12 Implants Done in Simi Valley California – Review

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    Juliana was kind enough to share her experience with dental implants and her surgeons:

    Over the past 12 to 15 years, I’ve had 12 implants. All have been done by a surgeon by the name of DDS. Nikchevich, I call him Dr Nik. He has offices in both Westlake and Simi Valley California. He so far has been a complete 10. The dentistry end of the implants has been another matter. I’m on my third dentist and hope this last one is the keeper I’ve been looking for.

    This time I had implants done on both eyeteeth. The surgeon is outstanding, although not inexpensive. The dentistry side of these two implants was done by DDS. Jon Ellison here in Simi Valley. So far so good with DDS. Ellison. He and his staff have been great and I’m hoping for a long terrific relationship with his office. We are several weeks away from having the permanent teeth placed by the dentist and I should know more then.

    Update: A bit of a snafu on the first try. The surgeon and dentist are making another run at it tomorrow.
    Update 2: Just got home from the dentist office and both the new implants are in place and look terrific. The little snafu had to do with being able to use dental floss around the new implants. The fit was so snug that I couldn’t get floss between the two implants and surrounding teeth. The dentist took the little extra time and effort to make sure I was completely satisfied.

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