Do I need bone grafting after removed implant

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    Hi. I have my implant #13 failed after 7 years . The dentist who made it does not want to contribute anything and said I am on my own since it is more than 5 years that they warrant. I am angry since I have to spend another $4,000 for new implant. I have been quoted $300 to remove the implant and $300 bone grafting. Since I decided not to have another implant on place of the current failed one and I will go with bridge , do I need bone grafting at all ?



    Bone grafting is important before dental implant procedure because bone is the main foundation of providing support to your teeth. But it’s not necessary in every case of dental implant, its depend on the condition of your teeth. You should go for a second opinion.

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    Bone grafting is a process take place before dental implants only if your dentist recommend for it.



    Unless you intend to have another dental implant, bone grafting probably isn’t necessary. Ask your dentist for advice on whether a bone graft will help your bridge in any way, but it is unlikely.

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