Reply To: Bridge vs. Implant – Cheapest for Two Front Teeth


I had two front implants done. Bad idea!!! I asked about a bridge but of course they said 2 implants are better. I have an existing bridge on the other side in the front that looks great and is 20 years old. My 2 new implants look Horrible!!!! I went to a very good oral surgeon in my area.

Now over a year later my gums are way up high and I have to have my two crowns redone because the margin of the tooth is exposed not to mention how high the gum lines are! And guess what? You can’t have tissue put back because without a living tooth the tissue can’t survive. Just what I wanted to hear. So I went to another oral surgeon for his opinion and he said he never would have done two together because that little flap of skin between the two teeth will never be back. What was he thinking????

I called a friend of mine who’s brother is an oral surgeon in the same area. As luck would have it he fills in for the oral surgeon who did my implants. Right away he tells me that he can’t litigate it or something like that. I hadn’t even thought of a lawsuit because I’m not like that. But now I’m not so sure. Maybe my case should have gone to court or settled. Now I have to pay for new crowns again and I’m probably pass the time that would allow for a lawsuit. But I’m going to ask a lawyer and find out. Just not right!!!!

In my opinion, get a few opinions. I love my bridge and have had zero problems with it. Just say no to two implants in the front of your mouth. You will pay more and be less satisfied.