failed implants 3 times same side

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    I have 8 implants of the 8 3 have failed. I have top dentures with implants has been a work in progress for 3 years. Most recently dentist has tried another implant to try to hold denture. One implant went in on an angle is is starting to fail( it is in 3 years.) It is holding my denture. My gums are sore and he is talking of replacing the angled implant. He hasn’t used any fake bone to build up my bone loss. The original implants done by another dentist used bone and they are fine.
    Will another dentist take over this mouth that is a mess/
    He has not asked for anymore money. But I am in pain, and gums are sore from ill fitting denture.
    I am a mess and depressed.


    You could ask another dentist for their opinion, but it is also worth trying to ask your present dentist why they don’t feel a bone graft is necessary and why you are having these problems. When an angled dental implant is placed, it is often inserted towards the front of the mouth as this is where the bone tends to be thicker and stronger, so it might be that a bone graft is unecessary. Talk to your dentist to see if they can help your current denture fit more comfortably and securely.


    I gave up on implants due to cost and my body rejecting the post! I’ve had 2 implants to fail in same spot with last attempt ate 80% of my gum area! I have a missing tooth in this area that needs immediate attention. I had another implant fail on other side (which had been perfectly fine until New failed) of mouth and it been been fine for 7 years! Needless to say I have had BAD luck with implants. I need some sort of denture on bottom and possibly a partial up top… the cost involved finding the denture implant is so hi and I’m afraid this will fail on me too.. any advice?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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