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Please introduce yourself.

Dental Team : Dr Jyothi Sara Charlie,(MDS, Prosthodontics) Head of Dental Division
Dr Indraniil Roy, Oral and Maxillofacial Sugeon, Implantologist,
Dr Archana Louis, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Implantologist

My name is Dr Jyothi Sara Charly and I am the Head of the Dental Department at Medstar Day Surgery Center (formerly at “Charly Polyclinic). I am a Prosthodontist (a dentist who specializes in replacing missing teeth) and Dental Implantologist. I have been serving the dental needs of people in Dubai and from all across the world for over 35 years. At our practice, we have always put the patient first. We go the extra mile to make you feel at home and make you as comfortable as possible while receiving your dental treatment. We employ friendly and highly trained staff and use cutting-edge dental technologies to provide the best treatment to our patients.

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Please list your accreditations, certifications & associations

Fellow of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists)
Certification in Implantology from the University of Berne, Switzerland
Laser Certified Dentist
Lumineers Certified Dentist

How long have you been in business?

We have been in practice for over 35 years. We are one of the oldest and established dental practices in the United Arab Emirates and strive to uphold our standards of excellence in patient care. Our motto has been that “We change the way you smile,” helping our patients to not only achieve the smile of their dreams but also the confidence to smile.

What services do you offer?

We offer complete dental services for adults and children.
Implant Bridge
Single Implant
Dental Implants
Bone Graft
All-on-4 Dental Implants
Immediate Implant Placement
Restoration of Implants
Dental Sealant
Dentist Consultation
Emergency Dentist Consultation
Non-Surgical Extractions
Surgical Extractions
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
White Filling
Fluoride Therapy
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Gingivitis Treatment
GTR – Guided Tissue Regeneration
Gum Surgery
Gingival Flap Surgery
Gum Contouring and Reshaping
Lingual Frenectomy
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation
Periodontitis Treatment
Root Canals
Sinus Lift
Teeth Cleaning
Scaling and Root Planing
Laser Teeth Whitening
TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Treatment
Treatment of Dental Abscess
Treatment of Orofacial Pain

How many dental implant procedures have you done?

We have hundreds of dental implants over the past 20 years. We have an optimal success rate of 99%. Failures occur due to there not being enough bone, compromised host (lower patient immunity) or if the patient fails to keep the implant clean. With a success rate of 98%

Why should someone choose you over the competition?

We have been in the healthcare industry in Dubai for over 35 years providing dental services. Our experience, expertise and gentle hands are some of the many reasons why you should choose to make us your dental home.

Where do most of your patients hear about your clinic?

Our patients are our best ambassadors! Usually patients come to our practice because they were referred by a relative, friend or acquaintance who have experienced (and loved) our services. We maintain a Facebook page and have listings on most healthcare search websites.

What procedures do you typically recommend and perform?

We formulate a treatment plan tailored to each patient and what would best serve their needs. We perform the whole scope of dental implants (including all on 4, bridges, bone grafts, single implants).

What type of implants does your clinic use?

We use recognized and scientifically backed dental implant systems such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, SPI by Thommen Medical and Osstem.

Please give me a summary of the steps in the process of getting an implant at your clinic.

The first step is getting an implant consultation with our highly specialized and qualified dentists. You will have an x-ray or a CBCT taken to assess the bone levels and condition of your existing teeth (if any). If you require any teeth to be taken out, we will advise having them removed at least two months prior to the time of implant placement to allow time for infection to clear and healing to occur.

During implant placement, we create space in your jaws to place the titanium implant which will serve as the anchor for your new tooth. The stability of this implant is checked and depending on the condition of your bone, your new tooth may be placed in the same visit or in a subsequent visit to allow for complete bone healing.

Quick description of the surgical procedure at your clinic.

An Implant procedure is normally done under local anesthesia, in about 20 minutes.
It is a simple procedure

How much do your procedures cost?

The cost of implant placement and restoration totals to AED 6,000 (approximately $1,650).

Cost of surgical procedure: AED 4,000 (approximately $1,000)
Cost of restoration (crown over implant): AED 2,000 (approximately $650)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept many dental insurances and offer payment plans.

How many appointments are required to get one or two implants?

Depending on the condition of your bone, your implant can be done in one sitting.

How long is the healing time?

Implants can take from 3 to 6 months to heal. We recommend having follow-up appointments to assess the healing.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Yes. Our dental implant specialists are always available to contact if you have any concerns regarding your implant. We recommend making an appointment with our implant specialists to assess the condition of the implant and address your concerns.

Medstar Day Surgery Center
Medstar Healthcare LLC Ground Floor, Gulf Towers, Oud Metha P.O. Box: 117084, Dubai, UAE
Oud Metha, Next to KM Trading Supermarket
Ground Floor, Gulf Towers, Dubai Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Working Hours: 9am to 9pm. We have patients from all over GCC Countries and Internationally

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