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    Have implant supported bottom denture. When new, denture was hard to get in and out because the seal was tight on the 2 implants in my jaw as they fit tightly into the o-rings in the denture itself. Now the o-rings aren’t holding tightly anymore. Do I need new ones? Got the dentures July 1st. So is this to be expected? Do they need to be replaced on a regular basis when they loosen up?


    Hi, Yes you probably do need to get the O-rings replaced by now as they do need changing fairly frequently but it is worth getting your dentist to check the fit of your denture just in case it needs adjusting. It is very simple to replace o-rings and your dentist will be able to do this for you. Some dentists will show patients how to change o-rings and will simply supply them, while others prefer you to return to their dental office. Either way, it shouldn’t be expensive to get them renewed.


    Replacement of the o-rings is dependent on the patient and his or her condition. It is an easy process but it needs to be replaced at regularly intervals. Most dentists charge an affordable fees when undergoing such procedures!


    How much is it to replace o rings ?( for mini dental implants ) I had no idea on top of paying the already high price you then have to pay to change the o rings

    And how often do you get them changed ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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