Cost of Dental Implants in India – A Reader’s Story

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Since I started this website, I have received a number of inquiries regarding having dental implants and other procedures such as root canals and bone grafting done overseas – and in India specifically. A number of people have asked questions and discussed topics in the comments section as well as the forum. Note: If you have a question that you’d like answered, please sign up to the forum as I’m no longer responding to comments.

What People Are Paying

Bangalore$3,000 2 Implants
Jeffersonville$10,000 4 New Dental Implants with Complete Upper Arch Redo
Jeffersonville$15,000 4 implants on top and 4 on bottom

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Linda was one visitor who took the time to leave a detailed comment outlining the dental work she had done abroad. I reached out to her to hear more about her experience and she was kind enough to answer a number of questions in order to help people (like you!) figure out if traveling to India is a realistic approach to getting implants.

A resident of Australia, she traveled to Mumbai, India to get her implants and ended up doing a bit of sightseeing while she was there. This is what’s known as “dental tourism”. Here is more information about what dentist she went to, how much it cost and what she did when she was there:

Who was your Dentist?

First off, people would like to know the name of the dentist and/or clinic who did the work since you researched them for 4 years and had such a positive experience in terms of quality, cost and pain.

The name of the dentist was Dentzz dental. They have, I think 3 practices in India. I went to the one in Mumbai.

Please tell us a bit about your experience.

Just returned from India a week ago. I had 13 implants, 5 extractions, 8 root canals, bone grafts, sinus lift and wire welded to some teeth and 24 crowns. Also numerous consultation check-ups and X-rays. I chose the most expensive implants and crowns and the total cost was just over Australian $17000. Everything was completed in 2 1/2 weeks and I don’t have to return. The treatment was painless, just a few ulcers and a sore mouth. I didn’t even know they had given me bone grafts or stitches. The teeth look great and I had a wonderful experience. Everyone said why are you going to India but I researched the dentist for 4 years and concluded that they are performing these procedures continually and they were probably more experienced than some others.

They have specialists in each field. The first day was my consultation and X-rays. The second day was root canals to my good teeth performed by a specialist that only does this. The third day I had extractions, implants and bone grafts by a specialised implantologist. I might add that after the injections I did not feel a thing. I was not aware I had bone grafts and stitches. They use this wonderful spray called nummit to freeze the area where they inject. Also included in the price were mouth guards that they suggest you wear at night I case you grind your teeth. I might add that a root canal there takes about 15 minutes not spread over about 3 visits as in Australia.
There is also a cosmetic dentist working there.

Why did you choose Dentzz?

They were all very professional and I chose them because I felt that they would be more expert than here because of the amount of implants they place all the time.

The surgery was full of people from all over the world and they all seemed to be happy with their results. I wanted mine done in 2 weeks as I did not want to go there a second time which some of them do.

I suggest you contact Dentzz, Rujuta will give you a quote.

How much did everything cost?

The total was just over Australian $17000.

13 implants at $400 each, there are cheaper brands $250 each
8 root canals
5 extractions
Bone grafts and sinus lifts

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Other international patients that were there had been quoted Australian $120,000 [for the same work]. Australia is terribly expensive for dental work, a root canal can cost up to $1800.

I had 13 implants at $400 each which came to less than 1 implant in Australia for which I was quoted $6000. By the way I picked the more expensive implants. The normal ones only cost $250 each!!!! I also picked the most expensive crowns.

This dentist was the cheapest I could find in the world. They also provide accommodation if your cost is over a certain amount. I had 2 weeks accommodation free which was pretty basic but only 5 minute walk to the surgery.

I was given a choice of two hotels to stay in. I opted for the one which was 5 minutes’ walk to the dentist. This was pretty basic. The other one looked better but was 30 minutes by taxi away. Had I known taxis were so cheap I might have considered the other one but as I went in my own at 70 years old I wanted to be near the dentist in case I had any problems.

You said that accommodation was free. What other costs were involved? (Airfare, food, etc?)

The airfare cost me $1200 with Qantas including a stopover in Singapore (not including hotel). I spent $500 in 3 weeks away including food and sightseeing and presents.

The accomodation was for 2 weeks. I paid the rest myself about $200.

Why did you choose dental implants over the alternatives (dentures, bridges, etc.)?
I have tried dentures but could not stand the plate in the roof of my mouth.

With all that work done, how long did the discomfort (soreness, ulcers, etc.) last after the procedure?
Because I had a lot of injections, my gums were sore, but not where they put the implants.
I had a few ulcers in my mouth which were uncomfortable a little bit to eat with so I mainly ate soft food.

It was nearly two weeks later that I had the bridge placed in my mouth so they wait a while for it to heal. During this time you don’t look very attractive! I was expecting individual implants but with crooked teeth to make them look perfect. (And they are) and for strength they do it this way. At the end after many fittings they ask you to wear the teeth for a day to see if they’re comfortable then the next day they are stuck in permanently. I would say that you visit them nearly every other day to check the progress.

Did you manage to include some tourism?

Many people are attracted to the combination of dental work and a vacation. What did you do in your spare time in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a dirty city, quite a cultural shock but then I have been to Bali a few times so I was half prepared. Lots of poverty and begging. It is very cheap to eat there a meal for $2 to $3 Taxis are everywhere!!!!!! Thousand of them and you can travel for about half an hour for around $2 to $3.

While I was there I took advantage of this and hired a driver for the day and visited the Gateway of India, From there you can catch a ferry to Elephanta Island, climb 120 steps to a cave which is 1400 years old and cut out of a rock with statues of the gods inside. Quite enjoyed that after I got my breath back! I also visited Ghandi’s house which was very interesting. Also the Hanging gardens and the Taj hotel and of course plenty of markets. Ate a lot at a fabulous vegetarian restaurant just on the corner by the dentist.

Anything else you would like to add?

Since your first email I got a call from Dentzz to see if I would be interested in being an agent for them over here but nothing has eventuated yet. I feel that had I had someone to telephone to talk to them in Australia before I went over there it would have been a plus. Also to see someone who had had the treatment. I’ll let you know what eventuates.

All I can say is that I feel it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and now a lot of my friends want to go.
Any other questions I’ll be happy to answer. I also made friends with a lot of the patients from around the world. It was a great experience if you go with a positive attitude.

Do your research and have a holiday at the same time.

I would like to thank Linda for taking the time to answer the questions I sent her. If you have a question about her experiences, please leave a comment below!

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The average cost of dental procedures including implants, bridges and crowns in India is as follows. Costs shown are averages based on prices at 41 dental clinics in India and do not represent actual quotes.

TreatmentLowHighUS Avg.Savings
Up to 0.91
Bone Graft
Up to -0.6
Dental Bridge$168
Up to 0.92
Dental Crown$79
Up to 0.93
Dental Implant$443
Up to 0.89
Up to 0.81
Teeth Whitening$137
Up to 0.77
Up to 0.87
Wisdom Tooth Extraction$82
Up to 0.59
Dentist Consultation 
Up to 0.95
Up to 0.39
Root Canal
Up to 0.88

Most Popular Cities in India for Dental Tourism

The most popular cities to travel to for dental tourism in India are as follows. They are the most frequently mentioned in comments, forum posts and lists of clinics around the web:

  • Mumbai
  • Calangute
  • New Delhi

Please note: This interview is for informational purposes only and does not represent a recommendation of the dentist mentioned. All opinions expressed are those of the interviewee.

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  1. The cost of dental Implants in India should be INR 38000 -48000 (Maximum) for Nobel Bio Care Implants. You can convert the same in your respective currency. The Implant cost should include the Abutment, Doctors Fee and taxes.
    Crowns should cost somewhere between INR 16000-24000 for CEREC Zirconia Crowns and INR 8500 -9500 for MLS crowns which are Porcelain Fused over metal base.
    A Consultation is approx INR 1000
    A Full mouth CBCT is around INR 3000/-.
    If you end up paying more than this you are being RIPPED off. Go to your nearest embassy and lodge a complaint of fraud.
    These fraud Dental Clinics will try to extract money by falsifying treatment like Laser Dentistry. They fuckin dont have a laser machine to start with.
    If you choose CEREC crowns, make sure they have an OPERATIONAL MILLING unit…Not one which is bought for Show and dumped in a corner to fool everyone.

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