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Medimagen Building, 2nd Floor
Paseo de Los Canaris and Pumapungo
Cuenca, Ecuador 010150

Phone: 1 941-227-0114

Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Please introduce yourself.

The “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” is internationally renowned for its superior Dental Implant services as well as comprehensive Dental Work (i.e. Crowns and Bridges), provided care of Dr. Andres Pacheco as Head Dentist & Implantologist (known on Google as “Dr. No Pain”).

We elected to specialize in Dental Implants because we are able to do them at a fraction of the cost in comparison to Dental Clinics in the US or Canada, while maintaining the same high level of American standards and dental materials that you’d otherwise receive down the street from your home in the US.

Why Ecuador?

How long have you been in business?

The Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic was first founded in 2012, when it originally began as a Dental & Medical Tourism facilitation business, which then blossomed into a primary and highly well known Dental Clinic.

Get a free consultation with Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic.

How many dental implant procedures have you done?

Better than 1,000 and counting. 96+% success rate

Where do most of your patients come from?

US and Canadian Expats who now live in Cuenca or who become Dental Tourists here either because they know someone who came to Ecuador or they learned of Ecuador’s low cost and high quality Dental/Medical Care.

How do they hear about your clinic?

Word of mouth from our other satisfied Dental and Medical clients, plus we appear on a number of other websites and in certain international magazines as well.

What procedures do you typically recommend and perform?

We maintain the utmost of dental and medical ethics and integrity, only recommending to patients what dental work they need by either seeing their x-rays before their dental trip or here in Cuenca if they choose to have their x-rays taken in Ecuador.

Find Health Reception Area

What type of implants does your clinic use?

We use a variety of implant technology from German, Swiss, Israeli and Brazilian manufacturers. All technology is standard as is used in the United States and Canada, and is fully compatible with all Dental treatment plans.

Please give me a summary of the steps in the process of getting an implant at your clinic.

We will ask each patient for copies of any preexisting exam reports and x-rays such as panoramic x-rays and/or tomography, as well as any blood tests if necessary (of course specifically depending on each patient’s current health and medical history status).

Find Health Waiting Room

Can you please provide a quick description of the surgical procedure at your clinic?

We typically meet with a patient 1-2 times when they first arrive to our Clinic, so that we can review and go over the patient’s x-rays, and of course naturally we then set the patient’s surgical appointment for during that SAME TRIP with the patient to do their Dental Implant(s) so it is very convenient for the patient’s schedule. One Dental Implant usually takes 1 hour or less in our surgical room.

Find Health Treatment Room

How much do your procedures cost?

The cost of a Dental Implant is $1000, plus naturally the cost of the Crown itself, which typically the Crown ranges in price from $350 – $600, depending on the type of material you select for it (i.e. Ceramic, Porcelain or Zirconia).

What payment methods do you accept? Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing, but we do accept payment via credit card, US check as well as cash.

How many trips to Ecuador are required and how many days per trip are required to get one or two implants?

Generally, you need to be here in Ecuador for 1 to 2 weeks, and then return to Ecuador in 3-6 months for your prosthesis. If there are perfect conditions for an implant, we may be able to do the prosthesis right away on your very first trip, but this is not the typical. It really depends on your own personal situation as well as your bone structure and your overall health, etc.

How long is the healing time like for patients who get dental implants?

It takes several months for the implant to become completely set in your bone, but in some cases it can take just several weeks.

What do you advise your patients to do if they have a problem with their implant?

Yes, we do offer a 100% guarantee. We will replace the implant for zero additional cost if the patient were to have a faulty dental implant. The chances of this happening are very low and only happen in less than 4% of dental implant patients. We will do everything possible to find a solution to the problem while the patient is in their home country and will ask for x-rays if any problem were to somehow occur.

What other costs would there be for someone travelling to your Clinic from North America?

Apart from the airfare, food and hotel, which are of each person’s own choice, there really are no other costs other than any general tourism that the person may or may not want to do (such as for example, a visit to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador).

Where do your patients stay while they are getting an implant done?

They can do a homestay with an English speaking Expat if they wish, but most of our patients stay at a very economic hotel in downtown Cuenca that is quite nice. We usually make reservations for our patients or suggest a hotel in their specified price range.

It it safe in Ecuador?

Yes, very safe. Cuenca is much safer than most U.S. cities of the same size (Cuenca is a city of around 500,000 people – similar in size to say, Sarasota, Florida).

Does a patient need to be able to speak Spanish?

No, they do not, as we are a fully bilingual Dental Clinic and we provide all of our patients with a FREE cell phone while here in Cuenca to communicate with us day or night, always in perfect English of course.

What is there to do in your city?

There are fabulous museums in Cuenca, European-like Cathedrals, great hiking in the Cajas National Park on the outskirts of Cuenca, North American style restaurants, etc. Cuenca is very scenic and has 4 lovely rivers running through it. Cuenca is also known for it’s inexpensive and highly therapeutic volcanic spas, such as “Novaqua Spa” in the Banos district of Cuenca.

The Galapagos Islands and the rest of Ecuador are also only a couple hours away by car or short plane ride as well, because Ecuador is a small country with most everything close together, including even its illustrious Galapagos Islands.

What is the best time of year to travel to Ecuador?

Anytime of the year is quite good, due to its location near the Equator. Cuenca’s average high temperature is 69 degrees Fahrenheit year round with little to no change of seasons.

What are the best places to eat in your area? Where can a patient get authentic Ecuadorian cuisine?

It seems that every new business opening up in town is a new restaurant or café (mostly American or European style at that). There is no shortage of good restaurants and Ecuadorian food or even American food as there are now over 10,000+ Americans who live here and many Canadians and Europeans living here too now.

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  1. Hello, this is Adam Altholtz, Patient Coordinator & Administrator of the “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” in Cuenca, Ecuador. If you have any questions regarding the above details/information provided for our Dental Clinic, please post your comments in this forum and/or email your comments to

  2. need to know how much cost lower denture implant with 4 atach to gum, my friend need to know the complete price and how long need to stay.

    • Hi Yvonne, thank you for your message. I am assuming by your message that you are interested in dentures on 4 implants. The cost per implant is $1000 plus the dentures. We really would need to see her dental x-rays and speak more with you and your friend in detail about the specific situation. Please email your friend’s x-rays and we will get back to you with a free dental treatment plan fully in detail listing the recommended work to be done and exact pricing details. We usually give 2-3 options, and people can decide which option best works for them.

      Kind regards,
      Operations Manager

  3. Hi Chad, yes we are. It all depends on the patients eligibility and individual case by case basis. Please send us your dental x-rays for a free dental treatment plan and analysis by our master dentist. Are you planning to come to Ecuador any time soon?

    Kind regards,
    Nicholas Barringer
    Operations Manager

  4. I’m another Houstonian hoping to move to Ecuador soon and my mother (who lives with me) has no teeth at all. She went almost ten years without any, so she’s a difficult case. Last year, we finally got her dentures – they first gave her very short teeth since her bones have shifted, but she hated them. They worked on it and got her some that are nicer looking, but they are too painful for her to wear even after adjustments. I imagine it would be very expensive even in Ecuador, but she’s asked me to see if I could find out how many implants she’d likely need (a full set?) if she were to try that and how much something like that would cost (I realize you could only provide a very rough estimate). Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Michelle, sorry as well for not responding sooner as I am not getting notifications for these messages coming in even though I am supposed to be. As you know implants are the best option. Really if she has no teeth at all, she would need a minimum of 6 implants with fixed bridges. We charge $1000 for implants and between $270 and $500 per crown and o bridge piece. I tell you what, if you can send us your mom’s x-rays and some pictures of her mouth and bite, we would be more than happy to get back to you with a fully detailed dental treatment plan. And if you could provide me with your phone number, I would be happy to call you and or email you your dental treatment plan for you to see and review with your mom.

      Warm regards,


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