Do Dental Implants Feel Like Real Teeth?

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    I am posting this question for Katie.

    I am wondering what dental implants feel like after the procedure has been completed. I’ve read that they look and feel like real teeth, but I’m convinced that there must be some differences.

    Do you find that you are constantly aware that there is a foreign object in your mouth? Do you play with them with your tongue? Do they have a different texture or density compared to your real teeth?


    Hi Katie. Personally, I always find myself pushing on my implants with my tongue because they don’t exactly feel secure (not that they’re loose or anything, it’s just that I’ve never had these in before and I don’t want them to fall out). My tongue is always gliding along the front of the tooth just to feel what it’s like to have a full set of teeth again.

    To answer your question, yes, the texture is definitely different compared to a natural tooth and the weight of it just feels like a big block was cemented in your mouth. Real teeth feel as light as paper compared to implants, which are as heavy as rocks in comparison. That said, I probably won’t notice this difference in “weight” as much once the novelty wears off and I get used to having them in my mouth.


    Yes. Dental implants look and functions like the natural teeth so it is a complete alternative to the natural tooth. After the treatment you can bite naturally and eat whatever you want. And it also helps you get your natural smile back. So dental implant treatment is a safe and reliable in case of loss of tooth.


    Dental implants certainly look like real teeth and they are permanent solution to it. Get it done by a professional in that field who will get it elegantly done.

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    Kevin Damon

    Yes! Dental Implants do feel like real teeth & that you will have to take a little care with it. And consulting to your dentist regularly will always help whenever you find something wrong with the implants.


    In my opinion as dental implantologist , dental implants have to aims:one is the function which is eating any thing without any problem or pain, the other is cosmetic which is applied epecially for the front teeth.If both is not met , so the problem in your dentist.

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