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    I had bone augmentation surgery done in the upper back jaw some 7 weeks ago. It was to provide bone sufficient to take one or two implants in around 8 months’ time.
    Graft material, I’m not sure what, in the form of white granules was packed into the cavity drilled into the existing bone, and a membrane placed over the top. However I have been in pain ever since! It seems some of the small white particles have found their way past the membrane, and my dentist says it’s these that are causing the pain. He has removed some of these loose particles, but I still have a dull almost constant pain in the area.
    Please can you suggest what can now be done? I am willing to travel to the USA for a solution
    Thank you




    Please go back to your dentist to find out what is causing the pain at this stage, just in case it is an infection of any kind and to find out how they can help you. Sometimes some particles of bone grafting material can get past the membrane, and this occurs in the first few days after surgery and as the area continues to heal, but seven weeks is quite a long time.



    First of all, you should find out the exact cause of your problem. why did you consider bone augmentation surgery? Is it for your gum disease? or because of any tooth development defect or dental procedure defect? This cause will influence the relieving period. The pain is normal after the bone augmentation surgery. Use a cold pack or ice bag to reduce the pain and swellings and rinse with warm salt water.Are you a smoker? Smoking will adversely affect the healing period. Better you discuss your problem with your own dentist. Changing the dentist or treatment method will not be a good idea.



    4 months after my bone graft the manufacturer (Biomet) of the material used recalled the material saying it was probably toxic! This explained all my pain. A year later I still suffer pain and am about to have an operation to remove what remains of the graft. Beware! If anybody else has had a similar problem please contact me.

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