Have Very Few Teeth, Serious Pain – Regular Dentures Will Not Work

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    I am posting this here for Monica.
    I am trying to see if it’s even worth it to get dental implants. Although I have several factors that weigh into me needing them, I am left with one that gets worse as I put it off! I had healthy good strong teeth and gums. I went to a dentist in 1999 for a yearly check up and low and behold the dentist said I had 16 cavities! I started crying! Although I knew I didn’t I some how believed he would not stray me in the wrong unhealthy direction! (I was wrong!!!!) Needless to say the dentist is nowhere to be found I was not the only one effected by his rip off practice! I have since had several problems with my jaw due to TMJ, grinding my teeth, and age!

    But in 2009 I met a dentist that was known for his elegant work with porcelain veneers and implants. He was great at first then he started adding unusual things like a veneer on a front tooth that no problem what so ever! Well long story short he ended up removing all my wisdom and Molars and then started scheduling extra time for cleanings and fillings. Come to realize now that he had put those veneers on the front or back of almost every tooth I had left! I now have only 12 teeth in my mouth and a serious pain with my jaw but he says he did nothing wrong!

    I can not afford the implants and my upper pallet is shaped unlike others I was told, so reg. dentures would not hold securely. All I know is I wish there was a median because I just want to smile again and I would like my jaw to stop getting worse!


    Dental implants are successful in every toothless case. It is a permanent customized fixture glided into that position. It is definitely an achievement in dental history.

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