Dental Implants Cincinnati, OH – Dentists & Cost

Thinking of getting dental implants in Cincinnati, OH? The following guide lists the top 10 dental clinics as well as what you can expect to pay for a dental implant in Cincinnati. Click on the profile of a dentist near you to read more about them.

Updated: January 7, 2018

Prices Paid for Implants in Ohio

Here are some examples of how much people have paid for dental implants in Ohio

Cleveland$2,500 Implant
Cleveland$4,000 Tooth Implant
Cleveland$8,000 Dental Implant 
Dayton$10,000 2 Implants
North Ridgeville$2,700 Implant
North Ridgeville$5,000 Dental Implant 
North Ridgeville$7,000 Tooth implants

Montgomery Family Dentistry

Montgomery Family Dentistry(513) 891-5860
9200 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Website: ttp://

If you are looking for a family dentist or cosmetic dentist in Montgomery, OH or Cincinnati, OH, choose our dental office “Because it’s Not Just About Your Teeth.” While we care for our patients for routine dental care and serious dental issues, our goal is to build a long term relationship with you, so we can help you enjoy better health for life.

Robert F Faulkner, DDS

(513) 489-8070
6355 E Kemper Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241


What is prosthodontist? A prosthodontist is a dentist recognized by the American Dental Association as a specialist in restoring and replacing teeth.  With additional education and training through an ADA approved residency program, prosthodontists have the capability to provide excellent comprehensive treatment with crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants and other esthetic and restorative procedures.

Twin Dental

(513) 399-6254
11430 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45231


Twin brothers, Dr. David and Michael Rothan have pursued the same expanded education. This allows us as a team to give you the best dental care. The Rothan`s utilize their extensive education and experience to treat even the most challenging dental situations. They have been delivering cosmetic, implant, and functional solutions to patients since 1986. Their commitment to doing it right and ability to handle just about anything has won them the admiration of patients and other doctors. A big bonus is Dr. David and Michael Rothan use their expertise to prevent big problems from happening.

Meister Dental Group

Meister Dental Group(513) 829-1100
5520 Harrison Ave Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45248


Since 2008, Meister Dental Group has proudly provided dental health services to the residents of Harrison, Fairfield and the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio areas. With three offices to serve you, they deliver full-service dental care in a relaxed, professional environment. In addition to routine family dental care, Meister Dental Group also offers root canal therapy, dental implants, bridges, dentures and Zoom. whitening services, among many other options.

Mark Logeman, DDS

Mark Logeman, DDS(513) 321-0886
2761 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208


At Mark A. Logeman Family Dentistry, we do everything possible to provide the highest quality dentistry and technology.  We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, crowns, veneers, implant restorations, teeth whitening, and Invisalign.

Warren R. Gase

Warren R. Gase(513) 612-9958
9294 Winton Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45231


From general to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Gase can help you achieve optimal dental health. Our entire team is dedicated to making your experience with us positive & enjoyable. Using the latest advancements in dentistry, our role is to inform, diagnose and treat your dental needs to the highest standards. Ask us about our “Whitening for Life” program. Call us at 513-931-3001 to schedule your new patient appointment.

Afinia Dental – Mason

Afinia Dental - Mason(513) 612-9958
9415 Fields Ertel Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249


Dr. Killgore founded Afinia Dental to provide world-class dentistry at an affordable price. His successful track record includes multiple state-of-the-art dental practices with enviable patient satisfaction. By utilizing only the best technology and dental professionals, Afinia Dental has become the leading general and cosmetic dental practice in Cincinnati.

Edward E Loftspring

Edward E Loftspring(513) 721-5924
19 Garfield Place Downtown
Cincinnati, OH 45202


For the past 30 years, the team at Edward E. Loftspring D.D.S has provided Ohio residents with reliable dental care. Their compassionate dental professionals and comfortable environment set them apart from other dental practices in the area. This family dentist has helped countless people achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. From teeth cleaning to dental implants, the professional team at Edward E. Loftspring D.D.S. offers patients the best possible dental treatments.

Seven Star Dental

Seven Star Dental(513) 241-7827
7 W 7th St #1
Cincinnati, OH 45202


At Seven Star Dental, we provide first-class dentistry within a fully-equipped modern office utilizing the highest standards of technology in the world. We specialize in comprehensive and cosmetic general dentistry for patients of all ages. From simple cleanings to comprehensive orthodontics, we are able to address all of your dental care within the comfort our tranquil, spa-like environment.

Advance Dentistry

Advance Dentistry(513) 272-9009
5823 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45227


Our doctors service patients and families from across the tri-state, including Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana. Dr. Scott Sayre, Dr. Rebecca Donaldson, Dr. Patricia Hannahan, Dr. Drew Meyers, Dr. Sara White. It is our mission to provide the highest level of care possible, backed by a gentle touch and the understanding that can only come from years of experience working with fearful patients.

Prices Paid for Implants in Ohio

Dental ImplantThe dental clinics in Ohio serve the following areas. Click on a county or region below for a list of the best dentists in that area.

Clinics in Nearby Areas

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  1. will be obtaining an implant, abutment and crown procedure in Dayton at a cost of $7,000.00
    I do not have insurance, will pay cash, and willing to travel to Cincinnati.
    Is there a dental group in Cincinnati area with a cost of $4 to $5 thousand ?

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