What People Are Paying for Dental Implants

The table below lists how much people have reported paying or being quoted for dental implants, bridges, crowns and/or other related procedures. All of the entries were submitted to us by people like yourself who visited this website. If you’ve had dental implants done, please consider sharing the details with us – the information will be published anonymously like the entries in the table.

The goal of publishing these individuals’ experiences is to give you a better idea of when you’re getting a good deal and when you’re not. We will continue to add to this list as we receive submissions.

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Note: Unfortunately, the information we receive from visitors is sometimes incomplete which is why some of the table’s cells are blank.

5-Jun-13Ontario, Canada1 implant (implant, crown, abutment)$3,000
24-Jun-13Denver, Colorado4 implants$41,500
30-Jun-13California, USentire mouth$45,000
8-Jul-13Colorado, US2 implants (acrylic implants, plastic)$32,000
30-Jul-13Florida, UScrowning lower teeth (porcelain)$410 each
6-Nov-13New York, USendosteal$2,500 each
25-Dec-13Maryland, USOral Surgeon and Prosthodontistsurgical removal of 4 lower front teeth, removal of cyst, bone graft of mandible using rhBMP, two implants with 4 crowns$34,000
14-Oct-13British Columbia, Canada10 implants$50,000
7-Oct-13Florida, US4 endosteal implants$3,000
7-Oct-13Florida, US7 extractions bottom$1,050
7-Oct-13Florida, US6 lower endosteal implants$9,000
7-Oct-13Florida, US7 lower extractions$150 each
7-Oct-13Florida, US4 upper endosteal implants + denture$4,500
28-Jan-14Ohio, USRight Choice Dental Implant Center4 dental implants$2,500
20-Apr-14Ontario, Canada6 lower molar implantsCA$5,000
1-May-14Texas, US2 implants lower arch$6,500
9-May-14Ontario, Canada1 implant and crownCA$1,500
9-May-14Ontario, Canada3 implantsCA$17,000
21-May-14New York, US34 teeth$4,000
3-Jun-14Florida, US#3 crown porcelain, #3 crown buildup, #6 crown porcelain/ceramic, #7 extraction surgical tooth, #7 pontic porcelain/ceramic, #8 crown porcelain/ceramic, #9 extraction surgical tooth, #10 crown porcelain/ceramic, #31 crown builup with pins$7,500
12-Jun-14Oregon, US2 molars right side - implant bridge$10,200
24-Jun-14Arizona, USimplant with crown$900
24-Jun-14Egyptimplants with crowns$850
30-Jun-14Florida, US#10 tooth$1,800
30-Jun-14Florida, UScrown$1,300
2-Jul-14Georgia, USendontistconsultation$275
2-Jul-14Georgia, USperiodontistCT scan$400
2-Jul-14Georgia, USperiodontistconsultation$175
2-Jul-14Georgia, USbone graph$1,600
2-Jul-14Georgia, USimplant$2,400
2-Jul-14Georgia, USgeneral dentistpost$400
2-Jul-14Georgia, USimplants with crowns$1,350
25-Jul-14New Jersey, US4-5 implants$20,000
6-Aug-14Illinois, US1 implant$2,450
7-Aug-14Beyrouth, Lebanonn1 implant$700
8-Aug-14Texas, US5 implants$15,000
18-Aug-14Glendale, CaliforniaGeneral Dentist2 implants in my upper jaw (far back)$8000+
19-Aug-14Uttar Pradesh, IndiaKarnavati School of Dentistry2 implantsRs. 6500
20-Aug-14San Luis Potosi, Mexico1 implant crown ceramic$1,500
24-Aug-14Istanbul, Turkey1 implant$1,500
29-Aug-14Indiana, US2 implants$5,400
29-Aug-14Indiana, USCT scan$350
29-Aug-14California, USimplants$10,000
29-Aug-14California, USbridge$8,000
4-Sep-14District of Columbia, USone molar$7,000
7-Sep-14New South Wales, Australia13 implants, 5 extractions, 8 root canals, bone grafts, wire welded teeth, 24 crownsAUS $17000
7-Sep-14California, US3M Denturebetween $2800 and $5000
19-Sep-14Victoria, Australia4 teeth replacement$825
1-Oct-14Pennsylvaniabasic augmentationbetween $250 - $1100
4-Oct-14New York, US2 implants$5,000
4-Oct-14New Jersey, USfull 4-6 implant-supported denture$16,000
8-Oct-14Louisiana, USroot canal and crown$900
8-Oct-14Nevada, UStooth molar top jaw removal - filled with cadaver implant bone$3,200
8-Oct-14Nevada, USbone grafts$449
23-Oct-14Reseda, California3 teeth on lower right side - implant bridge$2,000
24-Oct-14Medicine Hat, AlbertaBottom denture$2,000
29-Oct-14Delhi, India2 dental implants and crown$1,350
31-Oct-14EG Dental Tijuana Mexico & Teich: Newport Beach (closed). My front right & Two right molars #3&4.$3,000
1-Nov-14Brisbane, Australiatwo front teeth upper jaw$10,000
4-Nov-14Istanbul, Turkeyimplants + metal ceramic crown$500
6-Nov-14Virginia, US3 implants (post, abutment and crown)$15,000
6-Nov-14Virginia, USroot canal plus crown$750
8-Nov-14New Mexico, USA2 mini implants and dentures$6,000
8-Nov-14California, US2 dental implants and bridge$8,250
31-Dec-14Knoxville, TnTop left$5,000
20-May-13Fort Lee, NJUniversal Dental Implant2 implants + bone graft$3,500
2-Jan-15Hamden, CTimplant/abutment+crown/bone graft$2,000/$2,800/$1,000
3-Jan-15Port Charlotte and Englewood FlDr. Alan Devos D.M.DTop teeth$10,000
2050 Euro
500 Euro
New York, US
Texas, US
Dr. Thad Taylor
4 root canals
top 6 teeth extracted
400 Euro
Barcelona, Spain
CT scan
93 Euro
Texas, US
partial plate
Porto, Portugal
dental implant surgery
850 Euro
Utah, US
dentures, implants, surgery, xrays
Colorado, US
Dr. Rodgers
implant, crown, abutment
Guayas, Ecuador
per dental implant
Nevada, US
upper back tooth cap/crown replacement
New York, US
bone grafting
New York, US
Connecticut, US
top and lower full implant dentures
permanent crown
bone grafting
extraction, implant surgery, implant placement, implant device nobel active
CBCT scan
Nuevo Progresso, Mexico
one implant with bone graft
Texas, US
one implant with bone graft
Texas, US
3-point porcelain bridge
Texas, US
bone graph surgery, pins and caps
Mt Laurel, NJ
abutment and crown
Florida, US
bone grafting
Florida, US
4 implants
Facial and Maxilifacial Clinic of Virginia Commonwealth Univ School of Dentistry
4 molar implants
Juarez, Mexico
sinus uplift
Juarez, Mexico
abutment and porcelain crowns
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
implant and bone graft
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19 thoughts on “What People Are Paying for Dental Implants

  1. I have had messed up incisors for 9 years! I only have about just a 1000 dollars and that is practically all my life savings during my 19 years of stay in Africa. That 1000 dollars is like 33 million cedis (Ghana). I want to know how i can get it fixed in the states to satisfaction. I’m really bothered about that. Please help me out with any information because these numbers that I’m seeing are scaring me! I want to fix these bad teeth really fast so i can get a good inspiration before i enter Calvin College to study my Pre-Dentistry major in August. Thank You!

    • Hi Akwasi, I’m sorry to hear about your incisors! For that price, you should look into partial dentures or bridges instead of implants. I’d personally lean towards partial dentures in order to save some money and avoid having the teeth beside your incisors shaved down to support the bridges. You can upgrade to implants later when you have the money. Oh, and I suggest trying to get the work done at a dental school (I’m not sure if Calvin College has one).

      Good luck with your studies!

  2. 6 implantes más 6 coronas = 6 implantes completos = 3.000€ ( yo )
    7 implantes más 7 coronas = 7 implantes completos = 3.500€ ( mi esposa).
    En España.

  3. currently have a full set of dentures. I can’t wear or eat with my bottoms in . I hate the feeling of it and it’s very uncomfortable. Would having a couple implants help secure them and actually be able to eat with them. I’m starting to get information on a full set of implants on bottom because how much trouble I have

  4. Hi. I recently went to another dentist to get a different option of what I really need and I don’t want to get taken to the cleaners, believe me they are out there. All I know is my lower bridge got lost I haven’t used it for a year until I found it. Now I never knew that our teeth will grow down because there is no teeth to support the upper ones so now my bite is misaligned. Someone please give me some good advice because I’m gonna get them done soon.

  5. I paid $150.00 for removal of 2 failed implants by an oral surgeon in Gainesville, FL who did not do the implants. I paid $20000 for 3 implants and 2 bone grafts in Millburn, NJ. These all failed. I kept them clean.

  6. Had both arches full restoration done in Bulgaria between Feb ’14-Feb ’15 .
    Extractions , 15 implants , provisional bridges for 12 months and finally PFM .
    Total cost around $16K + travel and stay expenses.

  7. My son is 22 years old I have taken him to at least 10 different dentists. He has a hard time eating. His teeth are very soft and they keep breaking. They say that they cant be repaired. Hes too young for dentures. His best route is all on 4 procedure except it costs 47,000 dollars. Anyone know of a better place to get them cheaper. We were told that when he was in utero that his teeth never hardened.

    • Hi Cindy. I had really good luck fixing my mouth by a dental clinic in Costa Rica. Half of my baby teeth never changed and eventually I ended up with nothing to chew with. Two clinics in Columbus, OH gave me an estimate of uphill of 80K, which was not doable. A complete restoration by Dr. Cavallini in San Jose, Costa Rica took care of my problems. 9 implants, 28 crowns and lots of other work was around $12K minus $3K that was picked up by insurance. It took two trips, but knock on wood 4 years later I am a very satisfied customer. You can do a search for Dr Cavallini, San Jose, Costa Rica which will point you to his clinic. I’ve heard there are other good dentists in San Jose, but I don’t have any first-hand experience with them. You may also want to read a book by Ramiel Nagel “Cure Tooth Decay with Nutrition” – a change in diet may do wonders for your son. Good luck!

    • So you have not gone to them you are spreading a rumor that may or may not be true. What gives you the right to post that information without going to them and getting work done. Who are the people, the ones in your trailer park, stay out of peoples business.

      • Who are you to talk to her like that? Even if she “heard” one negative thing about a dental place I want to know. Stay out of peoples business? She did not get into any ones business. Don’t be rude to someone trying to help. The trailer park reference was very crass and very wrong

  8. My husband had extensive work done by Western Dental way back in 1994. They provided the only viable option for a bad situation. No other dentist would take us on as a credit risk and his mouth was a mess, he lived with pain and infection daily. I can’t speak for other sites but where he went was wonderful. To this day, not set of dentures have been as comfortable as that first set, he has even regretted have them replaced.

  9. I had 6 implants top and 6 bottom. Extractions, bone graft, set of temp. dentures, 6 months healing then back for permanent bridges, 14 up 14 Down no problems what so ever. Total cost $15000 us. This was done in Algodones Mexico.

  10. I used a local dentist, Dr. Mir from Implant Centers, to get a couple of implants. They were only $1450 each. Some of these prices are crazy to me. Thanks for putting this information together for everyone. It’s unbelievable how much these prices can vary. Keep up the great work!

  11. Looking for a good family and patient friendly Dental implant specialist in Northern Virginia. I am looking into All-On-4 or All-On-6 implants. My current dental situation is not good. Can you recommend a few dentist? Last procedure I had 5 years ago was horrible and cost me $25,000 for bridges, attractions, and just caps over permanent teeth.



  12. Got my 3 implants at Trust Dental in Tijuana. 2 out of three implants fell out after a few weeks. Cost for a sinus lift ( to fix the damage) and 2 proper implants approx. $4500 in South California. Word of mouth so to speak is probably the best endorsement, but not the dental office employee type.

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