Reply To: Egyptian dental implantology clinic


Dr Samy.

Here is my situation, âge 83 (my father died at100 years. five months and five days).
My health is good for my life situation yet a dozen or so years ago my dry mouth was diagnosed as Sjogren”s Syndrome which has required a lot of personal ajustements, self-informed learning and extended dental care, etc.
All four of my wisdom teeth were extracted in 1956 due to an overcrowding alignment situation.
At this point my remaining upper teeth (#s 4 through 14 – United States dental numbering protocole) are in a good dental state.
However, the three existing lower bridges, partially established in 1978 (three teeth, eight teeth, three teeth) are compromized beyond further repair.
Envisioned is a full lower implant fixed to two pairs of posts placed at the canines which implies the combined posts suporting a total of ten to fourteen artificial teeth of which two teeth overlap the paired posts on each side.
Evidently this would require an adéquate healing period following six prior remaining tooth extractions and a significant overall time passing for the numerus steps involved to be confidently sure of the ultimate results.
Such a venture requires my being thoroughly cognissant of passeport visa costs and requirements, airline flight path expenses and modest living accommodation pricing during my extended stay in addition to all agreed upon contractual stipulations.
In full retirement, my personal resources and requirements are modest. My attitude is of necessity both conservative and forward-looking -towards continued healthful living.
I’ve had the benefit of a skilled, well-informed and attentive periodontist who has seen to my situation and needs for at least ten years. It is on his suggestion, encouragement and advice that I seek out this information from you.
I await a description of your compétences, materials and techniques, your questions, availability, insights and suggestions.
Very truly yours.