Dental Nightmare…where to go next…

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    I need to travel overseas for treatment for my friend after a nightmare with teeth gone wrong in Thailland 12 years ago. The teeth were filed back so much and veneers placed on them. They started coming off upon return. Another dentist here fix one, left something in the gum and and infection. Next the lot were done zircon. Now they have all cracked and split.
    As my friend has had HIV since 17 from an assault, the medication of the past five years is taking it toll on the teeth. Also making it hard for him to eat. He is on major drug trial which they hope to find the key with this second trial he is on as they don’t understand why he’s still here!
    He is so fed up with it. So disappointed as it stopped him doing modelling as he was always approached. It has also cost a lot of wasted money and grief.
    It looks like some teeth can be saved with implants and bridges but he’d prefer to have the lot out and replaced.
    He’s been speaking of going to India but after the last episode I’m very wary and he’s going to have to sell his car, dear me… And also don’t want any problems with illness etc. I know there are other places in Europe too. We would be coming from Australia so have to get it right first time….
    I have a recent full report on the teeth but it looks like the lot. There have not been any back teeth top and bottom the last 2/3 so I don’t know what happens here due to bone shrinkage. Help my stunning boy smile again.
    Any help appreciated.



    I’d think very carefully before going abroad for treatment, especially given your friends medical history, as these medications could affect treatment. If any teeth can be saved, please consider this option very carefully. Ideally, get a full treatment plan from a dentist in Australia, even if you do decide to go abroad for treatment. You will have a better idea of what is required and the time needed to restore your friend’s dental health. If they do decide to have all their teeth out, then there are implant treatments to restore complete arches of teeth, where the implants are placed towards the front of the mouth which can be useful if there has been bone shrinkage.

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