Bad Implants Done In India

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    I had false teeth for a long time same story as you here often, cost of implants in Australia are so expensive but i heard in India or Thailand or several countries you can get good Implants at a reasonable price. I researched for a long period of time and my friend had some work done in Kerala so i researched the guy and he looked like the real deal, great website and testimonials i even called his people who gave testimonials which later i found out some are on a 10% commission but that’s another matter. First trip to India was as i expected hot not very clean place hotel arranged by surgeon was a dirty hole close to his office which i stayed 1 night (only as i had no other choice) After having a local anesthetic he proceeded to cut my gums and drilled and inserted 10 implants in my upper jaw, didn’t hurt much but was uncomfortable but to be expected. The next day same again but to the lower jaw and 7 posts were inserted in my lower jaw, all in all bearable considering the costs savings. Came back 5 months later spent 2 weeks in Cochin and had the teeth made and abutments fitted and in the end the teeth fitted. They looked not too bad certainly not great but natural sort of looking, after approx 2 years i was eating a sandwich and the whole bottom bridge came off in my mouth, I was shocked and wasn’t sure what to do i work in customer service had metal spikes for bottom teeth so i glued them which held temporarily 2 abutments had snapped and some of the posts were loose. Now i have 2 posts holding the bridge in place so i can eat but not well and can’t bend my head as the teeth will fall out. The dentist who did it says come back and i will fix them but first i went to a local Dr well credentialed a University lecturer on Implants. First he said worst bridge he has seen low of the low in quality my thoughts were i could use the posts in my jaw and just have Acrylic teeth made so he did an xray on my mouth and found 4 out of 6 Implants are broken and cannot be used. My top set are holding but are breaking off as they are too soft so now look terrible. Motto of the story if you cannot afford to have implants fitted by professionals locally then you should consider other options, i paid $28,000 including air fares etc and now i will have a huge expense to get these fixed in Australia… it really sucks bad but you do get what you pay for .. Hope this helps someone thinking about having Implants done particularly in Countries where you have no Legal Rights … OH to top it off the Implants are not Bio Care top Swiss brand they are copies 🙂


    I truly have no idea what problems you have faced in India during your dental procedures. And, I can understand how much it could have affected you. But, not all the Dental Treatments provided in India are bad. As one of my freinds has gone through a Dental Treatment Procedure in India and he is happy with the treatment offered and even enjoyed the trip. It purely depends on the medical centre you choose. If the place of treatment is not good, it will surely turn out to be a great loss for you.


    I wrote what problems i had and still have your friend may also end up very unhappy only time will tell. I went to a supposedly highly accredited clinic with the dentist trained Dentist being trained in England. Never ever get implants done in India that’s my advice and due to the pain i suffer and the money o lost im entitled to my opinion as it is based on first hand experience not word of mouth. Cheers


    Well when it comes to dental implants, i think that the qualification and the experience of the dentist would matter more than the place. One should go for a dental implant specialist who has the necessary experience and qualification. There are some dental implant clinics in India which are run by some highly qualified dentists. So getting implants in India would not be that risky!


    When you are looking for a dentist you really need to get enough to find a good one. For my part, I can only recommend treatment and dental care in Poland. There are many good cheap specialists here. Check out

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