6 on 6 implants breaking often.

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    Dr Roy Hedrick

    I went to Mexico to get six on six full implants. It took a year of healing etc. before I could get the final teeth. The implant process was long and painful. But they used quality titanium posts. The teeth are made of resin and break all the time. They will repair them free, but driving to Mexico, taking four days off every six weeks is too expensive. They wanted to charge $5K to make replacement teeth out of zirconium rock. Don’t know if that is better, and $5K is too expensive for that. What are the normal six on six denture implants made of? What are the strongest teeth made of? Do they make them in porcelain? I live in Laguna Beach California, and wonder what is my best option to get just the teeth replaced? How much should I expect to pay. I am a senior on a fixed income. I spent $23K for the complete job in Mexico.

    Are there schools here that could do this treatment for less money?

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