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    I am new to this forum therefore I am not certain whether this is the right place for my thread.

    I am a boy, 18 years of age and suffered a bike crash when I was 15, which led to having to extract the nerves of my 1st and 2nd teeth. The situation with my second tooth is not as critical – canal re-treatment was needed since it was not filled correctly initially therefore infection occurred.

    The first tooth however needs to be extracted and the reason for this is because my body has started eating it away like it does not belong to the body any more. This can be seen on the X-Ray photograph.
    Picture 1 – http: // before.jpg
    Picture 2 – http: // after.jpg

    My question is whether I should extract the tooth now (considering I am only 18) or wait until I am 21 years of age – so that my teeth have completely stopped growing? Or if not, just to not extract the tooth but instead wait for it to chip/come out? I spoke to an implant person who said that as far as they can see there is sufficient bone for an implant to be placed immediately.

    My other question is whether it is better for an implant to be placed immediately or wait until the bone joins together and then place the implant (possibly by drilling)?

    I do not bite on anything with it and I look after it very well but the dentists I have been going to think it will most probably not last until I am 21 and is rather going to fall soon.

    Please Note: The same implant person advised me to extract the tooth and do it as soon as possible due to me damaging the bone every time I bite on the tooth (no matter whether it is accidentally). This scared me since I need the bone as healthy as possible as that is where the implant would be attached. The only problem I have with this is that, to me, he lacks sufficient background as he is only 30 years of age and works part time in a dentist place in Hammersmith, London.

    Any comments are greatly appreciated. It would be nice if you could state what is the source of any help should you write back. THANK YOU!

    P.S. The reason why I am asking around is to get more points of view from different people in order to educate my potential decision. If I find no luck, I would have to go a different place and see what they will say as I really do not want to let the situation remain hit and miss. The only problem I have with that is obviously the cost of it – around £100 for a consultation here in London.


    Generally speaking, it is better to have a failed tooth removed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the surrounding bone, and to have an implant inserted soon afterwards. Most people’s jaws have finished growing by age 18 so it is possible to have implants at this age but this is something best determined by your dentist. If you are worried about your dentist’s experience, ask what kind of training they have completed in placing implants as even though they are young they may have undergone extensive training. Alternatively contact one of the dental schools in London for advice.


    Thank you for your response.

    I though of this too – as the bone is more important than the tooth. However, I am still waiting for the infection of the 2nd tooth to go away as it would be even worse if I decide to go ahead with an implant and it fails.

    Most likely, I am already suffering from a bone loss as many dentists have reported to me that they can feel the bone being softer than the healthy side. For this reason I have now concluded that I need to have a CT scan to see how bad the bone loss is, so that only inserting an artificial bone is enough. The thought of having to cut off some of my bottom jaw bone (presumably through the cheek?) is very disturbing.

    P.S You can access the pictures through the links provided if you delete the space between http: and /.


    It is always better to get in touch with a reputed dental implant specialist before you proceed with the surgery. In most cases, jaw bones are fully developed by 18 years of age so there should not be any problem in this case. But I would still strongly recommend that you have a detailed discussion with your dentist first!

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