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The following is Josh’s (a reader of Dental Implant Cost Guide) experience with dental tourism in Budapest, Hungary.  Josh had his implants done in several stages in a few different countries (Ireland, US and Hungary) and was kind enough to share his advice.

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Now over to Josh:

I was born in US but My Mother was Irish so I also have Irish Citizenship along with US. I did live in Ireland for a period ending last year. Being Irish did not change having implants done as they do not have any National Dental plans, same as US. However, during my time living there I had to have some emergency dental work done when a crown came off and the Dentist gave me some advice.

He did not do implants but recommended I consider going to Budapest to have implants done as my teeth were falling apart. Some Irish dentists have been sending their patients to Budapest for years for implants. Of course they do crowns and root canals in Budapest too, but they also will do them in Ireland. At least cheaper than US.

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Getting a Diagnosis and Quotes in Spain and Romania

So I took a circular trip that included 3 Dental clinics in Barcelona Spain, and 3 clinics in Budapest. I had a CT scan done at a Hospital in Barcelona for 93 Euro as per a script from the first clinic there with the understanding I got to keep the films and reports. I carried those to every clinic I went to and was examined by a implant specialist at every one for free and then given a quote.

All clinics told me about the same story concerning my jaws. I had enough bone on my upper for 4 implants and plenty of bone on the bottom for as many as required.  It was suggested in Barcelona I consider implant supported dentures, at least on the top. Every clinic told me a similar story and gave me a quote based on that premise. Of course I paid attention to the surroundings along with ease of flying to that city and availability of lodging. I did the same in Budapest after a short flight from Barcelona.

Cost of Flights and Accommodation

The cost of flights from Dublin to Barcelona, then to Budapest, and back to Dublin was about $200.  Ryan Air and Wizz Air.  Lodging was about $30 a night.

Top Teeth Extracted in Ireland

When I returned to my house in Ireland I did a few e-mails back and forth with 2 different Clinics in Budapest, and decided on one of them.  He told me to get my teeth extracted and 3 – 4 months after that he would start the process.  I went to the Local Dentist in Ireland, and he extracted the top 6 for 400 Euro and made me a cheap denture.

Implants Placed in Budapest

Then 3 1/2 months later I went to Budapest and he did surgery to implant 4 Alpha Bio in the top jaw.  It took 50 minutes and most of the time was the 23 stitches. I had minimal swelling and he did insist I take antibiotic for 5 days which he supplied.  After 6 days he took out the stitches and relined the denture and away I went for 4 1/2 months.

Bottom Teeth Extracted in Florida

In the mean time I came back to my home in Florida and had all the bottom 7 removed and a denture made for that. Cost was slightly higher than Ireland.  Then when I returned after the 4 1/2 months for the top bar and denture to be made. He also did the bottom implants the day before. So at that time I was on a liquid diet or mashed potatoes for about a week. But at the end of 2 weeks I had my solid top plate and a relined denture in the bottom with 4 more implants under it. I never had a lot of pain or swelling, but I will admit my dentist is a bit rough when he is doing his work. My lips and adjacent areas got a bit beat up. It was numb, but later when it wore off, it was sore. That is the only thing about him. I think a woman would be better since she probably would have smaller hands. However, his experience shows and everything fits. It is hard to argue with success. There really was no lingering pain and hardly any swelling. I returned 5 months later for completion of the bottom. Cost was 500 Euro per implant. (2000 Euro per jaw) then the top & bottom healing screws, bar, and dentures were about 2050 Euro each. BTW: He was not the cheapest. His dental suite is modern as any in US and quite new. Located in an older building but the inside is all re-done. He has a driver that will pick up a new patient at the airport. Just looking at his website again, I see he has gone up a bit on prices, but still very inexpensive.  His price list I think is about $900 – $1000 for a single implant complete with abutment and crown.

Now I can chew almonds with ease and one of the first things I wanted was a steak dinner which I did have twice since then.

Additional Costs

I rented a apartment for 18 euro a night in Budapest, but usually they get 21 euro a night short term. I booked it for 2 weeks at a time and got a better price. Flights from New York to Budapest are about $750 in the fall and may be cheaper in the Spring.

Cost of Treatment – Hungary vs. US

I had both top and bottom implants done in Budapest for 500 Euro per implant (4 each jaw) then about 2050 Euro per denture fitted to a bar supported by each set of 4 implants. The dentures fit so tight I have a tough time removing them to clean, but I do that every evening and am getting used to it.

They clip on to the bar so tight it takes both hands to remove them. But they are solid during eating. I can chew practically anything now. In other words I went from no teeth (Dentures) to top and bottom Dentures supported by implants for about 8100 Euros plus airfare (3 trips) and lodging over a 18 month period. I was quoted $45,000 in the US for similar. Total cost in Budapest was about $14000 US.

Clinic in Budapest

The dental clinic is Amfidental, 3 Nagyszombat st, Budapest. (Buda side of the Danube River)

Website is:

If someone wants to check out other dental clinics in Budapest, I know of 2 more that I will say are probably very good also. I did get quotes from them but one is in a new building and were quite a bit higher as their overhead and investment is probably higher. The other was cheaper and a woman dentist, but they did not want to let me decide the dates for treatment. Their treatment schedule was not to my liking so I went to Amfidental. The expensive one was   It was a really nice place. It was luxury treatment.  I don’t seem to find the other one at the moment. Pity, my rental apartment was 2 blocks from this one. To Amfidental was 35 minutes on a tram, but still simple and cheap.

Thanks for your time Josh and for sharing all of these details about your experience!

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