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    I walked into an office with 4 implants already in place on my upper mouth. I needed an upper full set of teeth/bridge mounted, 4 teeth removed and 2 crowns taken off- all on the upper. I also needed a bridge w/3 teeth on the bottom. Implants are already in place both on the upper and on the lower. Small rural town in Colorado.

    Again, the dentist is doing a bridge of 3 teeth on the bottom. A full bridge on top. No implants.
    He has charged me 12,000 for this service. Is this reasonable? Thank you so much for helping me understand.

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    In my neck of the woods (Connecticut) dentists charge per the number of teeth replaced.
    So a three tooth bridge costs the same as three separate crowns.
    The complete upper bridge would be the per crown cost multiplied by the number of teeth.
    Considering what my last crown cost, $750 several years ago, your bill doesn’t seem excessive.
    The total bill is hard to deal with unless you’re financially very well off.

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