5 Most Trusted Dental Implant Companies & Manufacturers

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There are more than 150 companies that produce implant components. The most established and well-known implant companies are Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Other well-respected dental implant companies include Dentsply Sirona, Biomet 3i (Zimmer Biomet) and BioHorizons.

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All 5 have been in business for more than 30 years – enough time to produce, collect and study data/evidence on the long-term effectiveness of their implant technologies. In addition, the implants they produce are popular and accessible worldwide, so it’s easy for dentists to obtain replacement parts.

Dental Implant Systems Are Designed for Different Clinical Conditions

Every manufacturer produces different dental implants that are best suited for particular clinical conditions. Certain types can be loaded immediately, while others need time to Osseointegrate (bond) with the bone.

Some implants have a narrower diameter, for where bone and space is limited, while others are shorter and wider and are ideal for inserting near the sinus cavities where bone is typically thinner.

Generally, all dental implants supplied in the United States are of good quality and comply with basic manufacturing requirements, but some will work better than others in specific situations. Any differences in implant success and implant survival rates are usually statistically insignificant.

Implant Success Depends on Surgical Skill

Much of the success of implant treatment depends on the surgical skills of the dental implant dentist, as well as the skills of the dentist or prosthodontist designing the restorative dental implant.

Provided you choose a skilled dental implant surgeon and a skilled dentist, the majority of major brands should provide an excellent outcome. In comparison, choosing an inexperienced implant dentist who uses a top quality brand doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

Choosing the Best Dental Implant System

It is very difficult to determine which system is the best implant available today. As a rule of thumb, look at how long the company has been in business and the research conducted into their systems. It’s important to know that if an implant component happens to fail in 10 years’ time that you will still be able to get a replacement part.

Reputable companies are backed up by extensive research and are guaranteed. In comparison, cheaper implants produced by smaller companies often use lower quality materials and haven’t been so extensively tested.

All the implants supplied in the United States have to meet the same FDA requirements. This means they should all be a reasonable quality, no matter the manufacturer. The only difference is making sure your dentist chooses to right implant for your needs. They should also be able to use all the technology available today to plan and place your dental implant, for example using computer guided surgery will pinpoint the best location to the nearest millimeter.

Global Dental Implant Market Share in 2015

In 2015 the global dental implant market was lead by Straumann. The company was responsible for 22% of the implants supplied worldwide. Nobel Biocare had a 19% share of the market, while Dentsply had a 12% share. Zimmer Biomet had an 11% share, while Henry Schein who manufactures BioHorizon implants had a 5% share. The remaining 31% was shared between the other manufacturers.

Global Dental Implant Market Size

As of the beginning of 2016 the global market is valued at $3.22 billion USD a year. This includes implants, as well as the abutments, tools and instruments used during surgery, and the market is growing at a rate of mid-single digit per year. A closer look at the top dental implant companies will help identify why they are so successful in this highly competitive market.

1) Straumann

Founded in 1954
2015 Revenue: $818 million

Straumann was founded in 1954. In 2015 its revenue was $818 million. This company collaborates with many research institutes and universities and leading clinics. It is instrumental in ongoing research into implants and into the tools and equipment required during surgery, as well as tissue regeneration products that are used during procedures or to help prevent tooth loss.

Its oral tissue regeneration products are used to either support implant procedures or in preserving natural teeth after treatment for advanced periodontal disease. Its implant system components and instruments are manufactured in the United States and in Switzerland, while the dental tissue regeneration products are manufactured in Sweden. Straumann’s restorative products are made in the United States and in Europe.

Straumann is unique in being the only leading company within this industry that offers a complete range of solutions that include surgical, restorative and regenerative products. Their range of products enables clinicians to provide a complete regenerative solution, beginning in the bone surrounding implants to the actual replacement tooth.

Its product range includes surgical implants and abutments that connect the dental implant to the replacement prosthesis. The company also manufactures a range of precision instruments and handling components designed to be used with its implant systems. Straumann components and products are renowned for being of the highest quality, offering long-term reliability and safety.

2) Nobel Biocare (Danaher)

Founded in 1981
2013 Revenue: $735 million

Nobel Biocare was founded in 1981 and in 2013 its revenue was $735 million. The company manufactures implants and individualized prosthetics based on the very latest CADCAM technology.

Nobel Biocare’s headquarters are in Kloten, Switzerland, near Zürich airport. The company was originally a partnership that was formed in 1978 between Swedish company Bofors and Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark the renowned Swedish medical researcher who had discovered Osseo integration, the process where a titanium implant fuses with the surrounding jawbone. Nobel Biocare was set up to industrialize this discovery.

The company focuses on manufacturing implants and products related to their placement such as abutments and restorative implants including crowns and bridges. It also sells software and scanners used for designing prosthetics for patients.

They develop software used for diagnostics and for implant treatment planning, and it produces customized surgical guides that are extremely accurate templates used during implant placement surgery. The company runs education and training programs for dental professionals in several different countries to accommodate the specific legal training requirements for clinicians in their respective countries.

3) Dentsply Sirona (Previously Astra Tech)


Astra Tech was founded in 1991 and in 2010 its revenue was $535 million. In 2011, the company was acquired by Dentsply Sirona for $1.8 billion. It operates as a subsidiary of Dentsply and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Dentsply is an American manufacturer of dental equipment and dental consumables and its products are sold in more than 120 countries. It has factories in 21 countries and is a market leader in consumable dental products. Dentsply designs and manufactures specialty products, and this includes laboratory products relating to dental supplies. It produces anesthetics, prophylaxis used in gum disease prevention and tooth polishers. Dentsply also designs and makes artificial teeth.

4) Zimmer Biomet

Founded in 1927
2015 Revenue (dental): $336 million

Zimmer Dental was originally founded in 1927 and its dental revenue in 2015 was $336 million. They amalgamated with Biomet 3i to become Zimmer Biomet Dental. They have been producing dental implants for more than two decades and also produce regenerative materials that include bone graft substitutes, membranes and collagen wound care, as well as dental instruments and tools.

Zimmer Biomet is responsible for designing and developing, and manufacturing and marketing orthopedic products. These include artificial joints and dental prosthesis. Zimmer Biomet operates in more than 25 countries worldwide and its products are sold in more than 100 countries.

5) BioHorizons

Founded in 1994
2014 Revenue: $130 million

BioHorizons was founded in 1994, as a result of research conducted at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In 2013, Henry Schein, one of the largest providers of healthcare products and services in the world, made a strategic investment in the company. In 2015 the company’s revenue was estimated at approximately $115 million. BioHorizons is renowned for producing high-quality and innovative products based on in-depth scientific research. These include implant solutions as well as regenerative materials for bone grafting.


The manufacturers listed above are amongst the best known and most reliable available today. There are numerous other companies that make components, but very few have conducted significant scientific research into the reliability or longevity of their components.

When choosing your dental implant dentist, it can be worth asking which manufacturer they prefer to use and the extent of the research carried out by that company.

Another thing to bear in mind is that it is far more straightforward to have a component replaced when it has been made by one of the top implant manufacturers. Wherever you are in the world, you have a far better chance of finding a dentist who is familiar with this particular implant and who has the necessary tools and expertise to replace the component.

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