Paid $10,000 for Implants But They Keep Falling Out and Teeth Don’t Fit

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    I am posting this here for Linda.

    I have had the most unforgettable experience with my top implants. I don’t think Dr. Devos knows how to do implants. I have been going to him for almost a year and I still am not done he keeps putting then in and they keep falling out the pain is excruciating he will put the implant in and it will fall out or the attachments will come and and I have to go back and start all over. I still can not wear the teeth he made for me they are a terrible fit and hurt my mouth but I paid him $10,000.00 and I can not afford to see another dentist and I really hate his attitude. Please tell me what to do.



    Did Dr. Devos check your dental and overall health thoroughly to make sure you were a candidate for dental implants before accepting your money and starting the procedures? If not, then it’s time to demand your money back and find a new dentist.

    If he did, then the problem is either your dentist doesn’t know how to properly place implants, or your bone isn’t dense enough for the implants to work. Have you had any bone grafts done to help support the implants and keep them in place? One thing’s for sure, you shouldn’t have to pay any addition fees until your implants work. But at the end of the day, your dentist’s responsibility depends on what it says in your agreement.

    I’d suggest getting an honest second opinion from another dentist to see if they think that implants will work for you. If not, then it’s time to try and get some of your money back and consider other restoration options (dentures).



    Reply from Linda:

    Dr Devos did give me a check up and took a head scan and told me I was a good candidate for the implants. I really don’t think he knows what he is doing he put 4 implants in, all 4 have come out one by one I have two he put back in and tried to put 2 more back they fell out so now he wants to try again and I am really afraid to go back I talked to him the last time I went (before Christmas) and told him I was very disappoint in his work and I would like to forget the whole thing and get a refund so I could try something else he ask me why I thought I would get a refund and I told him because I didn’t have any teeth.

    The dentures he made do not fit or line up with the implants I wear my old ones and put cushions on them. No I have never had a bone graft, but the tech he has in his office told me confidentially and she showed me the x-ray where in didn’t put the implant in deep enough and it didn’t catch the bone and she was sure it would fall out before to long. I don’t think I can go though the pain anymore every time a attachment comes lose he cuts the gum and stitches it up so I can’t wear my teeth for about a week. I am really going crazy trying to figure out what to do.



    1) What reasons did Dr. Devos provide when he said you were a good candidate for implants?
    2) What reasons has he given to explain why the implants have failed multiple times?

    If he hasn’t given any reasons or states that reasons such as lack of bone density are the cause of failure but hasn’t suggested a bone graft to increase the chance of success, then he might not know what he is doing.

    If Dr Devos is unwilling to refund any of what you paid even though you’ve received nothing but pain (first sign of a dishonest/amoral dentist), cannot provide any legitimate reason why the implants have failed multiple times and you think you can prove that he is guilty of malpractice using the x-rays, not trying a bone graft and the testimony of the technician, then I would consider consulting a legal professional (who is familiar with dental cases) to see if they think you have a case against him. The legal consultation might not be free, but $10,000 is a lot of money so it might be worth doing everything you can to get some of it back.

    Another thing I would do is find another (more trustworthy) dentist or oral surgeon in your area and tell them your story, get them to inspect your teeth, their opinion on the work that Dr. Davos did and their advice as to what you should do next. There might be a small fee for this, but again, it’s worth it considering the situation you’re in and the importance of your dental health.

    Please note that I am not a professional and that this is all my personal opinion and thoughts on the matter.

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