Dental Implants India – Cost and Experience in Mumbai

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The following is an interview we did with Abrar, a dental implant patient who traveled from Australia to Mumbai to get affordable dental treatment.

First off, where are you from?

Melbourne, Australia.

Who was your dentist?

Dr Saurabh Kadali – Kadali Dental (Mumbai, India)

How did you hear about them and why did you choose them?

I was researching dentists in India and Dr Kadali seemed to be the best choice. After reading a lot of reviews, I called them for an initial (online) analysis and was very happy with what they had to say about my situation so I decided to move forward.

Please tell us a bit about your experience at the clinic.

The dental clinic is run by a husband and wife duo and both Dr Kadali’s are extremely professional and clearly skilled at what they do.
I had a pleasant stay in Mumbai and a smooth sail through my treatment.

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Kadali Dental

1197, SECTOR 21

Mon – Fri: 8am to 8pm
Sat – Sun: 9am to 3pm

We serve local patients in Mumbai. However, most of our patients come from overseas, especially Australia and United Kingdom and very commonly for dental implants.

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What procedures did you have done?

I had a dental implant with a bone graft as the primary procedure.
The secondary treatment was tooth extraction (details below)

How much did the procedures cost?

Total cost for the treatment was $1700 (Australian Dollars)
Total cost of all 3 return flights was approx. $3k
So all up $4700.

Cost of all of this in Australia would have been in excess of $10k. Compare that to the cost of dental implants in India. I ended up saving more than $5k!

How many stages were required to complete the procedures and why?

3 Stages.

My situation was extra ordinary and that is why I am taking the time to write this review…

One of my baby teeth had never come out when I was young and hence, the permanent tooth had grown outwardly. At 24, the baby tooth finally started coming off. I had the choice between pulling the permanent tooth (with orthodontics) down to its real position (difficult and possible unstable as the tooth was so out of position) OR having it removed and getting a dental implant.

However, when I had the permanent tooth removed, I did not have enough bone left to insert a dental implant right away. So I needed a bone graft. I was told in advance this would be a possibility (also by some dentists in Australia) and cost of getting a dental implant with a bone graft in Australia is OVER $10,000 as it requires a surgeon.

So basically Stage 1 was removing the permanent tooth and inserting the bone graft.
Stage 2 (3 months later) was inserting the dental implant.
Stage 3 (3 months later) was fixing the cap on the implant.

The point is that with the cost of all the dental implant treatment PLUS the cost of 3x round trip flights to Mumbai (from Melbourne) was STILL $5000 cheaper than what I would have paid here in Melbourne. And now a year or so later, I am quite happy with the end-result.

I should point out that during the 6 months period when I did not have the cap on the implant, a dental bridge was put on as the tooth is basically a frontal tooth and for personal and professional reasons, I did not want to have a wide gap between my teeth showing.

What did they advise you to do if you have a problem with your implant?

I was told that in the unlikely event that the implant fails, it would be replaced at no cost to me.

Why did you choose dental implants over the alternatives?

As the tooth in question was a frontal tooth, living with a huge visible gap between my teeth was out of the question.

My other options were to have a dental bridge, which is only a short term solution and also does not blend in as well as the implant does with your natural teeth….

OR going through a process of wearing braces or something like Invisalign to pull the permanent tooth down to its real position. This would have been not only expensive but highly inconvenient. I did not want braces (even invisible ones) not only for aesthetic reasons but convenience.

Dental implant seemed like the most convenient option but it was super expensive here so finding Kadali Dental got me the best of both worlds, in terms of price and convenience.

What other costs were involved?

Some other miscellaneous costs of getting Xrays and CT scans which were right across the street and they were kind enough to send a staff member with me to show me the place exactly.

Where did you stay while getting the dental work done?

I stayed in Lokhandwala, basically a 5 minute drive from the dental clinic.

What are your recommendations for restaurants and attractions in the area?

There is a Mexican restaurant called Sammy Sosa nearby which I really enjoyed eating at.

Did you feel safe there?

Yes, it seemed like a nice neighbourhood of the city there was a lot of activity.

How satisfied are you with your dental work so far?

Very satisfied and I give them 10 out of 10 for quality of work and affordability.

I have been stung with dental costs several times in Melbourne even when I got minor procedures like fillings or cleaning because every little thing they do, they add a line item on the invoice and the total cost ends up being 30 to 40% higher than what you were quoted beforehand.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering getting implants, what would it be?

DON’T get them in a western country! Cosmetic dentistry in countries like Australia (and I’m sure UK and US considering these countries operate in very similar ways) is a selling business more than medical treatment.

I work in the health industry myself so I know what the overall culture is in cosmetic industries like dentistry and plastic surgery. They try to blame overseas dentists by claiming that the quality of care is poor but the truth is that the dentists (not all, but some of them – if you do the proper research) are just as qualified and well trained from top universities in the world.

With that said, I would also urge you to take the time to do your research as I have also heard bad stories of getting ripped off or being told the cost would be a certain amount, only to find out later that the actual cost is a whole lot more and at that stage, you’re stuck. One thing about Kadali Dental that I liked was that they were straightforward from the get-go. I paid what I was quoted.

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