Dental Implants Gainesville, FL – Dentists & Cost

Thinking of getting dental implants in Gainesville, Florida? The following guide lists the top dental clinics, what you can expect to pay for a dental implant in Gainesville. Click on the profile of a dentist near you to read more about them.

Updated: April 25, 2018

Prices Paid for Implants in Florida

Here are some examples of how much people have paid for dental implants in Florida.

Boca Raton$14,000 Dental Implants with Bone Grafting
Boca Raton$9,500 8 implants
Coral Springs$2,500 Dental Implant
Hollywood$10,000 3 implants and a crown
Lakeland$45,500 Upper and Lower Dental Implants
Miami$1,700 Implant
Miami$3,000 Great Dental Implant
Miami$3,500 Tooth Implant
Miami$5,268 Implants - Loosing my front teeth due to an accident
Orlando$5,400 Implant
$15,000 Lower Denture

Cruz Davis Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

(352) 384-0050
2845 NW 41 St,
Gainesville, FL 32606, USA

Our practice has served the Gainesville FL area in continuous private operation since 1964. Dr. Cruz-Davis took over the practice in 2013 and now uses the most modern techniques and sophisticated technology and equipment to treat patients comfortably and accurately.

Dr. William C. Storoe IV, DDS

Dr. William C. Storoe IV, DDS(352) 371-4111
3500 SW 2nd Ave #2
Gainesville, FL 32607


We understand the important decision you have made and appreciate your confidence in choosing us to meet your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery needs. Dr. Storoe specializes in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of both the functional and esthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, face, and related structures.

Smart Smile Dentistry

(352) 376-5120
4404 NW 36 Ave
Gainesville, FL 32606
United States

University of Florida: Ruskin James D DDS

(352) 273-6715
1600 SW Archer Rd
Gainesville, FL 32610


Established in 1972, the University of Florida College of Dentistry is the only publicly-funded dental school in the state and ranks as a national leader in dental education, research and community service. The college is housed in the Dental Sciences Building located on the UF Health Science Center campus.

Dr. Richard W. Oliver Jr, DMD

(352) 376-5155
5014 NW 27 Ct
Gainesville, FL 32606


Dr. King and Dr. Oliver are uniquely qualified to diagnose all of your dental needs and guide you through the complexities of treatment and rehabilitation.

Dr. Melvin F. Dolwick, DMD

(352) 273-5800
1600 SW Archer Rd
Gainesville, FL 32603

Caton & Taylor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Caton & Taylor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery(352) 378-2525
2121 NW 40th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32605


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Glenn N. Taylor, Jr., DMD, MD and Randall B. Caton, DDS, Gainesville and Lake City, FL, practice a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise ranging from corrective jaw surgery to wisdom tooth removal. We can also diagnose and treat facial pain, facial injuries and TMJ disorders, and perform a full range of dental implantand bone grafting procedures.

Dr. Marvin Slott DDS

Dr. Marvin Slott DDS(352) 331 2016
6801 NW 9th Blvd #1,
Gainesville, FL 32605

Specialties: Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Wisdom Teeth, Jaw Surgery, Facial Trauma, Tooth Extractions, Pre-Prosthetic Surgery, Distraction Osteogenesis, Oral Pathology

Nossa & Ankrim Family Dentistry

Nossa & Ankrim Family Dentistry(352) 332 8133
7328 W University Ave,
Gainesville, FL 32607

Specialties: TMJ Orders, Non-Surgical Root Canal, Dental Implants, Bridges, Dentures

Dr. Gary I Altschuler DDS

Dr. Gary I Altschuler DDS(352) 371 4141
2251 NW 41 St,
Gainesville, FL 32606

Specialties: Dental Implants, Bone Regeneration, Soft Tissue Grafting, Crown Lengthening, Ridge Augmentation, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Computer-Guided Surgery, Scaling and Root Planning, Periodontal Maintenance, Antibiotic Therapy

Dr. Randall Caton DDS

Dr. Randall Caton DDS(352) 378 2525
2121 NW 40th Terrace,
Gainesville, FL 32605

Specialties: Craniofacial Pain, Facial Pain, Facial Traumas, Aches & Pains, Face Pain, Craniofacial Disorders, Maxillofacial Dentistry

Dr. Matthew Dennis DDSDr. Matthew Dennis DDS

(352) 273 5800
1600 SW Archer Rd,
Gainesville, FL 32603

Specialties: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery






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