Dental Implant Metal Allergy/Poisoning Has Cost $74,000

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The following is Deann’s very unfortunate experience with dental implants due to an allergic reaction to the metal used in the restoration.

I’ve had a “nightmarish” experience at the cost of $74,000!! The implants were put in and all went well, no issues! Then I had all the framework done and that’s when my nightmare began!! 🙁

The upper bridgework, never fit from day 1 and no matter how much I mentioned the “fit”, he had no explanations!! For 9+ years, I’m been wearing a “vise grip” on my face and it’s this past year, that I was finally able to “piece the puzzle” together!!

Now, because of that mistake, my upper implants are failing, I have developed a rare allergy to exactly what my dental devise is made of and the dentist and lab that did the work? REFUSE to cover the cost to fix it!!

I have proven beyond a doubt through video and taped conversation (legal in my state) this bridgework was improperly installed and caused undo stress on the implants!! It also caused “rubbing” of the metal bridge which caused metal “ions” to seep into my body and I now have “metal poisoning”!!

The shame of it all is, the lab KNOWS how bad this situation as he spoke personally with my allergist!! I was told this allergy is like “eating poison ivy” and having an allergy to it!! Over time, your body will start to show signs and it has!!

Effects of the Allergic Response / Poisoning

I have now lost my salivary glands in my lower jaw, my mouth has a constant “rash” from the galvanic response going on between the metals. I struggle to eat. My fatigue level is through the roof. I “choke” a lot from some kind of debris I spit up anytime I eat or drink! I am majorly weak from not eating. My hands are showing signs of allergic response consistent with that of “Cobalt” poisoning (part of my dental devise is 61% Cobalt)!!

EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE, has been disturbed and/or chronically altered and when I brought my case up to the dentist and lab at a meeting, they took “NO” responsibility and basically “laughed” me out of their office!! They said my findings had no basis and that I won’t be able to prove my accusations!! I was also refused my file and STILL do not have it!!

Last week, two days before entering a competition (I’m a musician) my bridgework broke AGAIN (brand new prosthetic I paid an additional $6000 that consistently breaks, nothing new) and the lab that made behind the dentists back, refuses to fix it because of that meeting!!

If I were to post the pictures of the new prosthetic, people would be HORRIFIED!! There was metal exposed everywhere, the material consistently broke down and I ended up swallowing some, and again, everything was “my fault”!! I must be “grinding”!! Funny thing is, my lower jaw now “hangs” constantly and I have to struggle to keep my mouth closed, not to mention, I don’t wear them at home or at night because my mouth hurts so bad!!

Sadly, in 2013 (after waiting 2 years for the dentist to finish replacing dental material (I supposedly had an allergy to the monomer used)) when the dentist forced delivery on me, I ended up with an ER visit because the bite was so off, my neck swelled and I wasn’t able to swallow!! Talk about scared out of your wits?? I then made an appt. to tell the dentist what happened and all the problems I was having with the new prosthetic and he was so insulted, he threw me out of his practice!!! Not only that but he was “inches” from my face, screaming at me in front of a witness!! It wasn’t long after that, I found out, he has been arrested for “domestic violence” and subsequently was convicted!!

I went back a few weeks later to pick up my models in an attempt to go somewhere else, still woefully unaware of my allergy issue, he asked to speak with me!! What I didn’t realize was, he knew he could get in trouble for “patient abandonment” and expressed he’d fix the issues if I came back!!

Knowing this bridgework is an “old” dental devise and not many work on it, I reluctantly went back! I just wanted the issues fixed and have what I paid for, a “functioning” smile! After several months of continued breaks (like a front tooth that broke off less than 2 months after getting it) I had given up!! I decided to reach out to the lab owner and try to get the bridge fixed!!

By the way, did I mention this bridgework has “rocked” for years causing the retaining holes to “egg shape” twice, causing even more rocking and I had to pay $200 to “re weld” it!! Had this bridgework been installed correctly, there wouldn’t be a need to re-weld it!!

After the lab stated what I had was “junk” and he was going to make it right, (again, in front of a witness and recorded) within a few months I had “nicer” looking teeth but the rocking, stayed unaddressed!! The lab owner then told me, he “sold” the machine that makes my bridgework!! Ahhhh, no wonder why they told me “”oh, it can’t be fixed””!! I then got an appt. with the manufacturer’s rep and you should’ve seen the look on his face watching the video I made!!! I KNEW right then and there, I had been deceived!!

Never Mix Metals in Your Mouth

The best part of the story? After “months” of researching, I found a “well respected” dentist in Europe who happens to be one the “leading” experts on implants and I was told via email (which he allows me to use)….

NEVER mix metals in the mouth and to have it all removed IMMEDIATELY!!! This, from Europe’s leading implantologist?

So as I continue to decline, bone and tissue continue to resorb despite having cleanings every 3 months for years and always getting a “good report” from the hygienist, they go on vacation and don’t give me a second thought!! I guess my issue isn’t important now because they already have my money!!

Sadly, after winning last weeks 1st round for next years IBC (International Blues Competition) I had a nervous breakdown because I had offers coming out of the woodwork and know, I cannot take advantage!! I am to ill, to commit! How devastating to have come this far and be hung out to dry and no where to turn!! 🙁

So PATIENT BEWARE!!! Make sure you do your homework on what goes in your mouth!! These people are only about the money, NOT your health!! The use of incompatible materials could end up costing you your life like it has mine!!

Anyone wishing to see my documentation is welcome to it!! I WANT people to see the kind of “workmanship” these people are doing!! This (2.5 – 5,000,000.00 a year) lab is doing work up and down the northeast coast and I DON’T want anyone else suffering at the hands of fools!! If they do this work and don’t fully understand the perils of installing incompatible metals? THEY SHOULDN’T BE DOING IT!!! How many “other” people are walking around “sick” like me, unable to find answers, unable to get help?

Want to see what’s at stake? Watch this video! Watch midway thru (Sinner’s Prayer) when my “hands” start to become a problem!! 🙁

These people feel no obligation because their protected by a “statute of limitations”!! Plus, no lawyer wants to take a “dental” case because it’s too much work!! 🙁 This situation is NO DIFFERENT then the metal on metal hip/knee complaints currently making waves!! And as far as I know, I’m the “ONLY” patient after having this work done to become allergic to the dental devise one part which is “Gold” is supposed to be so “rare”, most doctors/dentist don’t even believe in it but it is, legit!!

Are You in a Similar Situation?

Have you ever had a doctor get it wrong? So wrong, it causes you more pain, more medical bills and longer suffering? I have and it forces me to reach out for help, in a way I have never done before.

I’m an artist, an advocate, a wife, a mother, grandmother and most recently, a victim of dental malpractice. I was actively pursuing my passion as a Semi-professional “Singer/Song Writer/Radio Host/Animal Activist” until the reality of declining health forced me out of everything I loved and worked so hard to achieve.

After remortgaging our home and spending a total of $74,000 to pay for a much needed dental procedure, a critical error was made that turned my dental restoration into a dental nightmare.

Suffering for the past 9 years, the initial error made by my dentist in combination with the lab’s use of dissimilar metals was finally determined to be the root cause of my now, failing health. Serious allergies to the materials used in my restoration have developed from their mistake and continues to negatively impact my life..

I now face the grim reality that everything I had done that was supposed to last a lifetime, must be replaced without any restitution thru either dentist or lab. Replacement is costly because I now have a limited choice of materials from which to choose. Without removal & replacement of the allergens and faulty dental work, my health will continue to decline as will my quality of life.

So in light of the fact I have no other option for help other than thru crowd funding, I have decided to utilize the last of my energy & focus on advocacy. To help Educate the public on what to look and look out for with regards to get a dental restoration.

No patient should be deliberately deceived and left no where to turn when their health is at risk! Since the medical/dental community is so well protected when it comes to their mistakes, your Best Case Scenario for a good outcome is doing your Research!!

Please check out my web site and become Pro Active in your care! Don’t fall victim to deceitful practices and shady professionals who take your money and don’t honor their work!

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  1. I was to have an implant the first Dentist told me as my crown was infected that I had to choose a denture or implant she made it sound like it would be straight forward like a crown no talk of bone grafts or months waiting only that a temporary denture would be needed for about four weeks. I asked if she knew any Oral Surgeons who could give me a denture as my face was very swollen had been for a few years, found out later that I am allergic to Acrylic, Nickle, Gold, Silver & Plastic that was why my gum had been red & raised from the time I received the Crown 12 yrs. Before. The Surgeon at the time said this is would be normal as crowns are always a bit purple & raised.

    With the new Dentist, she said she knew of no Oral Surgeons as nor did her nurse she said to wait in the waiting room & she would ring around. She came back said everyone she called wanted $6000 to $8000 but her boss would do it for $4000.The next week I saw her boss who said he needed to put me in before Christmas as he was going to Japan for 2 weeks I said I have waited this long a few more weeks no worries but he rang to get the temporary denture made could not get me in to after Christmas so made one himself & sent it off he did not write up a plan, after receiving a needle he realized it was the wrong tooth on the dentures.

    So he pulled the Crown & root 2 days after Christmas to note I did not have enough bone as the root was massive I had said no to the post as I wanted the infection to heal, he said I needed a bone graft he did not tell me I could have been sent to an oral Surgeon to use my own bone he came out with a syringe with this purple mixture I was to see him in 2 weeks I told him when I returned that something was very wrong that I am itchy, sweating and smell like a death fish, he said it was not the denture or the bone graft I was ok to than but went and had blood test but showed nothing.

    I got sicker every week I had strangers want to call a ambulance when I was out, in the April the bone graft had still not healed until the denture broke as the dentist made it he glued it back before that he said he would pay for a new one until recalled it was not the gentleman he normally got to make them did it he was trying out a new firm that would just work for him so he had sent the model he made came up with a rash over my face & neck so through it was the glue as he called it Super Glue as they did not have what he normally used I had called a week before when the denture broke the hole under the gum healed that week but a throbbing started.

    Went somewhere else for a new temporary denture the Gentleman made four attempts before he was happy that night I came up in a rash all over & found it hard to breath I through the it was still a reaction from the glue , I asked for my money back as I lost all faith in this dentist & asked for my X-rays he said no to the X-rays as he had been sued in the past but yes to my deposited of $2000 minus the fee for removing the tooth & the $800. For the temporary denture which he said was never counted in the price of the implant I through the denture, bone graft that I never knew about & removal of tooth would have been covered he failed his duty of care of not trying to find out why I was like I had jumped in a pool, itch all over & smelled like a dead fish the entire house smelled if I did not shower 3 times daily.

    The next Dentist I went to took out the denture after taking my temperature left it a hour & said I am allergic in the denture said get a blood test which it turned out we don’t have one for in Australia she made me toothless for a month when I went back said she could not treat me or refer me until I went to a allergenist.

    The first Dentist refused to send what was in the bone graft for first 6 months my GP would give me a referral to a Oral Surgeion to we new what was in it I just wanted it removed. I went to a 3rd dentist who said his Oral Surgeion said the Graft would be in my blood cells now so stuck with the itching & sweating & smell forever.

    He said he would make me a bridge I told him I am allergic to Nickle, Gold, Silver and he said he could do one without. I came up with ulcers and the back was rough so went back to get it filed down was told he was not in but it was filed down but he had the string between the lip stuck between the tooth I realize now that was to hide the receding gums on my other teeth that were fine the dentist said I needed a filling the tooth did not even hurt. I had not been given a follow up with the bridge, the Dentist charged me $400 for the filling but could not give me or show me X-ray as the monitor was down.

    I reported the Dentist who has been sued since my case but not found of any wrong doing in my case makes me wonder.


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