Reply To: Are my implants installed correctly?


I had an implant installed about a year ago by a periodontist who has since retired. The tooth crown was attached to the implant about 3 months after implant surgery. I followed all of the post implant surgery instructions. At the time the crown was attached, I noticed it did not feel “secure” and let the dentist installing the crown know this. He pushed on it sideways, but didn’t notice any movement and said it probably needs some more time to “set”. The tooth continued to feel like it was getting looser and looser until I went back to the dentist recently at which point he removed the crown and push on the implant and noticed movement in the implant. I was sent to a new periodontist who removed the implant and said there was “gum tissue in-between the implant and the jaw bone”. The way I understood this was, the implant was not screwed in deep enough and was sticking out too far from the jaw bone. In essence, the implant was not supported well enough and gradually worked its way loose. Has anybody else had this experience and do I have any recourse for recovering expenses on original or implant repair?
Thanks in advance for your advice.