1mm of implant thread is showing – will grafting help?

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    About 4 months ago the implant crown , was added to my dental implant. It’s the second to last molar upper left side. The implant is strong, but there is about 1 mm of implant thread showing. And everytime I eat something other than yogurt, there’s soreness in the soft gum area, palate side. What could be the problem. I told my oral surgeon, who said you just need to live with it, Finally he said he would remove the implant and put it in again. Now all of a sudden, he wants to do a GUM graft and My feelings aren’t good. I wish I knew what to do? Can anyone help me?



    You shouldn’t be able to see the thread of the implant post or have soreness around that area after eating. It might be possible that some type of gum or bone graft could solve this issue, but I’d ask your oral surgeon why this problem has developed, how the graft will work and why he originally suggested removing the implant and replacing it. Alternatively, seek a second opinion before you have nay more work carried out on this implant.

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    If the implant was done properly the thread shouldn’t have been showing. I am not exactly sure how a gum graft would help, but i would really suggest you take a second opinion from an expert before proceeding with anything.

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