Dental Implant Tourism in Colombia – Top 20 Questions Answered

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What are the top 3 cities in Colombia for dental tourism and why?

Bogota is the Capital City, hence it has a bigger offer when it comes to dental clinics, hotels, restaurants, etc. Cali and Medellin are the 2nd and 3rd largest cities in the country, however they are very well known for the quality of their medical and dental services. Cali for instance, is home of the 3rd best hospital in Latin America. Many tourists and patients also prefer these smaller cities as they offer a warmer weather, and a more relaxing and local experience.

What dental treatments are available in Colombia?

You can find in Colombia the same treatments and level of care that you would find in the US. The only difference is that due to overhead costs here, treatments are less expensive. Most common treatments include Dental Implants, All on 4, Implant based Full mouth restorations, Crowns, Root Canal treatment and veneers.


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From what countries do people most often come to Colombia for dental tourism and why?

Most of the patients come from the US and Canada. The main reasons are the quality of care and the low cost. In fact, according to the Medical Tourism Index (MTI), Colombia is the top medical tourism destination among Latin-American countries.

What are the benefits of traveling to Colombia for dental care?

Low Cost. Up to 70% savings: Cost of living in Cali are very low compared with the US and Europe. This means very low overhead costs, which results on up to 70% Savings in dental treatments.

Highly qualified professionals: Colombia have some of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. Besides this, many dentist here complete their studies in the best universities in the USA and other countries.

Overall Quality of Care: The World Health Organization (WHO) has ranked Colombia highly – 22nd out of 191 countries – in their overall international ranking of healthcare systems. This ranking includes factors such as health level of population, speed of health services, choice of doctors and quality of amenities. For comparison, the US ranked 37th in the same assessment.

Surroundings and location: Just a 3 1/2 Hr flight from the US, Colombia is a beautiful place to visit, and the warmth of its people and weather make it an ideal place to recover.

How common is English in Colombia? How well do Colombia dentists speak English?

Probably around 10% of Colombians speak English. However people here are very open to other cultures and loves people from other countries so even if they do not know English, they usually find the way to help. Additionally, the hospitality business is of course bilingual, so you can expect people at the hotels for instance to speak English. When it comes to dentists, I would say it depends. Same as with the overall population, I would say 10% of the dentists here speak english. Of those, some are completely fluent, while others know only basic English.

I obviously recommend people seeking care to go with an English speaking dentist. As with any health related offer, communication is key. At our clinic for instance, not only the Dr speaks English, but every international patient is provided with a fully bilingual international patient coordinator to ensure the patient is taken care of every step of the way.

How much on average do the following dental services cost in Colombia?

-Dental implant (single) 500 USD (does not include restoration)
-Crown 360 USD (100% Porcelain)
-Bone Graft 300 USD per CC (including PRF treatment)
-Veneers 350 USD for procelain, 160 for composite
-Dental Bridge 360 USD per unit

Why is dental treatment cheaper in Colombia than the US?

Overhead costs such as rental costs and wages are significantly lower in Colombia. Other relevant costs such as education and insurance are also lower. All of this translates into lower cost to the patients.

How much per night is a cheap place to stay? How much is an average hotel/accommodation?

There is a wide offer of accomodations to choose from. You can find accomodations from 15 usd (private room at a nice hostel) to 100 USD at a 5 star hotel. A small or boutique hotel is ussually around 40 USD.

How much does it cost to fly from Colombia to Florida?

It is usually around 360 USD. It obviously depends on the season and the time of the purchase. The sooner the purchase the better the rate.

How much do taxis cost in Colombia?

The minimum fare is around 2 USD

How much does an average meal cost at an inexpensive restaurant?

You can have a good meal at a family restaurant for as low as 4 USD

How much does a meal at a mid-range restaurant cost?

Around 10 USD

What are the most popular best tourist attractions in Colombia?

There are plenty of things to see and do in Colombia. It will depend on what do you like. If you are in Bogota, I would recomend Villa de leiva, monserate and the gold museum. When in Cali I would recommend to visit San Antonio, a trip to the coffee region or enjoy a Salsa show. If you have more time it could be worth to go to Cartagena, a beautiful and magical city at the beach.

What education, requirements & accreditation are required to become a dentist and perform dental implants in Colombia?

All dentists need to be licenced in Colombia. Although a specialization degree is not required to perform dental implants, it is always more recommended to seek a dentist with a specialization in periodontics, maxilofacial surgery or implant dentistry.

How many visits to Colombia are required to get a dental implant?

Dental implants are usually a 2 stage procedure. However in most cases we are able to place a temporary crown from stage 1 so you will recover your teeth from the first visit.

What is the best time of year to visit and why?

We do not have seasons so all year round we have the same weather. I would probably just advice not to come around december and january since the holidays make airfare and hotels more expensive

What payment methods are accepted by dentists in Colombia?

It depends on the dentist. We accept US Dollars, debit card, credit card, wire transfers and PayPal.

Is Colombia safe to visit? What areas/cities are safest?

Colombia is safe to visit. In the main cities the biggest threat is probably the same as in any big city: pickpockets and thieves. You just need to use common sense and be careful with your belongings. There’s off course some areas that are safer than others, but good dental clinics are usually located at the best neighborhoods so you can be at ease.

For more, see the US Travel Advisory on Colombia.

What if the patient has a problem with their treatment? Do Colombia dentists offer guarantees?

I cannot speak for all dentist but we offers guarantee for all of our treatments IN COLOMBIA.

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