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The following is Ronnda’s (a reader of Dental Implant Cost Guide) experience with dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico. She was kind enough to share her advice with us – thanks Ronnda!

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Now over to Ronnda:

This is Ronnda a Patient of Dr Maite Moreno. She is my Dentist in Tijuana Mexico.

Thank You for the opportunity to share with you and others considering dental treatment in Mexico. I will go through and answer each question one by one.

First off, where are you from?

I am from Las Vegas Nevada .

Who is your dentist?

Dr Maite Moreno ( Tijuana, Mexico )

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How did you hear about them and why did you choose them?

I went to several websites to inquire about dentists in Mexico.

I sent out 20 requests for information in Tijuana and Los Algodones Mexico

Of the 20 requests I got back 5, and of the 5 – 4 of the Dentists were from Tijuana

Since that is where I got the best response, I decided to research the dentists there.
I reviewed all of the doctors qualifications and found Dr. Maite Moreno’s background very impressive.
So I called her office. I spoke to her Assistant Luis. I had many questions and an idea of what I needed

and wanted to have done. Luis answered many of my questions and then he asked me if I wanted to speak to Dr Moreno. I was excited to be able to actually talk to her. I explained what I had in mind and based on this she gave me an estimate. (bare in mind she had not seen my case). I liked Dr Moreno very much, we talked for a while. I then decided to go to Tijuana and meet her to see what she had to say and hear what she had to do to fix my problem.  I was missing my top 9 teeth in the front, a very difficult situation for me.

Please tell us a bit about your experience at the clinic.

When I arrived in Tijuana I was picked up at my hotel by Luis and driven to the Clinic, about 2 blocks away, everyone at the Clinic greeted me with courtesy and kindness. All of her staff speaks perfect English. And I can to find out Dr Moreno speaks many languages. The clinic is located in a very well off area of Tijuana, it is a beautiful building that is easy to find and extremely clean and well furnished with all of the modern equipment. I was extremely happy with her staff and her office.

What procedures did you have done?

I went to Mexico to have implants placed that attached to a permanent bridge (4 on 1).

How much did the procedures cost?

I was on a budget. I only had so much to work with. I did not have $15,000 like I was quoted in the States.

My initial thought and solution to my problem was a snap in denture – quoting me approx. $3500.
My situation changed due to bone loss and so did my dental procedure. I needed a bone graft

This added about $1200 to the cost. However I was better candidate for the all on 4 implants and given the cost difference I agreed to a better plan and a more permanent solution was offered to me after the Doctors review of my CT Scan. everyone case is different.

Dr. Moreno worked with me and my budget to get me the best possible solution. I am extremely happy. She is a professional and I trusted her judgement. I got a break down of all charges every step of the way which included all of my ex rays, blood work, bone needed and even the type of implants and plate. I was even offered a twilight sedation, if I wanted to pay the extra charge.

How many trips to Mexico were required to complete the procedures?

My procedure in the chair for the actual implants was 4 hours. However I was taken for ex rays and blood work before the surgery, and I was there for 2 days after the procedure for alignment and adjustment to the plate. A total of 5 nights and 6 days.

What did they advise you to do if you have a problem with your implant?

Since I was there for 2 days following the surgery, I felt confident in going home knowing that I was on the road to recovery. For the 2 days following my surgery, Dr. Moreno kept a close eye on me and wanted to be sure I could eat before I left. And there was not any bleeding and that my implants were in good condition. Dr. Moreno instructed me on how to care for my mouth before I went home.

I do have a general Dentist at home, so if anything went wrong I would have went in. I guess you could line up a dentist at home, but I did not need to. I felt great! Very little pain, and Dr. gave me antibiotics to take with me.

Why did you choose dental implants over the alternatives?

My only alternative was implants. I am young, and the thought of removable dentures was out. And more bone loss is always an issue, besides the cost was affordable and part of the reason I chose to find an alternative to the Dentists in the States

What other costs are involved?

The Plane Fare, food and room came to about $1200 of 7 nights / 8 days in Tijuana

The cost to stay is very affordable and so is the food!

Where did you stay while getting the dental work done?

I stayed at a beautiful 5 star Hotel Pueblo Amigo Hotel and Casino. Fabulous clean and modern rooms, a very elegant dining room with a morning Mexican Buffet to die for !! for only 11 bucks. 3 Casino rooms with Slot Machines and Table Games. It’s a whole complex with a Discount Store called Ley like a Walmart on a smaller scale, that has everything across the parking lot from the Hotel. Door Service Valet, and good security. I was extremely safe, and felt good about it. And safer then many areas of the US.

Everyone was so friendly. And the service was excellent for $80 – $85 a night. This was less than a cheap hotel (Holiday Inn) in the San Diego side. 10 times better. And Dr Moreno’s Clinic is 2 blocks away and they picked me up for my Appointments every day!  Which was really nice. And if I were to take a taxi the ride would be like $5.

What are your recommendations for restaurants and attractions in the area?

We took a trip to Rosarita beach Mexico, which is a 30 minute drive of beautiful scenery and the Town is Clean and Lots to do. There are restaurants and gift shopping. I was impressed with the resorts along the ocean. In TJ there is a fashion mall. There are movie theaters, restaurants, you name it. This is a very upper class area of TJ Mexico, Where the Dr. Office is and the Hotel I stayed at.

Did you feel safe there?

I went alone, flew into San Diego, caught a shuttle, Walked across the border and caught a cab 4 blocks to my hotel at night. There is plenty of security at the border and never once did I feel unsafe, even after entered into Mexico. The area in Tijuana where Dr Moreno’s Clinic / Office is located, which is within blocks from the hotel is exclusive. My husband came and picked me up and we drove back to Las Vegas.

How satisfied are you with your dental work so far?

Dr Moreno gave me my life back. I could not talk or smile for almost 3 years with my failing teeth.

She was the answer to my prayers and Dr Maite Moreno is one of the finest person I have ever met. She cares. I feel very blessed and grateful to her. Not only that, I received much more consideration from her as a person and as a patient then I ever did with all of the dentists I had seen in the States on various consultations.

She tries and succeeds in finding a solution for you with respect and dignity. Check out her background for yourself, give her a call. She will talk to you and explain things to you before you make your decision. A decision I made to go see her just by talking to her. She will now see my daughter this summer for her wisdom teeth removal. And I will be happy to see her and for more dental work.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering getting implants in Mexico, what would it be?

Do It! You will be glad you did. The US is no longer the best place for Dental and other medical treatment, especially with dental Insurance almost non-existent any longer. Many procedures are not covered, we must seek out better treatment and ways of getting what is needed for quality of life.

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing and let Dr. Moreno know what you thought of my review.
Ronnda in Vegas.

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  1. Your experience sounds very encouraging, I’m researching implants for my son and based on your report I am feeling better about going to TJ.

  2. I’m very interested in getting the info for the dentist that you used in Mexico. I’ m needing full upper and lower. I’m not happy with all the dental work that I have had done here in the US.

  3. Could you email me the information on your care in Mexico? Where you stayed and how to get booked at the same hotel.

    Thanks so much,

  4. Ronnda,

    I read your post and am considering going to the dentist in TJ that you went to. Do you have any updates since your first trip? Can you give me details of your overall experience. I would appreciate any input you are willing to share.

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