3 Implants – Two Failed, Synthetic Graft Sinus Repair for $12,000

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    Here is Dave’s experience with implants that he was kind enough to share:

    $12,000 spent on 3 dental implants in Xenia, Ohio. Two upper left. One upper right.

    One stayed infected and fell out. Currently one of the other two has loosened up. The first failed implant should not have been done in the first place. A synthetic graft had been done earlier. That surgeon had to remove a tooth broken below gum line by another dentist attempting an extraction.

    The surgeon used a synthetic graft to repair a sinus hole at the top. He said that type of graft would not allow for an implant. The other surgeon was told this but decided the bone was good enough. The second implant that is failing always had mild biting pain. The bite was adjusted but the pain came back. It has taken this one over five years to fail but it will soon fall out. It gets looser everyday. Probably get a cadaver graft to repair the hole and build the gum up. Going to get a partial which I can take out and clean. The implants have a space under the crown that tends to hold dried sputum, requiring flossing and mouthwash all day.

    My wife has three successful implants in lower jaw with no problems. All from the same surgeon who is competent and equipped with all the latest tools and education. Is a surgeon that up till now have had successful procedures.


    I really don’t know what went wrong in this case. Every implant done by an expert would be successful. May be in your case the implant was done leaving some defects, surprising though.


    Because of the high implant prices in the UK I started to search for a cheaper option. I read a lot of comments about how Eastern European dentists work with low-quality equipment, and that’s why they’re cheaper. But there were some threads that praised Hungarian and Romanian dentists. So I dug deeper in the topic, and finally I found really good dentistry in Budapest. This was 3 years ago, and my implants are still working properly.

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    It seems like a couple of things have gone wrong with this case. It sounds as if the implants are not situated in sufficient bone to be held firmly in the jaw, but there should not be a space underneath any implant crown. These crowns should fit tightly over the implant abutments, sealing out saliva and other fluids in the mouth. I’m wondering if this has partly contributed towards the problems with these implants.


    Like Sarah Grey to give us the name and all the info of the dentist she had her implants done by in Budapest. Thanks


    Sara could you also let us know know how much work you had done and what was the cost?

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