DENTAGLOBAL Dental Clinic in Izmir, Turkey – Interview

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Adalet Mah. 2131/10 Sokak No:3A Bayrakli
Izmir TURKEY (Right across Folkart Towers)

10am-10pm Week Days
10am-4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Please introduce yourself.

At DENTAGLOBAL Dental Clinic, we focus on providing clients from all over the world with the best experience possible during each and every visit. We offer both routine and cosmetic dental procedures in the heart of Izmir, right across from the popular landmark of Folkart Towers.

Please list your accreditations, certifications & associations

ISO 9001
Turkish Ministry of Health
Turkish Association of Dentists

How long have you been in business?

Since 2003

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What services do you offer?

sinus lifting
peridental surgery
gum treatment
dental implants
dental veneers
teeth whitening
dental fillings
periodontal scaling
dental bridges
porcelain crowns
zirconium crowns
root canal treatments
dental botox
sedation & general anesthesia


How many dental implant procedures have you done?

Annual approx implant amount we apply is around 1000 so more than 10.000 implants we have applied. Our success rate is 99%

Why should someone choose you over the competition?

When you choose DENTAGLOBAL Dental Clinic in Izmir, you save on average 70% of your treatment cost and receive a high quality dental service along with an unforgettable vacation opportunity.

Where do most of your patients hear about your clinic?

Internet, word of month, international facilitators, medical tourism agencies and web portals

What type/brand of implants does your clinic use?

Our Implant Brand rage is divided into 2 as economic and premium.

Economic selection brands are Alpha Bio and Bio 3

Premium selection brands are Nobel BioCare and Straumann

Please give me a summary of the steps in the process of getting an implant at your clinic.

Step 1 – Contact via e-mail , provide your dental documents (with opg if possible)
Step 2 – You will recieve a detailed treatment planing and quote including the required duration of stay, steps involved even accommodation options recommended
Step 3 – Make your travel plans , arrange you flight and book with us.
Step 4 – We will welcome you at airport , go thorug a detailed consultation with our experts and start your treatments

Can you please provide a quick description of the surgical procedure at your clinic?

Our The steps of the dental implant procedure.

Step 1 – Anesthesia.
Step 2 – Accessing the jawbone.
Treatment variation – A less invasive way to access the jawbone.
Step 3 – Identifying the position for the implant.
Step 4 – Creating the pilot hole for the implant.
Step 5 – Evaluating the initial orientation of the pilot hole.
Step 6 – Completing the pilot hole.
Step 7 – The final check of the implant’s pilot hole.

How much do your procedures cost?

Our Dental Surgery Procedures and Prices
Tooth Extraction € 45,00
Complicated Tooth Extraction € 85,00
Sedation (0-3 Hours) € 240,00
Sedation (Per Hour – After 3 Hours) € 70,00
Dental Implant (Alpha Bio – Made in Israel) € 450,00
Dental Abutment (Alpha Bio – Made in Israel) € 100,00
Dental Implant (Bio3 – Made in Germany) € 525,00
Dental Abutment (Bio3 – Made in Germany) € 100,00
Dental Implant (Nobel Biocare – Made in Switzerland) € 590,00
Dental Abutment (Nobel Biocare – Made in Switzerland) € 170,00
All on Four (Including 4 Nobel Biocare Implants – Single Jaw) € 2.360,00
External Sinus Lifting € 350,00
Internal Sinus Lifting € 250,00
Bone Augmentation € 200,00
Bone Graft 0,5cc € 100,00
Bone Graft 1cc € 150,00
Bone Graft 2cc € 200,00
Bone Graft 5cc € 350,00
Membrane Application € 150,00
Soft Tissue Operation € 250,00

What payment methods do you accept? Do you offer financing?

We dont currently offer any financing option at the moment but our dedicated team is working on that.

How many appointments are required to get one or two implants?

We can complete the whole procedure in 1 session only.

How long is the healing time like for patients who get dental implants?

Between 2-6 months depending on the sinus and bone structure.

What do you advise your patients to do if they have a problem with their implant?

We have a unique guarantee process works with fix at home and find in Turkey options. If any implant failure happens to be occure we bring the patient back to Turkey as all flight and accommodation costs covered and provide the retreatment as free of charge


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