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The following is an interview I did with Dr. Sami Aboelyazied a dentist in Sohag, Egypt who performs dental implants and other related procedures. The goal was to provide some insight into how a typical Egyptian clinic operates and the time and money required when traveling abroad for dental implant surgery. Now over to Dr. Samy:

Your questions to be answered need a very long time to read. But I will summarize.

I would like to note that every case can be completely differ from another, although they are generally similar or have same dental criteria. Thus the dental diagnosis and treatment plan in dentistry is
very important and is considered the key for success.

What procedures do you typically recommend and perform?

I will begin with your first question which is considered a mix of many questions in the same time. The all-on-4 is considered one of the new accepted techniques for many years and it is chosen under
special requirements as if we would like to prevent surgery and bone grafts as in the upper jaw. Other if the patient economy does not allow placement of many implants.

Bridges are now not completely accepted except for those who cannot pay for the cost of dental implant and sometimes do it for their circumstances.

Single implants one of my best work as mostly I do it without making an opening in the gum (it is called flapless) and mostly the patient go out of my clinic with a crown on the same time of dental implant insertion in mostly 30 – 40 minutes and confirming everything is ok with a sensor (digital) x-ray on the same time inside my clinic.

If patient have many missed teeth and hope to have dental implants with lesser cost, I can biomechanically distribute dental implants in the jaw and doing the best with high quality implants as by experience I always choose which is the best for the client.

Many cases can accept one piece implant which is implant inside jaw bone with abutment connected to it without screw and these implants have lower prices with more advantages than two pieces implants which are: no need for a second surgery, lesser time, decrease cost, at same time restoration (cap), and finally technically no need for a screw which may loosen after a time with some systems if they are not with a good quality.

Please give me a summary of the steps in the process of getting an implant at your clinic.

To place implant, one of the most important thing as I mentioned before is the diagnosis and treatment plan. Then accurate x-ray is mandatory which is found in my clinic a digital one (computerized) and
have the advantages of very small dose x-ray and very accurate if we will compare it with other traditional normal plain non-computerised x-ray. According to the treatment plan many cases can be done without
surgery (no gum opening), and a temporary crown/bridge can be placed at same time or maximum with 5 days to finalize all procedures.

All dental implant procedures are under local injection (anesthesia). No need for intravenous one. The idea is I want the patient to feel that dental implant is a simple procedures and as easy and simple as tooth filling.

If the case requires more time to make a good union between implant and jaw bone as in case of soft bone, general worldwide guidelines recommend 3-6 months then we have to make another appointment that mostly need few days mostly between 4-10 days maximum.

How long have you been in business?

In the field of dentistry I am now about 13 years and dental implantology about 10 years.

How many dental implant procedures have you done?

Can you count the stars that you see in the sky, I will not say that. But it is about 2000-3000 dental implants.

Where do most of your patients come from? How do they hear about your clinic?

My patients mostly are Egyptians, but very little from outside as Gulf area.

How many surgeries/appointments are required?

Many patients of mine mostly require two visits, one for implant placement, the other for crown or bridge insertion where mostly I use no flap surgery. For one or two implants, it requires about 5-7 days in Egypt to have all final procedures with the final crown. These procedures make the patient very happy and comfort.

Otherwise, if two stages recommended, we need one day for implant placement and the other visit after about 3-6 months or sometimes a year if the patient will travel abroad for a year and back for
vacation. Many patients of mine come from Arabic countries as Saudi Arabia and Emirates and if they have no time for the second visit soon, we can arrange second visit together even after a year.

What type of implants does your clinic use?

I use Sybron dental implants www.implantdirect.com as Reactive and Replant Dental implant system and this one is made in USA. You can try to search and know more from internet. The second is Ritter
implants and it is made in Germany www.ritterdentalusa.com.

How much do your procedures cost?

The cost for one dental implant including the x-rays is about $850. All cost porcelain crown about $100 including bite, print, cementation and x-ray.

What other costs would there be for someone travelling to Egypt from North America?

I think a trip from Cairo to New York in two directions cost about $700-$900 depending on
the time and season of travelling. The accommodation in Egypt is cheap where a very good hotel in Sohag costs about $30/night. Food/day about $20 including beverages. It means totally a week in Sohag, Egypt with tickets, hotel and food about $1000-$1300.

What do advise your patients to do if they have a problem with their implant?

Problems can prohibited if it is avoided. Although problems may occur in dental implants even with experts in dental implants. But we should be more wise in selection of the dental implant system and
procedures. The very most common problems of dental implant is the loosening of the crown and this one can be solved by visiting any dental general practitioner for re-fixation (putting cement inside the

If the implant is failed and out of the mouth, it is not a problem. It is a disaster. As it means no good planning or implant type, or you went to a wrong dentist. In general, communication between my patients and me is very important even after finishing all the work by e-mail, phones.

Many people are attracted to the dental work+ vacation combination. What is there to do in your city?

Touristic places are very near from Sohag if you looked in Google Maps and it is also very cheap when it is compared with my trips to Europe. Do not forget that Hurghada (Red Sea) is near from Sohag where you will find the best weather on beach.

I apologize for any unclear information, but please do not hesitate to ask me again any question even if you would like to visit Egypt or my area Sohag for vacation.

Thank you Dr. Samy for providing all of these helpful details about your experience and approach to implant dentistry!

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    My diagnosis is: acute apical periodontitis on tooth 9 with external root resorption/ possible fracture on tooth 9, class I malocclusion. How many days, weeks, for this type of implant and what is the cost?

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