me to the dental school where HE TEACHES. (this is my personal dentist that I have been going to for years).

        Fortunately he was able to save all of my lower teeth by crowning them (porcelain) @ $410.00 each as opposed to $800-$1,200 a piece.

        On the other hand, we couldn’t save my upper teeth. so in the meantime I am working with a denture until my surgeries are completed. (If you’re doing a full arch you will need a denture to protect your gums, during the healing period)

        As far as my implants, my dentist referred me to an oral surgeon who he works with, the OS will be performing the surgeries (6 implants + abutments) once everything is healed, I will then get my crowns (porcelain) made and placed by my dentist @ the school. It seems like a lot of work to get two dentists willing to work together, but if you can it will save you a lot of money in the long run. The crowns alone are saving me approximately $8,000-$10,000.

        Also don’t forget for every two crowns, you only need one implant, this is a huge savings. Do not let a dentist tell you that you need an implant for every tooth (crown), NOT TRUE.

        Do your homework! Shop around, ask questions, don’t be embarrassed to call the dental schools. Remember you’re the one paying not your dentist.

        BTW, when getting work done @ a dental school, all of the is performed by a licensed dentist, students are there to assist and learn, they are not permitted to perform any work on patients other than a regular cleaning.

        Good Luck

        • charelle says:

          What school and where is this school located?

        • diana says:

          The dental school here AT Still University allows the senior dental students to perform the procedures with the dentist watching them. I was a dental assistant at the time. I have not seen them do implants there, but they did crowns, fillings and root canals. It takes forever to do a simple procedure.

        • Karen says:

          Hi Nancy

          Did you go to the dental school in Brandenton? I just called them today.

          I also live in Tampa.

          Thank you!

        • joy says:

          Do NOT go to UF. I’m still in pain three years later!! They do Unsupervised surgeries for residents for 1st time procedures. The implants ache in my head and because poor placement – caused mutiple other problems for me. I’ve spent Triple the amount I supposedly saved by going there. Now both implants must be removed, bone grafts done and implants redone. Nightmare.

      • Ivan says:

        I live in El Paso TX and got my implant with crown in Juarez, across the border, for $900.00. They do really good work and you can stay in the states and just cross during the day. I hope this helps.

      • Rolando Aplicano DDS says:

        Hello Ken, I´m sorry to know all the trouble you have been into regarding your dental implants need, have you ever consider doing the surgery outside the U.S ? because, in my country, Honduras, dental implants are not as expensive as in the U.S.
        here the average cost is around $ 1,450.00 for a dental implant without the need of bone grafting or sinus augmentation of course, anyway, you should consider other options. i hope this helps

    • Blair says:

      Hi Ken,
      I am from the Denver area and I am looking for a dentist to do all my teeth as well. Would you recommend your dentist? Are you satisfied with the final outcome?
      Oh, and I was also wondering if you had the procedure done in one day or over the course of several visits?

    • John says:

      Wow Ken, that sounds tough to get them all pulled at once. I am just recovering from another abcessed tooth, my teeth are rottening out fast and I’m thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my teeth. After going through this abcessed tooth, I don’t want to feel this pain again!!!! Plus the cost of the dentist filling the tooth is a total loss. I need to talk to the surgeon and work out a plan, I was thinking maybe pulling 1/4 or 1/2 of the teeth at a time…..
      Good Luck, and I hope your new teeth turn out as good or better than the originals.

      • Palmer says:

        John, I had the same problem. I had 3 trips for extractions, upper, lower, and front over a 10 day period. One of the best things I have ever done for myself. Mine were rotting very fast. I was on antibiotics for about 30 days after. My overall health improved. I had no idea that infected, absessed teeth could be so hard on a body; it was causing heart palpatations. Everybody thought it was an emotional problem, but after the extractions they stopped. I have dentures, but I’m tired of huge chunks of plastic in my mouth along with oozing denture goo. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it until I hit the lucky numbers….these prices are unreal! Good Luck to you.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi John,

        You should check out the dental schools in your area.
        Dental school prices are discounted usually 50 to 70%.

        Just an example, I had to have my upper teeth pulled (11 of them), it cost me in total $440.00, that’s $40.00 a tooth. huge savings.
        Good Luck!

        • James says:

          Well you had a good dr he was not greedy i payed $850 just to take a tooth out. Now i was quoted a price for one tooth $4300.00 +. Now i take care of my teeth and he said that he has never seen teeth in the good of shape in citrus county Florida. I going to have to look around. I know it should be no more then $1500.00 to $2500.00 to have it done. His price for all teeth would be $137,000.00 now thats a joke.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Ken, when you say all of your teeth on 4 implants, how many teeth are you talking about.

      Thank you

      • Anthony Del Vecchio DDS says:

        Hi Ken and Nancy,

        The “all on four” procedure is a concept where all diseased teeth are removed from one jaw and 4 to 6 implants placed strategically so that a set of teeth is screwed immediately that same day! It has been a wonderful option for many of my patients that have avoided denture therapy. In New York, I am charging $29,500 and includes the surgery, same day teeth and a second final set of teeth months later. Notice how i mentioned surgery…and not surgeries! Consider this option by doctors that have trained to do so. Dental schools have students and/or recent graduates working on you and they’re supervised. But note the amount of ‘time lost in your life’ in going that route as well as your reduced fee is only because students are learning on your case, mouth, and from the supervising dentist that is present. Hope my insights guide you well.

      • Paul Walker says:

        Hi Nancy, on a little different situation I had 4 mini implant posts on
        my lower jaw and 4 receptors with black mini “O” rings in my lower denture about 8 years ago. Now the o rings have failed to hold any longer. Also my lower plate needs to be re-lined for a better fit. New rings are a must and relining optional depending on the costs.
        I live in Jacksonville Florida and have one local estimate for $525.
        Any suggestions on getting a more favorable price?

    • Franck says:

      I’ve had all teeth extracted, with 9 implants in the upper and 10 in the lower jaw. I had very minimal swelling and no pain whatsoever after the procedures. Uppers were done in one procedure and lowers in two. I know that the all on four procedure which you had done, is used to keep cost down. They do this by placing the implants at an angle so that it gets more grip. The “other” way, is to place between 6-10 implants perpendicular to the jaw bone, or straight up and down. I’m am just guessing here, but maybe that’s why you had more pain. Then again, I could be completely wrong. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to worry about cost since mine were covered by workers comp insurance. Or you can say, unluckily for me that my job created the reason that I needed all my teeth replaced. But in the end, I was very surprised that I felt no pain at all.

    • Marco says:

      I’m sorry to hear how you got ripped of in Denver. When they gave me prices
      In. Colorado Springs Co .I canceled all my future appointments and ran for the border. (El Paso /Juarez Mex). With the money I saved I got a Porsche . I don’t regret it at all $1,500 average cost per implant all from extraction to crown(ceramic). Not plastic. The only ice was for the margaritas.

    • krissie says:

      Hi Ken,

      I feel your pain…
      I had one of the original implants back in 1983 and it lasted over 20 years before it broke off. Unfortunately, it was securing a bridge so I wound up losing three teeth from this. It’s been downhill ever since.

      I have to say, thank you for being honest. I have been so skeptical when all I have read about implants is so cavalier – “four implants in one day, you’ll be eating on them by the end of the day” What?!! I had one implant and was in some of the most severe pain I’ve ever experienced in my life..and | have given birth three times! I can’t imagine having all your teeth pulled and having 4-6 implants placed and then eating the same day. Anyone having this done should make sure they not only have ice but a doctor willing to give you heavy duty pain killers for an extended period of time. Granted, once it healed – 4 plus months later, and the pontic attached, it was as if I grew a new tooth. I thought 20 years was a pretty good length of time for it to survive.

      Anyway, thanks for saying this. People should be cognizant that this is not the walk in the park they make it out to be and you will be paying close to 50,000.00 for the privilege (I live in Canada.)

  5. JULIANA says:

    As of yesterday I have now had a dozen implants done within the last 10 years or so. I have experienced almost no pain other than financial. My best advice would be to choose your surgeon very carefully. I live in Simi Valley California and highly recommend mine. Good luck and keep on smiling.

    Edit: DDS Donald Nikchevich Jr. has done all my implants. I have been going to him for 12 or 15 years. He and his staff are caring, informative and the work is top quality.

  6. Karen says:

    Am I reading this correct??? I have a tooth that may require to be removed and an implant put in its place…is there going to be a time that I will NOT have a tooth there?
    The location is top front, I can not have a front tooth missing for any period of time! I smile way too much! :-)

    • Dr Campos says:

      Karen, don’t worry 99.9% of the time when an implant is placed in the aesthetic zone your dentist will make sure that a temporary provisional is made even before the extraction, sometimes it is done in the same day. Remember that every case is different, when you loose a tooth due to periodontal disease chances are you might need a bone graft. But if you loose a tooth due to decay or trauma the approach is different.

  7. Geraldine alongi says:

    I am having 4 endosteal inplants @ 750.00 each for the top to take a full denture for stability. 7 extractions on the bottom,150.00 each. 6 endosteal implants at 1,500.each which includes Hybrid 7,500. and complete denture maxillary1,500.The total cost will come to 22,050. This dentist comes highly recommended. I feel I’m getting a great deal, esp. if I should have any problems I will not have to worry about getting on a plane and flying out of the country. She also said that she will guarrantee all work.

  8. Bruce Chandler says:

    THANKS ….

  9. L Gray says:

    I’ve had several implants, both single and bridges, over the past 5 yrs. The cost for a single was $4000 and the cost for the bridges (lower left and right bottom, spanning 4 teeth with 2 implants) was $13,000. All procedures were done in Pennsylvania.

  10. Bill says:

    I have recently been quoted approximately $34,000 for the following: surgical removal of 4 lower front teeth, removal of cyst, bone graft of mandible using rhBMP, two implants w/4 crowns. Fees include anesthesia, lab tests, etc. Work being done by oral surgeon and prosthodontist. This seems very high to me but would love an opinion. thx.

  11. Lloyd says:

    In Jan 2014 I got 6 lower molar implants in PV Mexico. Didn’t enjoy it but pain was less than expected. Swelling more than expected but I ‘d had a back molar extracted 2 days prior. Used prescribed pills for 3 or 4 days. Bleeding more than expected. Soft food for a week. Cost under $5,000 Canadian. 6 crowns will cost about the same after 6 months. My Implants are a universal brand, commonly used in Can & US so I could get crowns anywhere. I chose an English speaking, modern equipped clinic that deals mostly with foreigners where I have gone for root canals in the past so paid a little more. Got copies of xrays etc. in case of any problems but have no issues.

    • Pat says:

      Looks as if I’ll need an implant to replace a back molar. I live in D.C. and I’m not to keen on paying perhaps $4,000 +. Therefore, I’m seriously intetested in the Mexican clinic you’ve used for your dental work. Can you give the name of the clinic or more info? Thanks!

    • Laura W. says:

      Lloyd, (or, ANYONE WITH SPECIFICS!)
      I would appreciate info on the dentist you saw. Specifically; name, approx. experience, and does dentist do entire upper/lower? I have no insurance, and medication decay that will only continue, and I’m so disgusted paying again & again for work on same teeth– I’m 80k+ in, its been 12 years, currently need more work done, am in southern CA ($$$ !) and I am so tired of this! My “dentist is there for (me)?” If that means for all the money I can manage to save, then that is accurate. I need a permanent fix, and I’m willing to travel ANYWHERE if the work is professional & outcomes have been great, and I can save some money! I guess I’m asking anyone: HELP!?!

      • Lloyd Yeates says:

        For those who enquired, sorry it took so long to reply I used JUST SMILES,
        Basilio Badillo 311
        Col.Emiliano Zapata,
        Puerto Vallarta Jal.

        You can read the interview I did about my experience.

        I will be getting my crowns there next week and may replace my upper partial with implants or bridge.
        The clinic is very modern, clean, up to date equipment, a large staff all speak English and will work evening or weekend if your schedule requires it. I had 1 filling, 1 extraction, 2 root canals, 6 implants – 4 different specialists. I considered getting crowns in Can so they emailed xrays and make and model of implants on request. There are lots of dentists in PV, some much cheaper and some in hotel zone much higher. I talked to a lot of people and visited several clinics before choosing this one.

  12. Becky says:

    Lots of information here, thank you. I just paid $6500 yesterday to have a “combo” bridge done. This includes two implants on the lower arch and (as I understand it) covering the remaining teeth so they are all uniform in color and size. In 6 months after I am healed, they will replace the temporary with the permanent. Then I plan on doing the same to my upper arch, hopefully a week or so after the first procedure so the upper and lowers will look identical and I will be finished at the same time.

  13. Johny says:

    I have one implant done in Europe and full cost for implant and crown was approximately 1500 Canadian dollars. Then I had 3 implants done in Canada for total cost of 17 000 Canadian. What a difference. I asked doctor in Canada why this kind of difference. She told that in Europe they do not have high tech equipment, knowledge and materials are not as good. Same time she still took ex-ray pictures using old technology, did not have knowlege or tools to fix gum line and everything else looked really old. In Europe my dentist was using digital imaging, for gum line he used lasers and cabinet was full of high tech tools. I think in Canada least dentist are just too greedy.

  14. Seph says:

    Thank you Obama care! I just had all the molars surgically removed, bone graft and got all the bridges for free :) Everyone has to pay into the healthcare tax anyway! Why not enjoy the benefits!?? I’m also in the poorest state in the country, New Mexico

    • Windy says:

      How did you have this done free?? I am going through a very hard time right now financially. Widowed with five kids. I have no dental insurance and yesterday one of my crowns right in the front on top broke off, almost at the gum. I have to get an implant! I cannot just be tooth less. I like to smile too much with my children…

    • Debra says:

      How did you get it done for free? I have a basic dental plan with my employer that
      pays very little. I cannot get anything done for a reasonable price.

    • Andy says:

      Seph, you SERIOUSLY need to say more here – my ACA dental insurance offers only half its lifetime benefit amount (i.e. less than $800) for an implant quoted at over four grand.

  15. Naresh says:

    I recently had dental implant procedure done in India, and now I’m back to US. Now with in 2 weeks, the place where the implant is done it is opened, instead of closed. So I’m wondering do I need to go back to any dentist and ask them to perform switches to close the implant? Or is it ok to leave it open?

    Thanks for your time.

  16. Tiffany says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just looking for some advice here. My boyfriend has been struggling with his teeth for a long time now. I fear that we will have to pull all of them and get implants. What do you think is the best way to approach this situation? The dental schools I looked into in the Colorado Springs area do not seem to offer services to the public. Cost is a huge factor, but so is his happiness.

    Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

    • drsamiyazied says:

      I am oral implantologist from Egypt. I think in Egypt dentistry is very cheap than any other country. I do dental implants plus the crown with a high quality made in USA or Italy and the patient pays about $850. So even if you send me a copy of the x-rays that he have, I will try to help. Thanks. Dr. Samy

    • Rick says:

      I paid around 30,000 to have all my teeth done on 12 implants in Carlisle, PA. Both upper and lower arches.
      These included the 12 implants, abutments, locators, bone grafts, sinus lifts, and hybrid prosthesis(the best materials). I figured this was probably the best price I could get in the U.S. The surgeon was a dental school faculty, too and everything worked out very well.

  17. Alice says:

    First off I’m scared of dentist, so it took a lot for me to go to one, but I didn’t have a choice. Top front tooth will fall out soon. After x-rays I was given a plan, this is just for the top teeth: #3 crown prcrelain #3 crown buildup, with pins, Maxillary partial-metal base, #6 crown -porcelain /ceramic , #7 extraction -surgical tooth, #7 Pontic-porcelain / ceramic , #8 crown-porcelain /ceramic, #9 extraction -surgical tooth, #pontic- porcelain / ceramic, #10 crown- procelain/ceramic, #11 crown- procelain /ceramic, #11 root canal- anterior #11 prefab post &core,#31 crown – porcelain / ceramic, # 31 crown buildup, with pins. All for $7,435.00. I’ve been told by friends to just get a partial upper teeth. This is a lot of work, expense, and fear.

    • Kricket says:

      Dear Alice,

      I know that fear of the dentist very well. I had a very bad experience when I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 16 years old. It didn’t matter that the real culprit was my mother who was so afraid of drugs that she didn’t give them to me until after I started to vomit blood and scared her really bad but by that time it was too late. I couldn’t keep anything down for two days. Later as an adult I chose to get a different dentist but not knowing how to go about it the right way, I ended up with a hack that literally scarred me for life. After that one could barely ever get me to the dentist. It was so bad I remember having to pull over to be sick just to get my kids to the dentist. I’m very lucky my kids never had any problems with going to the dentist.
      As to what you wrote: deal with your fear, get over it and face what you know you need to do. The price your quoting sounds like a very good deal and you certainly don’t want to end up like me a 40 year old woman who has to keep her only teeth in cup of water overnight.


  18. Norman Lee says:

    I’m thinking of a implant bridge to replace 29,30,31 which are the two molars on my right side. They want $10,200 to have it done. Is this reasonable or should I look elsewhere.

    • drsamiyazied says:

      I know that dental implants are expensive, but in my clinic in Egypt both the dental implant and the restoration will cost about 850$ and I always use a high quality from Germany , Italy and USA.I will be happy if you have any question.

      • Eric G. says:

        Dr. Sami,
        I know this is not real specific, but how much experience do you have with the different implant styles/procedures…Thanks

      • Maureen Doughty says:


        Would you please send me information about dental implant procedures and prices. I have been to Egypt twice and loved everything about your country. Would be willing to travel there again for implant as the price here in US is outrageous.
        Thank You,
        Maureen Doughty

      • marcie says:

        Please please send me the info for your Egyptian dentest!

  19. Allen Williams says:

    I was quoted for an implant on my #10 tooth (front) at $1,800 plus $1,300 from the dentist to install the crown. Could somenone tell mi if this is reasonable.With the State of Florida? Thank you.

  20. William Allen says:

    Hello everyone. Thinking of having an implant for one tooth (#10). The oral surgeon quoted me a fee of $1,800. for the the implant. The dentist quoted $1,300. for the crown. Total of $3,100. Wondering if this is a reasonable amount. Thank you.

  21. Tony says:

    Like most everyone else, I came on here to see if my implant quote was right. After reading all the posts I’m thinking my quote war right on, and I feel pretty confident in the capabilities of my periodontist.

    I broke my two front teeth playing on the monkey bars when I was in 3rd grade. I’m now 48 years old, have developed an infection in one of my teeth (No. 8), and after three consultations it’s unanimous that my tooth cannot be saved and I need an implant. I’ve had this infection for about 5 years, and it’s really time to get it taken care of. I have not been feeling 100 percent healthy, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this infection. I think it’s even caused a condition in my sinus that sometimes causes migraines.

    Well, the consultation with an endodontist was $275, which ruled out saving my tooth. The periodontist works in the same office, and he agreed that I need an implant. My first official appointment with him will cost $400 for a CT scan plus $175 for the consultation. I have lost a lot of bone so he will have to do a bone graph for $1600. The implant will cost $2400. The post will cost $400. I haven’t asked my general dentist how much the crown will cost. So without the crown I’m looking at a grand total of $5250.

    This is in Los Angeles.

    There is a place in Tijuana, Mexico, which does implants with crowns for $1350. This price does not include the bone graph, which my case requires. They do the bone graph, but I don’t know the price for that.

    Just thought I’d share my information.

    • Cal Labrador says:

      Hi Tony,
      Can you tell me the Dentist name and contact phone # in Tijuana, Mexico. I considering having my implants done there.

  22. Victoria Gould says:

    My procedure for implants began today, with two teeth being extracted and bone being grafted in addition to placements, ect. I am in a great deal of pain, which I did not anticipate. I was sent home with a mild pain medication and it’s not working.
    In total I will have four to five implants when the process is completed, the cost $20 thousand dollars. There will also be new crowns placed on my,remaining teeth and one root canal. I pray the end result is worth the pain I am going through right now.

  23. Ozzy says:

    Great site thx to you all. I do have dentures on my upper teeth and do want to get implants. My dentist told me i need 3 or 4 implants and a bridge over it. The cost of one implant here in Peoria, Illinois is around $2450. Then the permanent bridge will be almost that much if not higher. So I am looking at around $10,000…Way too much in my opinion.

    My question is…I am planing a trip to Turkey end of this summer. Will I regret if I get it done less than half the price there? Thank You.

    • Goksel says:

      Hi Ozzy,
      I’m a Turk living in NY for many years. Now I’m in Istanbul for vacation and need 3-4 implants. My dentist is teaching in college and is excellent; his small clinic is outstandingly clean and very modern, the staff is very nice . He charges $750 to $1500 for each implant (implant only) depending the material he will use to do the job. He told me I will have no pain but if I wanted he could me put in sleep during the implant process (40-50 minutes). I’m planning to start the job next week.

      • Ozzy says:

        Hello Goksel.Will you be kind to give me your dentist`s name,phone number and also your email address?This term i can only stay in Turkey for 2 weeks and i can not have it done because i will be there at a special holiday first week of October as you know.But i would like to get in touch with him and give all my info and do another trip to get it done.
        Here is my email address if you prefer it to be easier.Thank You and hope to hear from you soon.

  24. Betsy DiCristino says:

    This is to Seph: How did you get all your teeth done thru Obama Care? Please, I am a widow with limited income and I just found out I will need implants.

  25. Ahmad says:

    Wow that’s too much. I’m from lebanon, the cost of impant 1 teeth here is 700$ only.

  26. Myra Thompson says:

    I’m having 5 implants done it will cost me 15000 where I live in NJ its worth the investment

  27. Navnit Pithadia says:

    I am an Indian , living near Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India
    I got two implants 1 August, 2014 @ Rs . 13000/ in Karnavati Dental Hospital . I didn’t have pain at all. Again today on 19 August , 2014 I got one implant at Rs. 6500. No pain , I didn’t took pain keeler even .
    This cost includes Abutment and crown which will be place in December .
    Now regarding why such a low cost , this all dental procedures , including implants are done by the graduate / post graduate students of the Karnavati School of Dentistry under the supervision of their expert teachers of the dental procedures , hence all procedures are at very low cost.
    I am very satisfy with these implants at Karnavati Dental Hospital , Uvarsad , Gandhinagar.

    Navnit Pithadia

  28. Frank Jackson says:

    5,400 total cost for two implants.
    350.00 for CT scan
    360 for four extractions. 2 standard, 2 surgical
    North West Indiana. 40 miles from Chicago

    Much to my surprise this Indiana dentist offered reduced rates for those
    enrolled in one of the prepaid dental plans, which are frequently used by some dentists
    to herd sheep to the slaughter. The cost WITHOUT the dental plan for implants only was 8,294, and $789 for the four extractions. Total savings with the plan ($150 annual cost) was about 2,300. I haven’t named the plan to avoid giving the impression this is sales pitch or endorsement, and I had NO IDEA the plan offered implant benefits when enrolling. I requested a quote from the dentist on an impulse and was pleasantly surprised. This dentist did his first implants in 1985. He performed the two implants on the same day of the extractions, one upper molar and one lower molar. He rated my existing bone structure as “B”, which I presume implied above average. Anyone contemplating implants should do their homework and find an ethical and capable dentist. Not everyone has sufficient existing jaw bone mass to accept an implant. I was surprised to learn jaw bone begins to recede/disappear within months of a tooth being pulled. Hygiene is apparently very important to ensure longevity of the implant, i.e., floss regularly to keep plague from forming below the gum line and potentially creating problems with the implant. I expect to have the abutments and crowns seated in about 3 months, subsequent to the implants being “adopted” and secured by new bone growth.

    ADMIN EDIT: Here is an interview we did with Frank to learn how he saved money with a discount plan.

  29. Linda whitely says:

    Just returned from India a week ago.

    I had 13 implants, 5 extractions, 8 root canals, bone grafts, sinus lift and wire welded to some teeth and 24 crowns. I chose the most expensive implants and crowns and the total cost was just over Australian $17000. Everything was completed in 2 1/2 weeks and I don’t have to return. The treatment was painless, just a few ulcers and a sore mouth. I didn’t even know they had given me bone grafts or stitches. The teeth look great and I had a wonderful experience. Everyone said why are you going to India but I researched the dentist for 4 years and concluded that they are performing these procedures continually and they were probably more experienced than some others.

    Other international patients that were there had been quoted Australian $120,000.

    Do your research and have a holiday at the same time.

    EDIT: You can read more about Linda’s experience here:

    • Armande Cohen says:

      Laura, if you could tell us the name of this dentist in India you would be doing us all a great service. It sounds too good to be true! How did you research him or her? Also, if you could write me vis email I will send you my address. Many thanks and hoping you see this. BTW I live in Central PA and although the cost of living is relatively low here, as fair as I can tell, dental work is almost the same as Southern California! >:(

  30. JayR says:

    Just left Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) for my last appointment to place my Crowns. LOVE IT!! had 4 teeth replaced in the back. 3 on the left 1 on the right all lower, total? 3300$. Initial was 2500$ went back 4 months later for the Crowns 800$. USA Dentist what a RIP OFF!!! Had a Crown replaced that cracked from work I had done in Kansas that cost me 1000$ with a my insurance covering 80% still ???, had it replaced for 200$ in Bishkek.

  31. Chris B says:

    I started getting the implant procedure in May, 2013. I had 7 teeth pulled on the bottom, 2 sinuses lifted and 4 bone grafts in the upper jaw. A temporary hybrid was placed on the lower jaw connecting to 6 implants. During the last 1 1/2 years, I’ve been put under general anesthesia at least 6 times for the implant stability checks, additional sinus repairs (I had a punctured sinus with a very bad smell in that nostril) and more bone material added to the upper jaw. My diet has been restricted to soft foods like soup and mashed potatoes – the upside to that is that I lost 30 pounds.

    A sliver of the lower jaw cracked off in the bottom front (like the thickness of a popcorn hull) and the surgeon replaced the implants in that general area with longer implants. The place where the sliver “peeled” off still feels like a loose tooth feels but I’m told I won’t need that implant to hold the hybrid securely. (I hope this is true)

    The 4 upper implant screws were put in 4 months ago and tested to be strong enough for the final crowns. The gums were trimmed down and the implant screws are visible. I still have an open sinus issue but I’m told it can take a long time for a punctured sinus to heal (if ever). I have an appointment with my regular dentist to complete the final crowns and “installation” of the hybrid. The total cost for all of this – $49,000.

  32. Researching Implants says:

    NOT including the costs of surgery or any implant parts, I was recently quoted an east coast price of about US $16,000 for a full lower 4-to-6-implant-suported denture – this would be acrylic with acrylic pink gums built on a milled titanium metal substructure (a 4 to 6 implant-supported hybrid prosthesis). The surgical costs quoted came in at the high end (about $3K each for surgical placement, the actual implant, and the abutment piece), but since I prefer to have surgical work done in the US and local to me, in case there are complications, those costs are acceptable to me.

  33. ju35bj says:

    Hi everyone, I live in Colorado and need implants (3 on top and 2 on the bottom. I do have insurance through my husband but it does not pay much. Can anyone recommend a dentist in the Colorado area that will not charge me an arm and a leg? I am also open to leaving the United States for dental but has anyone been anywhere closer say South America for dental care and can you offer any recommendation?

  34. Mark Gall says:

    My wife is Thai, so we return to Thailand periodically. I lost one tooth from infection, and had a skilled specialist in Bangkok who only performed implants, do the implant and 3 months later complete the cap on top. This clinic works on upper class Thai’s as well as foreigners. The cost 2 years ago was $1400. There are less expensive places also, but I trusted this one. It wasn’t dirt cheap, but 2 dentists in the U.S. quoted approximately $4100. The money saved paid for airline fare for both of us.

  35. Sonika says:

    I am staying in Glasgow but had gone to New Delhi in India to get 2 dental implants and crowns done. I went for the best quality implants with metal ceramic crowns and the entire procedure including implant, abutment and crowns cost me around US $1350. The procedure was completely painless and I am very satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of my dentists there.

  36. Graham says:

    I was quoted today for three (implant,abutment and crown) around $15000 here in the US. I know a guy in Jordan which I’m getting some pricing from. They have the best doctors out there that do work for the King of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania. Many of those dentists study and graduate in the US or somewhere in Europe then go practice in their native country while carrying a US degree and have many years of experience.

    I think it’s ridiculous what some have paid ex. $40k (some guy above in the comments). I mean that’s a 20% down payment on $200000 house for gods sake.

    I had a root canal plus a top notch crown once made for around $750 and I’d be happy to double that ($1500) for a single implant with the abutment and crown but paying around $4500-$5500 for ONE Implant that’s just blahh!

    I’ll follow up with a post once I have some more info from the guy in Jordan! and by the way to airfare from the US to Amman, Jordan is between $850-$1100 depending on the travelling season.

  37. Jill says:

    I went to Juarez about 10 years ago and had all teeth pulled and dentures made, I don’t remember what it cost then but I am paying for now. The Dentist I had, did a bad job on me and 5 years ago I had 2 mini implants done and a new set of dentures for around 6,000.00. Today I am having to have a new bottom done, because it keeps breaking, I got a quote from the dentist that did the work for 1500.00 and a 2nd quote from another for 2600.00 and found out that my lower jaw bone is deteriorating and the implants are only good for around 10 years, wow, I wish I had known that before. My implant surgery was very painful. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t! I am doing some research before I proceed. I am willing to go out of the us, with more info.

  38. Daniel says:


    You can go to Croatia and save a bunch of money.
    For example, this is price for one dental implant Straumann (best one in the world)

    Dental implant Straumann – 700 €
    Abutment Straumann – 200 €
    Ceramic crown na wiron/metal on implant – 220 €

    That is total = 1100€ = 1360$ !!!

    You can buy plane return ticket and save a lot of money again.
    Accommodation during teeth repair is free.

  39. j greene says:

    I had a lot of work done at the dental school. Cost is usually a fraction of the retail cost. I needed more than $20,000 worth of work, done for about $4000. School I went to took payments

  40. snagglebob says:

    j greene greetings, what “school” are you speaking of that takes payments? I have found some one here locally in casselberry florida that has agreed to install ten implants, post and abutments/six uppers for a complete upper set that will snap in and four lowers that will anchor the partials for 10,000.00 complete however I will be ruined if I spend ten grand on my teeth all at once. I just don’t have the means (income) to do it and it sounded to me like it was at least a six month to a year procedure from start to finish?

    • Admin says:

      Hi snagglebob, thanks for your comment! I’m not sure if J Greene will see your comment, but I got in touch with them to ask the same question. They said: “I went to UMDNJ [University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey]. I went at the suggestion of my dentist, as he had costed my treatment out at more than $20,000, which I did not have. I needed teeth removed and implants done, also an existing implant needed a restoration. I had some cavities, a few root canals, several crowns, perio work, endo work, dental surgery, I even had tissue from the roof of my mouth sewn onto areas where the gums were receding. I got almost everything done except the last implant restoration.”

      Hope this helps!

      • snagglebob says:

        Wow,yes that really does help,I’m not keen on the idea of travel to egypt or some such place in the name of the cheapest price/would much rather spend locally(USA) and it sounds like you got a great amount of work done for a super price,…I will make some calls for sure and thanks again!!!

  41. sam says:

    I am looking to get implants for various teeth. Figured it would run around the $10,000 mark. Kinda prepared almost…I’m thinking of going to El Paso and cross over the border, but there’s no information on here to the name of dentist. Somebody please help.

    • Acomp says:

      Yes somebody please tell us more about Mexico or India or even Egypt or any other country that only pulls your teeth out and replaces with high quality material, and allows you to not have to rob Peter to pay Paul, or rob Peter and Paul it was joke people please don’t take the last part about Peter or Paul serious, I was just saying basically a dentist that allows you to keep your future house down payment

  42. Jaye says:

    Hi All,

    Like many of you, I have been experienced severe toothache pain from an upper molar I cracked while pregnant almost two years ago. Recently, the surgeon wanted to pull it out and I requested if I could wait a little longer to get a root canal. She said that was fine but not too much longer. Currently, I’m taking antibiotics in case there is an infection as well as Ibuprofen a few times a day because the pain will not go away.

    Unfortunately, I can’t afford to get the dental work done because I have been laid off. I did, however, in my extensive research found this dental plan at 1dental which states it would only cost me $294 to get a root canal. I know I can’t afford a dental implant so getting it removed right now is totally out of the question because I don’t want to walk around with missing teeth. What made matters worst was the surgeon telling me if I lose a top tooth then inevitably the bottom tooth is lost too. UGH!!!

  43. Evangeline Fox says:

    There’s a lot of great personal experience that’s been shared here, but without names of dentist and locations, the information is meaningless. If you’ve had a positive experience with a dentist–whether in El Paso or Cairo–please share the details and contact information!

  44. derek says:

    Two year ago I went to Universal Dental Implant In Fort Lee New Jersey and I paid $3.500
    for two implants which included bone graft. I’m planing to go back soon. I call them and they
    told me that the price want up to $1,500 for one implant and $1,100 for bone graft.

  45. Laura S says:

    Same story here. I’m 33 and have had roughly 50k worth of work done over the past 15 years. Had all my teeth crowned at age 20. Numerous root canals, etc etc. Had my first check up in 2 years this morning. Need 2 teeth pulled, implants put in. 1 is highly infected, the crown fell off the other one a year ago. Also need 6 crowns replaced. My insurance sucks and I just can’t and won’t endure anymore work or pain. I want to have them all pulled and do the All on 4 procedure. $40-60k is absolutely not an option. I wouldn’t pay that kind of money even if I had it (which I don’t). I do not like the idea of leaving the country or being a guinea pig for some dentist student. I’m in Denver. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Or definitely more info on the alternatives everyone talks about here. I’m certainty not going to just head over to Mexico or Egypt and have all my teeth yanked out. Sorry for the frustrated tone. I’m just livid that the crowns were supposed to eliminate any further issues with my genetically bad teeth and that obviously didn’t happen. Too much trauma I’ve been through now. I can barely even sit through a cleaning.

  46. Tess says:

    Thank you for the educational information on this site! I understand dental implants much more now, than I did before visiting this site. It’s also helpful to read the comments that have been left. These comments prompt a great deal of thinking and research for anyone considering dental implants and where to have these procedures done. It’s great to have some dental implant specialists leaving comments here as well. I’m interested to know if any of these dentists have suggestions on how to research/what questions to ask a dental implant specialist in order to find a reputable dentist/clinic, especially in a foreign country. Thanks again for the info!

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