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    My mom had a dental implant 6 months ago. The dentist pulled out a teeth and at the same day he did the first implant. My mom had a very bad pain for 2 weeks. then the dentist said that she had lots of pressure on implant so the implant no is in a wrong direction and we have to take it out and place it back again. This process was very painful for my mom and she was taking medication. Before the dentist start working on the implant he was using numbing injection but he didn’t even wait until its effect and he was starting working on the teeth. so Once my mom has to tell him to stop working because she can feel all the pain. SO now the dentist told my mom that you got infection, and you have to fix the teeth next to the implant so I can finish my work. I took my mom to other dentist and the dentist told us there is no bone inside and the implant is in the meat and we have to take it out add a bone and then to the implant. I need your help to see what we should do ? can we sue the dentist for not doing his job properly? Thank you!

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