Deciding on what type of implant.

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    I am getting implants and already have many crowns. The dentist advises me that the bone around one of the crowns is deteriating and will continue to get infected because of the space created. I am looking for a more permanent solution because the toothaches occur randomly and at times that are often inconvenient. I have been looking at an eight implant solution for upper and lower teeth. There are four implants on each jaw connected by a titanium bar with triangular geometry. The prostetic is permanently attached by rear mounted screws that attach it to the implants. These screw holes have a plug to hide them which often come out. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a better sealant?



    Talk to your dentist about your concerns to see what they can suggest. They might be able to use a different material with better retention. These holes are generally sealed with composite resin, a filling material which can be removed by your dentist without damaging your prosthetic, but I wouldn’t have thought it would come out that easily.


    It is better to discuss this with your dentist before taking a decision. Dental implants should be considered on the basis of your requirements. A licensed dental specialist can help you to choose long lasting natural looking implants. Select the one which is safe for adjacent natural teeth and which is able to prevent bone loss. All the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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