Cost of Dental Implants in Philippines

2 thoughts on “Cost of Dental Implants in Philippines

  1. I need 4 implants and 2 crowns done

    1 implant on the bottom (with 2 crowns),
    3 implants on top (or 2 implants and 1 front tooth crown)

    I’m thinking of having them done in the Philippines while I’m there in August.
    Any suggestions for reputable place, and estimated cost. PLEASE…

    Will $2000 US Dollars get the job done? I have no clue. HELP.

  2. I’m looking for a dentist in the Philippines hopefully around Manila or Makati or surrounding areas I have a denture on top I would like to get rid of it and go with a implant denture does anyone know a dentist that would do an implant denture with hopefully for post or around $2,000 in American money

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