6 Implants by University of Texas Dental School

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    I am posting this on behalf of Susan Jeffries who submitted this review via the comment form. Thanks for the detailed overview Susan!

    I live in San Antonio, home of the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School. I had six implants (4 upper, 2 lower) when all my teeth had to be removed due to dental disease. The head of the prosthodontics school and the head of the oral surgery school worked together on my case. The entire procedure took about a month. I was never without teeth, even immediately after surgery, and they fit like a charm. This procedure was done about eight years ago, and I’m still wearing the original teeth. No trouble at all with healing or fitting. My dentures snap onto the implants and feel and work like natural teeth.

    Total cost for the procedure was about $13,000, which included procedure planning, x-rays, consultations, surgery, anesthetic, all materials, post-operative x-rays and follow-up appointments. Now I have to return about once every year to 18 months to have the o-rings replaced (these are something like washers that fit into the abutments and hold the teeth tight to the jaw. They allow the dentures to snap in and out when desired, such as cleaning and sleeping [sleeping in full implants is like sleeping with your shoes on]).

    I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend the UTHSC Dental School for this work. I had no pain or bruising at any time during the entire procedure.

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