Reply To: Paid $10,000 for Implants But They Keep Falling Out and Teeth Don’t Fit


Did Dr. Devos check your dental and overall health thoroughly to make sure you were a candidate for dental implants before accepting your money and starting the procedures? If not, then it’s time to demand your money back and find a new dentist.

If he did, then the problem is either your dentist doesn’t know how to properly place implants, or your bone isn’t dense enough for the implants to work. Have you had any bone grafts done to help support the implants and keep them in place? One thing’s for sure, you shouldn’t have to pay any addition fees until your implants work. But at the end of the day, your dentist’s responsibility depends on what it says in your agreement.

I’d suggest getting an honest second opinion from another dentist to see if they think that implants will work for you. If not, then it’s time to try and get some of your money back and consider other restoration options (dentures).